Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


3. Three..

The tension between my dad and Justin right now is extreme. Justin’s eyes are pitch black and my dad is filled with fear, wonder why? The way Justin looks at him reminds me of that one time Justin looked at me like that, instantly shivers starts running down my spine, this is not going to end good if I don’t get Justin out of here right now.


Catie: “Justin baby, come with me for a second”


I take Justin’s hand and I leave the kitchen, open the front door and walk outside with him. Justin covers his face in his hands as he takes a deep breath, what’s wrong with him?


Catie: “Baby what’s wrong?”

Justin: “I’m so sorry baby, but I can’t go back in there. I’m sorry”
Catie: “Baby don’t apologize, just tell me what’s wrong”


Justin removes his hands from his face so I can see the tears in his eyes. Seeing Justin cry is the most heartbreaking thing I have ever tried. I wrap my arms around him and wait for him to tell me what’s wrong, and why he can’t go back in. Whatever it is, I’ll support his choice of not going in again.


Justin: “It was him…”

Catie: “What was him baby? And who?”

Justin: “The man in the kitchen…”

Catie: “My dad?”

Justin: “Yeah. It was him”

Catie: “Justin, what did he do?”

Justin: “Baby…Do you know where my brother got shot 2 years ago?”

Catie: “No? Where?”

Justin: “… New York…”


And everything stood still. My dad was the one who had shot Justin’s brother. Of course! Now it all made sense! My dad shot a boy 2 years ago in the middle of what seemed like a gang fight he didn’t have under control, so he panicked and shot the boy. Justin’s brother got shot, obviously in NY 2 years ago, in the middle of a gang fight, by a cop. And that cop, was my dad. I let go of Justin and look directly into his eyes which recovered the calm hazel colored eyes. I tell Justin to get back in the car and wait for me, he does what I tell him to and I smash the front door to my own house open as I run upstairs. I find a bag, or maybe a couple and put all my stuff down there. When I have no more things I my room I would need, and the bags are full I lock the door to my room and walk down the stairs. I am just about the leave when I think to myself, that he’s going to pay for this. I make my way to the kitchen where both my mom and dad is just standing and looking confused.


Catie: “So that’s why you never told me?”

Laura: “Honey what are you talking about?”

Catie: “Not you mom. That asshole next to you.”

Jim: “Catie Lynn, talk nicely to me, I am your fath-“

Catie: “Hell no! you aren’t my father!”

Jim: “Catie what’s wrong with you?”

Catie: “What’s wrong?”


I take a few steps closer to my dad as his fear for my anger is shown in his face. He really don’t know what I am talking about.


Catie: “What’s the last name of the boy you shot 2 years ago”

Jim: “Honey that’s a long time ago-“

Catie: “I don’t care. Tell me”

Jim: “Bieber…”


I felt the anger rise inside of me as I started throwing things after my dad.


Catie: “NO! How could you! You bastard! I hate you! You got that? I fucking hate you!”

Jim: “Honey what are you talking about?”

Catie: “It’s your fault! It’s your fault my boyfriend is filled with hatred you sick bastard!”

Jim: “What does Justin have to do with this?”


Jim: “Honey I’m sorry-“

Catie: “Shut up! And don’t ever call me that!”


By that sentence I stopped throwing things after my dad, stepped closer to him as I felt my hand hit his face. And no, I am not just talking like bitch slap hit his face; I literally punched him directly in the face. And I think I broke his nose, I don’t know. But for he had a nose bleed.

I left the house with my things and walked out to Justin who sat in the car and waited like I told him to. My sweet baby. I opened the trunk and threw by bags in there as I got in the car and sat next to Justin on the front seat. He heard me yelling at my dad, I am sure of that. Justin looks at me with a surprised and yet scared look in his eyes. I look out of the front window In the car and realize that Justin could actually see straight into the kitchen, which means he just saw me punch my own father.


Catie: “It’s going to be alright baby. I promise”

Justin: “Babe, did you just punch your dad in the face?”

Catie: “Hell yeah. I always hated him for shooting that boy, so the fact that it’s your brother?”

Justin: “You didn’t have to do that…”

Catie: “Just be happy I didn’t have a gun. Then I would’ve killed him”


Justin started the car and drove back to his own house. I just can’t believe my dad shot my boyfriend’s brother. It hurts so much to know that it’s my father fault Justin is in all of this. Is he had just kept himself calm that day, Justin’s brother wouldn’t have been dead and Justin wouldn’t have been a part of all of this. But? If Justin wasn’t a part of this, I probably never would have met him. When we get home, Justin as usual get out of the car to open my door and help me out. Not that I need help to get out, but he just always insist in being a gentleman. We open the front door and I swear I don’t believe my own eyes right now, and Justin neither I guess. Right there in front of our eyes is Dylan and Ashley, on the couch, sleeping, together? That’s kind of beyond anything I ever expected. But how can I blame her, Dylan is a handsome young man. Me and Justin walk up stairs, and I’m starting to become more calm. My bags are still in the truck of the car but I don’t even care about them right now. Right now I just want to go to sleep in Justin’s arms, so I start taking my clothes off as I feel a pair of eyes on me, I don’t care, I know whose eyes it is and those eyes have seen me plenty of times before.


Justin: “Damn baby. What did I ever do to deserve a girl like you in my life?”

Catie: “I don’t know. Maybe it’s just because you are you”

Justin: “That would be amazing, cause I’m not sure I have ever done anything good”

Catie: “Oh trust me. You’ve done plenty of good things”

Justin: “Like what?”

Catie: “Like saving my life a couple of days ago. And being my boyfriend”


Yes I know, Justin has probably killed people and stuff, but he’s making me happy every day. Yes me might be a drug dealer, but he’s not on drugs, is he?


Catie: “Justin, are you on drugs?”

Justin: “What? No!”

Catie: “Alright, just curious”

Justin: “I know, but baby if I was on drugs I wouldn’t be selling them. I’d be buying them”


Alright, that makes sense. It was a stupid question, but I felt like I had to ask. I turn around and see Justin lying in the bed trying to find something to watch in the TV, which doesn’t happen quite often. I lie down next to him and put my hand on his chest. I am so fascinated by those roman numerals he has a tattoo under his right collarbone.


Catie: “Baby, what’s up with the roman numerals under your collarbone?”

Justin: “They represent the year my mom was born”

Catie: “Oh okay, now it makes sense”


Okay, the years his mom was born, wait is she like dead as well or? No Catie, don’t even ask him that question, just leave it. I’ll find out someday anyways. The day we’re getting married, or the day we’re having kids, or- what the hell am I talking about? I am 17 years old and I’m lying here thinking about marriage? And kids? Forget about it. Not now, at all. You know, waking up the arms of the one you love is still better than anything, especially when he’s already awake so the first thing you wake up to is a ‘good morning beautiful’. When you think about the episode yesterday with my dad and Justin I actually feel really good right now. Justin and I get out of the bed and as usual I take one of Justin’s T-shirts on, I always feel so comfortable in them, and then they smell like him. We make our way to the door and down the stairs as Justin insists to carry me down the stairs, so I let him. Problem is just he won’t put me back down, even when he is down the stairs, so he just carries me all around the house until he places me on the kitchen table. Dylan and Ashley is still lying on the couch, sweet. They actually look quite cute together, with Ashley and her slightly red hair and freckles and Dylan with his dark hair and blue eyes.


Catie: “Aren’t they cute baby? Wait a second? Justin are you cooking?”

Justin: “Uhm… Yes? Or, I am making breakfast for us?”

Catie: “I didn’t know you knew how to cook”

Justin: “I don’t. But I do know how to make scrambled eggs. Dylan taught me”  


My boyfriend is making breakfast for me and him, alright and Dylan and Ashley. But that’s so cute! Like so cute! I never had a boyfriend who could cook, they were always like ‘Cooking is a woman’s thing’ but I guess Justin doesn’t feel like that. When Justin finishes the scrambled eggs and bacon and everything I wake up Dylan and Ashley. Ashley blushes like crazy when I wake them up because I call them love birds, I love joking with her. But Dylan just think it’s funny you know like, he’s the type of guy who can laugh at himself.


Ashley: “Oh my god? Justin I didn’t know you could cook?!”

Justin: “I don’t cook. Scrambled eggs is the only I know how to cook”

Dylan: “Because I taught you how to…”

Justin: “Doesn’t matter man, I still know how to”

Catie: “Guys, Just sit down and eat”

Dylan: “Yeah, if it’s eatable”

Ashley: “Dylan be nice!”

Justin: “Be happy my gun is upstairs Dylan…”

Catie: “Excuse me your what?”

Justin: “My…. Wand?”

Dylan: “Yeah, his wand…”


Dylan instantly burst into laughter. His wand? Honestly Justin? I didn’t even know he had a gun. Well enough of that Justin’s scrambled eggs are actually really good. He should make me breakfast more often, then I could cook him dinner to return the favor. Maybe tonight for the first time I should cook him some dinner, he’s probably not used to eating at home. Or he probably is, but I doubt Dylan knows how to cook dinner. Man these boys really need a woman in this house. Luckily, I’m not a woman yet, no I’m just kidding. Well maybe I should consider getting my bags out of the trunk in Justin’s car? I get up go quickly go and get them and get back in. Man these bags are heavy!


Dylan: “What’s up with the bags Catie?”

Ashley: “I was just about to ask the same thing”

Catie: “Oh. I’m staying here. Like, living here”

Justin: “You are? That’s amazing honey!”

Dylan: “Wait what? Why?”

Alright so now I basically have to explain to Dylan why I have to live here with them, and luckily, Dylan seems really happy about it! You know me and Dylan has actually gotten quite good friend the past days. Now that I think about, a lot has happened the past days. Last week my life was absolutely normal and then after that party everything just changed. Let’s just see what happened; my ass got saved by a boy I didn’t know the name of and now he’s my boyfriend. We had sex 2 times in 3 days, one of the time outside of our relationship. Candice and Brook is pissed because I am in a relationship with him, my dad shot his brother and now I am living in his house. Plus Ashley and Dylan is flirting like crazy. Yup, that’s a lot of weird stuff.


Justin: “Baby, not to get you worried, but I have to go and meet Nico later”

Catie: “Who in the world is Nico?”

Justin: “He’s like the boss of all this gangster/drug dealer stuff”

Catie: “Yeah? And so?”

Justin: “I owe him some money…”


A couple of minutes pass by with Justin telling me everything about this Nico guy who will probably beat Justin up if he doesn’t give him those money soon. And if Justin doesn’t show up later he will kidnap me and probably kill me. Oh how great, now I have to be afraid of being kidnapped as well… But though I am not complaining, I promised Justin to stay with him, and that’s what I’ll do.


Catie: “You promise you’ll come home right?”

Justin: “I promise baby”


Justin kisses me with a passionate kiss and tears start pressing against my eyes. I can’t hold back the tears and I start crying in Justin’s arms. A sad look covers Justin face. He knows I don’t want him to leave, he knows I can’t bear the thought that he maybe won’t come back, cause even though he promised me he would, he knows that I know he maybe won’t.


Justin: “Baby don’t cry. Please don’t”

Catie: “How can I do other? I don’t want you to do this. What if he kills you?”

Justin: “He doesn’t. I promise!”

Catie: “Yeah you promise, but he probably doesn’t”


And I know I am right. Nico doesn’t sound like the type of guy who spears people’s life if they owe him money. I have never ever been so filled with panicked in my whole life. 5 minutes feels like hours when I’m just sitting here, waiting for Justin to open the door and say he’s okay. Waiting for me to call and say it’s over and he’s coming home. Okay, now I am sure hours have passed by, so I look at the clock to check. Justin left about 2PM and now it’s like 5PM. For three hours have I been sitting here on the floor waiting for Justin to arrive.


Ashley: “Catie, come on, let’s play some video games”

Catie: “Sorry Ash, not before Justin is home”

Ashley: “Oh Catie… DYLAN! GET out here!”


I hear Dylan running around in the house to find out where we are. His footsteps come closer and closer until he stops right next to me.


Dylan: “What’s wrong? Catie, why are you still sitting there?” 

Ashley: “She’s waiting for Justin…”

Dylan: “Wow… Don’t you want to do something? We could play video games or something?”

Catie: “No thanks. I’d rather wait till Justin’s home”

Ashley: “Catie for Christ sake. What if he’s not?”

Catie: “WHAT?!”

Dylan: “Ashley?! Of course he’s coming back Catie don’t listen to her!”


Too late. As Ashley spoke that sentence tears started flowing down my face. That sentence was too much for me to hear, if he doesn’t come home I’ll commit suicide or something like that. I’ll meet him in heaven right away cause I won’t be living for one more second. Another 2 hours pass by with me just sitting there waiting. Ashley and Dylan doesn’t get, they’re like ‘Why spend your time waiting? It’ll just make the time go slower?’ they’re probably right, but I just don’t feel like doing anything before I know if he’s okay.

Suddenly in the middle of my 6th hour of waiting Justin stumbles through the door and I can’t believe my own eyes. Those people beaded him up, like completely.


Catie: “JUSTIN!”


I rush off the floor and run to him. He looks terrible; he has blood and bruises everywhere in his face. Dylan and Ashley runs down the stairs and find me on the floor with Justin, don’t worry I put him there. He’s too weak to stand up right now.


Dylan: ”Justin?! What the fuck happened?”

Justin: “Don’t know man… Ouch! My ribs man, watch out!”

Catie: “What happened to your ribs baby? Are they broken? Are you alright?”

Justin: “I’m alright baby, I’m home okay”


Alright, usually me and blood isn’t really a good combination, but right now I don’t care. Justin is bleeding everywhere and spitting blood out on the floor, like gross! But I’ve been so concerned, so afraid and scared that he wouldn’t come home so I just instantly kiss him.


Justin: “Baby don’t. I’m bleeding everywhere!”

Catie: “Screw the blood!”


While I just kiss Justin on the floor Ashley runs out of the kitchen with a bag of ice. She places the ice bag on Justin’s ribs and a quiet moan leaves his lips, I can tell it’s hurting.


Catie: “If I ever find those bastards who did this to you, I swear-“

Justin: “You’ll leave them alone baby. Or else they’ll kill you, and I won’t have anything to live for”

Catie: “Look what they done to you? Would you leave them alone if you were in my position?”

Justin: “Jesus no. I’d kill them”

Catie: “See?”

Justin: “but I am a man. You’re not. Just stay here with me, don’t kill anyone”


I chose to stay here and take care of Justin instead of going out and kill those bastards, even though I really want to. It would be my pleasure to kill them one by one. Nico as the last.


Dylan: “Hey Justin, how are you doing today?”


It’s Dylan opening the door to me and Justin’s room, asking how Justin feels as you probably already guessed.


Justin: “A lot better. Thank you for asking, though my ribs still hurt like crazy!”

Dylan: “I have some bandages in my room, should I get them?”

Justin: “Yes please Dylan”


Dylan returns with the bandages and I help Justin getting them on. We have to protect Justin’s ribs as much as possible. Wonder if they shot him, I don’t think so, it doesn’t look like. Though I have to say I nearly died last night when Justin took his shirt off. Bruises everywhere.  Justin isn’t bleeding anymore as well, but his lower lip is a bit raised and he has some bruises here and there in the face as well.


Justin: “You see? I promised I’d come home”

Catie: “Yeah, though you almost killed me when you came home…”

Justin: “Why?”

Catie: “Trust me Justin; no girl wants to see her boyfriend come home beaded up”

Justin: “I know babe, but I survived”

Catie: “I know. So? Do you still owe him the money?”

Justin: “No. He said he could beat me up or capture you and kill you. So I told him to beat me up”

Catie: “You do realize he could’ve have killed you by beating you up right?”

Justin: “Rather me than you baby. I love you too much to even think about not having you”

Catie: “Justin?”

Justin: “Yes baby?”

Catie: “You do realize-“

Justin: “I know I could’ve got myself killed-“

Catie: “That wasn’t what I was going to say…”

Justin: “Then what were you saying?”

Catie: “You do realize how unconditionally much I love you, right?”

Justin: “You what?”

Catie: “I love you”

Justin: “Oh baby, I love you too! So much! I never thought I was going to hear you say it!”


Justin wraps me up in his arms as he starts kissing me. I place my hands of each of his cheeks and feel a tear hitting me left hand. Is he crying? Yes he is. Is he sad or is it because he is happy? Yeah right Catie, I bet the fact that you just declared your love to him made him so damn sad he just had to cry… I nearly feel my subconscious hit me in the face as that though stroke my mind. My reaction yesterday really showed me that I really do love him. Unconditional love and he has only been mine for what? 4 days? I don’t give a damn; if I love him I love him. The other boys I have loved took me like 2 or 3 months to love. It took me like 24 hours to love Justin, if not even only a minute, cause I’m pretty sure I have loved him from the first time I looked into his pitch black eyes, which no longer is pitch black.  


So by now probably a month has passed by, and Justin and I have had actually quite a regular life since that day he got beat up. Right now everything is perfect, even though my mom is blowing up my phone… Oh here she goes again.


Catie: “Mom, what do you want from me?”

Laura: “I want you to come back home!”

Catie: “Not happening mom! I’m living with Justin now!”

Laura: “But me and you dad-“

Catie: “I already told you. I don’t care about him.”

Laura: “What about me then?”

Catie: “You’re just stupid enough to be with him”



And then I hang up. Our conversations has been like this the past 3 weeks or something like that, my mom is just being crazy because she’s used to me cooking the dinner and washing the clothes. You know doing all the house work. And then, tadaaa! It’s Justin’s birthday today! He’s turning 19 the poor old man. Speaking of the sun…


Catie: “Oh hey baby! You know I was actually just thinking about you!”

Justin: “Oh baby, why would you do that?”

Catie: “Because it’s your birthday! Happy birthday baby!”

Justin: “Thank you baby!”


I wrap my arms around Justin as usual and he lifts me up and kisses me. Birthday kiss! He already said he doesn’t want anything for his birthday, but I couldn’t help it. When I was still talking to my mom in a normal way, you know before she got crazy, she lent me a bunch of money so I went out a bought Justin a Rolex watch. He’s going to kill me; he said he hates expensive gifts because he feels like he’s only taking advantage of people’s money. But, he doesn’t know that I actually have plenty of them, so. Oh I almost forgot, you might have seen this coming but Dylan and Ashley is also a couple now and they are like so sweet! My tiny love birds, they hate it when I call them that, so basically every time I say it I just start running.


Ashley: “Sweet mother of Jesus! Why do I always interrupt you guys in the middle of a love scene!?”

Justin: “I don’t know? Maybe t’s just some sort of talent you have?”

Catie: “Justin… What’s up Ash?”

Ashley: “Come on down stairs, we’re about to start dinner and stuff!”


Oh yeah, Justin’s only wish for his birthday, that we would all cook dinner together. But I mean, we don’t even know what to cook yet? Anyways we get downstairs and start cooking; we decided to just cook something easy, spaghetti and meat balls. So as we start dinner, Dylan suddenly realize that we don’t have any peeled tomatoes, so I suggest going to the grocery store to get some. Justin ask to go with me, but I tell him no, cause I think he should stay home, so I’ll bring Ashley instead. On our way to the grocery store, we both have that weird feeling of being watched and this pitch black ugly ass car has been following us all the way. We enter the grocery store as Ashley says;


Ashley: “What’s up with that car?”

Catie: “I don’t know honestly… We’re probably just paranoid”

Ashley: “You’re probably right Catie…”


Though, I really wish I was. As me and Ashley get out of the grocery store, the car is gone, nowhere to be seen. I know, that is usually a good sign, but in this case, I guess it’s not. Me and Ashley pass by a dead end, the same dead end as the one Justin saved my life in about 1 month ago. But me and Ashley should’ve been more careful, cause suddenly 3 men ran out of a car which was parked in the dead end. They ran towards us, and we started running. Suddenly I felt someone grab me, they got me, but the thing was they let Ashley run away. They obviously, didn’t care about her…


Catie: “RUN ASH! Let go of me fuckface!”

Fuckface: “Shut up bitch!”


The next I knew was someone hitting me in the face, black out.

Remember how I said waking up in the arms of your love is the best thing ever, well me just state the obvious; a nasty room with spiders everywhere, which probably haven’t been cleaned for years, and smells like dead people and shit? Is the worst. I’d rather wake up in a container. Wait? Ashley? Where is she! Is she okay, Justin and Dylan? Are they okay? Is it only me being here? Are they worried? What do these people want from me?!  A man opens the door, and I instantly recognize him…


Catie: “Oh look who we have here? Fuckface…”

Fuckface: “Who told you to speak?”

Catie: “I don’t need anyone to tell me when to speak”


Another man comes into the room, Nico I suppose.


Nico: “Well, well, well Catie! It’s a pleasure finally to see you”

Catie: “The pleasure is all yours. Trust me”

Nico: “How funny, you’re just as flippant as your boyfriend…”

Catie: “Yeah, I suppose you already met him since you beaded him up last month”

Nico: “Oh no, I didn’t… My men did”

Catie: “Oh yeah, all your small fuckfaces I suppose”

Nico: “You are really entertaining Catie”

Catie: “Yes, and you suck”


Nico starts laughing, but why? Is he laughing because I endlessly just talk back to him or because he thinks I am pathetic? I don’t really care right now. I just want to know why I am here, and I was just about ask when Nico’s phone started ringing


Nico: “Hello?”

Justin: “Where the fuck is she!”


It’s Justin. Finally, now I know he’s alive!


Nico: “Who? Your girlfriend?”

Justin: “Who else Nico. Where is she?”

Nico: “Oh she’s right here next to, being just as flippant as you are”

Justin: “How a great thing since she’s my girlfriend. Now tell me, you promised to leave her alone”

Nico: “I know, but I changed my mind”

Justin: “Nico let me tell you like this; when I find you, I’ll cut your ass up and shoot both of your eyes out”

Nico: “Oh, I can’t wait Justin. But right now, I have I’s like to make, with your girlfriend”



So guys, here it was, chapter three!
I hope you liked it and I hope you enjoyed reading it! Thank you to everyone who has shown their love by telling me they love the story! You guys are what keeps me going!
So let's see how it all ends in the next and last chapter! What will happen to Justin and Catie?
What does Nico mean with "fun"? Is he going to hurt her? Find out in the last chapter!
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