Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


6. They're acting all weird..

I wake up in a rush with sweat all over me. Oh god, it was just a nightmare. I cover my face in my hands as I remember Justin, he’s still right there beside me. But the dream was so realistic; it scared the crap out of me to be honest.


Catie: “Justin get up!”
Justin: “Mmm, I am awake baby”


Oh yeah, really awake; that’s why you can barely open your eyes right?


Catie: “No you’re not. Get up Justin, we need to get home”
Justin: “You’re right baby”


He gets up and sit beside me. He puts his arm around my shoulder and look at me with only one eye open. The sun is really shining today, like crazy shining. I’m pretty sure it could make a blind man’s eyes hurt like hell even though he can’t even see.


Justin: “Baby, I think something is wrong with my car…”

Is that really the only he has to about his car being completely blown up? I guess you kind of realized by now that the bang we heard yesterday was Justin’s car being blown up. Justin locks his fingers into mine and we start walking. We have a few miles home, so it’s not that bad I mean, it could’ve a lot worse right?


Catie: “Do we have to walk through the woods? Why can’t just walk by the road?”

Justin: “Because they suspect us to be there”

Catie: “But Justin, my foot is stuck ever 20th second!”


He turns his glare towards like he wants to say Jesus Christ. Women. So he steps up in front of me, looking at me with that you asked for it look on his face. He bends in front of me, wraps his arms around my waist and lifts me up on his shoulder and as he does and slight scream escapes my mouth; that was very unexpected.


Catie: “Justin put me down!!”

Justin: “So you can complain all the way home? No way”

Catie: “Justin I have legs! I can walk on my own!”

Justin: “Not without your feet getting stuck every 20th second”

Catie: “Very funny baby… Now put me down”

Justin: “Nope”


He starts chuckling because I start kicking with my legs and punching him on the back with my hands like a little child. Does he think this is funny? I keep acting like a little child and Justin keeps laughing at me, obviously it’s hilarious. When we finally get out of the woods and “enter” the actual town, my expectations is to be put down, the problem is just that it doesn’t happen. I beg Justin to put me down since we are in the town now, but he just says no. I start to wonder is I’m not heavy?


Catie: “Aren’t I getting a little heavy for you?”

Justin: “No. I’m stronger than you think”


Alright. So basically Justin carries me through the whole town and everybody stops and stares at us. Though what really annoys me just that every time someone stops and laughs at us Justin turns his glare towards whoever it might me and smile like nothing is going on.


Catie: “Justin put me down!”

Justin: “No”


He laughs while he says no. He has been laughing all the way home. Maybe I should become a comedian, or what about no.

Justin and I reach the house and he just opens the door still carrying me on his shoulder. Ashley and Dylan looks at me and ask going on, I just look at them like it isn’t obvious that what’s going on is me being carried everywhere on my boyfriend’s shoulder like a little annoying, spoiled kid who’s parent got quite a lot enough.


Dylan: “Justin don’t you it’s time to put her down?”

Justin: “Brilliant idea my friend”


Justin carries me outside again, this time to the back yard of the house. I have actually never been here. Justin starts taking his phone and other things out of his pockets and I realize that they have a pool; how in the world did they manage to afford that? Just takes his shoes off and mine as well. He takes me down from his shoulder, but he doesn’t put me down. He forces me to wrap my legs around him and as a reflex I wrap my arms around his neck. He starts walking towards the pool; oh no. He stands in front of the pool and then he starts laughing.


Justin: “You said you wanted me to put you down right babe?”

Catie: “No. Justin please don’t! Not the pool”


He just laughs at me and I know what his plan is; he’s either going to dumb me into the water and walk back in, or just jump into the water with me.


Justin: “Are you ready baby?”
Catie: “Justin…”

Justin: “One, two-“

Catie: “JUSTIN NO!”

Justin: “THREE!”


And then he jumps. The water isn’t as cold as I expected it to be. I expected it to be like freezing, but it’s not. Justin let’s go of me when we’re underneath the water and he swims to the surface. The pool is quite deep, I’m not able to stand on my feet and have my head above the surface of the water. I slowly swim to the surface as well and Justin is still in the water when I open my eyes.


Justin: “Happy now?”

Catie: “Justin you just threw me in a pool!”


I can’t help the smiling, it was really funny.


Justin: “Hey! I jumped with you”

Catie: “Yes I know, but you could’ve just put me down on the street”

Justin: “Why? I had a lot of fun”

Catie: “I bet you did”


A couple of seconds in silence right here in the back yard of the house. It’s actually quite big


Justin: “Can’t you reach the bottom?”

Catie: “Uhm… No”

Justin: “Then come over here”

Catie: “Can you reach the bottom?”

Justin: “I can”


Justin reaches out for my hand and pulls me towards him. He wraps his arms round me holding me up. Justin is only exactly tall enough to reach the bottom and still keep his head above the water. As we stand there, Justin starts walking backwards and I realize that the further out in the pool you swim, the deeper it is, kind of like the ocean.  Soon enough the water stops by Justin’s belly button, but he’s still carrying me.


Catie: “You can put me down now”

Justin: “As you want to”


And he puts me down. I stand there in front of him and put my hands on his chest, slightly letting my fingers stroke his collarbone with the crown underneath it. He’s so beautiful. But why does he have this crown tattoo? Because he just thinks it’s pretty or?


Catie: “Why a crown?”

Justin: “It means; treat your woman like a queen and be a king”

Catie: “Oh, is it dedicated to anybody?”

Justin: “The love of my life”

Catie: “I thought you had never really been in a serious relationship?”


He looks down and puts his hand over mine.


Justin: “I haven’t”

Catie: “How can you have a tattoo dedicated to someone you haven’t met?”


Justin let’s go of my hands, but I don’t move them. He places each of his hands on my cheeks holding my head and look directly into my eyes. His hazel brown eyes are completely hypnotizing me and I’m just waiting for him to say something that’s either going to hurt a little, or hurt a lot.


Justin: “Who said I haven’t met her?”

Catie: “I just assume you haven’t met her since I am your first serious girlfriend”


He’s still just looking at me. I don’t understand what he means. But maybe the love of his life just rejected him years ago, and now he’s moving on? I guess…

Justin moves closer to me as places a gentle yet passionate kiss on my lips. No making out, no anything just passionate love. He takes his lips off mine as he looks directly into my eyes once more.


Justin: “You Catie; are the love of my life”


What? I am the love of his life? The unconditional love I have to him is the same he has for me? When I said that this would either hurt a little or a lot, I was so completely wrong. I have never felt for relived, happier than right now. I wrap my arms tightly around him and kiss him. I press my lips against his as if I hadn’t seen him for 50 years. His hands move from my face to my waist where he places them gently.


Catie: “Justin, you don’t understand how much I truly love you”


He wraps his arms tightly around me and smacks his lips onto mine. My mom, she’d probably kill me if she knew he was criminal. My dad would probably kill the both of us, but I don’t want to talk to them. Justin is mine and I am his until the day I die. And if that contains me risking to be killed every time I walk outside of the front then that’s what it is.

Me and Justin gets out of the pool and walk inside, soaked from head to toe.


Dylan: “Dude, when I said put her down I didn’t mean jump into the pool”

Justin: “I did put her down though!”

Dylan: “True, true”

Ashley: “Oh my gosh Catie, you’re all soaked”
Catie: “Yeah, that’s usually what happens when you end up in a pool…”


And then she cracks. She laughs like crazy and she actually ends up rolling around on the floor. I just shake my head and go upstairs. Now every time I go upstairs to change my clothes, I always end up in Justin’s T-shirts and I kind of have in my mind to end up in his T-shirt today as well.


Justin: “Baby, why do you always end up in my shirts?”

Catie: “Because they smell like you”

Justin: “So sweet you are”  


So yeah, he lets me wear his clothes. He’s like every girl’s dream! Except for the whole being a criminal thing, that might not be any girl’s dream. It wasn’t mine either, but now it is. He is my dream. So Justin and I go downstairs again, Justin in his sweats and me in his shirt. Good combination. He’s shirtless and I have bare legs. I don’t have the energy to find some jeans or anything alike, and I feel absolutely fine I Justin’s shirt.


Ashley: “You’re so dead babe!”

Dylan: “Keep the faith honey!”


Yup, that’s just Dylan and Ashley playing video games, which reminds me I actually haven’t seen Justin play video games since I forced him to. He’s always somewhere near me but I don’t blame him. I’d be by his side all the time two if was him who got kidnapped. Dylan and Justin went out to get some pizza, again. Those boys and their pizza. So it’s just me and Ashley right now.


Ashley: “So, do you know anything about Justin and the drug dealing and stuff?”

Catie: “He said he would quit. But I highly doubt it. He has been doing it for too long to just quit”

Ashley: “Yeah. Besides, they’re not able to make money in any other way…”

Catie: “Dylan hasn’t stopped either?”

Ashley: “Oh hell no. He doesn’t want to stop”

Catie: “That means Justin is never going to stop either”

Ashley: “I’m sorry about that”

Catie: “No you’re not. I am”


Her facial expression ended just like that. Like I don’t understand she’s worried as well, but really I don’t understand it. I mean, she talks about it like she’s concerned about Justin, and not Dylan?


Catie: “Aren’t you the slightest concerned about Dylan?”

Ashley: “Dylan? I am concerned about him. A lot, but he can handle it”

Catie: “And Justin can’t? That’s what you’re saying?”

Ashley: “No. I mean Justin has you, and he’s give his life for you. That’s what makes it dangerous for him”

Catie: “Cause Dylan wouldn’t give his life for you? Is that what you think?”

Ashley: “Well. He doesn’t act like Justin does around you. But I want him to”

Catie: “Have you told him?”

Ashley: “Yes. He just says well I’m not Justin.”


Wow. I actually thought he was more like Justin. But I guess being with Justin for all these years, never seeing Justin treat a girl right, must have affected him. I tell Ashley what I think, but she just shrug it off and pull her shoulders. You know, she has been acting all weird lately. So I am up for figuring something out. Dylan and Justin comes homes and I run directly into Dylan and Justin arms, but once again taking more distance to Justin just to see what she does, and of course she goes towards Justin, who just seems to be confused.  We head towards the table with the pizzas and while we eat I start a random conversation with Dylan, which gives Ashley the chance to talk to Justin all alone, and she does. So me paying full attention so me and Dylan’s conversation, the corner of my eyes allows me to see Ashley put her hand on Justin’s like he’s having some kind of problem and she’s trying to make it okay. I feel a certain urge to stab her to death, but I have to control myself, and the only way to do that is by pretending I don’t give a shit.


Dylan: “We need some candy. I’ll get some”

Catie: “Hey, don’t go alone! I’ll come with you”

Justin: “What?”

Catie: “I’m not alone babe”

Justin: “I know baby. Call me if there is a problem”

Catie: “I will”


I kiss Justin goodbye and I can see the light flashing in Ashley’s eyes as I get out of the door with Dylan. It’s a shame we have to walk, cause the grocery store is quite some miles away. I am a little concerned about leaving Justin with Ashley, I know how he was back in time before he met me, and I know that’s history but I can’t help thinking that he still has a bit of it in him.


Dylan: “Aren’t you the littlest concerned about leaving Justin with Ashley?”

Catie: “No why should I?”


I’m the most horrible liar in the world.


Dylan: “Because she always talks about how Justin treats you like a princess and that’s what she want me to treat her like…”

Catie: “She said that?”

Dylan: “Yeah. But I don’t know. I just don’t feel like treating her that way, when all she does is dream about Justin…”

Catie: “She dreams about Justin?”

Dylan: “Yeah, I’ve woken up several times where she has mentioned Justin in her sleep…”

Catie: “Wow… Well I wasn’t concerned before, but now I am”

Dylan: “You do know how much of a terrible liar you are right?”

Catie: “is it that obvious?”

Dylan: “yeah.”


We end our conversation there and enter the grocery store where we head directly towards the candy. There is a lot of different things, but I don’t know what Justin’s favorite candy is and Dylan doesn’t either. I call Justin, but he doesn’t pick up. He probably just playing video games, or hopefully he is.

When we get home, Ashley is acting all weird. Justin seems a little more normal, but she’s fucked up. While we eat the candy and watch a movie I once again start talking with Dylan, this time about people who cheat. We have this conversation going on, and I think I should tell him about once in my life when someone cheated on me…


Dylan: “So did you ever find out he cheated on you with?”


Dylan knows what I’m doing, and he’s just helping me right now.


Catie: “Yeah. Sadly enough the only person who understood me; my best friend”


Justin is almost choked in the piece of candy he’s eating. I’m getting suspicious…


Justin: “Who what and with who?”

Catie: “My previous boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend”


He wanders with his eyes while he says


Justin: “Bastard”


My mom always told me, when something is wrong or when people are lying, they usually start wandering with their eyes just like Justin did. When the movie is over, I announce that I’ll go to bed simply because I am tired and the tension down here is driving me crazy. Justin decides to go with me and he says goodnight to Dylan and Ashley. Even though he thinks I didn’t see that, I did. He winked at her. What the hell is going on honestly? Justin closes the door to the bedroom and looks down to the ground.


Justin: “Isn’t it too early to go to bed?”

Catie: “No? I am tired Justin. Is that weird?”

Justin: “Oh no baby. I just thought maybe…”


Oh I know what you thought Justin. I walk towards him, pull him away from the door and force him to the bed while I kiss him. I don’t care tonight; I want to go way too far.

With Justin’s hands all over me again, a feeling I haven’t had for a long time. The uncontrollable feeling of the desire inside of me as Justin slowly pushes himself into me. Having him on top of me while he slowly starts moving, making soft moans escape from my lips as I scratch his back with my nails. The feeling is amazing, hard to live without, impossible to avoid.

After having my breath taken I crawl into Justin’s arms as he holds me close and kisses my hair.


Justin: “I’ll never get enough of you”

Catie: “I don’t want you to”

Justin: “Trust me I won’t”


I didn’t even realize that the door was open until I looked over there, but I closed it before? I look at the little opening in the door just to see a familiar green set of eyes with tears in them. Ashley. Had she been right outside the door all the time like a creeper? What the hell is she doing? And the tears in her eyes, why is she crying? Is it because of Justin? What’s going on? I shrug the feeling off and go to sleep with Justin’s arms wrapped around me.


Now, waking up at night because you can hear someone crying is just horrible. But I know who’s crying and it’s Ashley. I slowly try to unwrap Justin’s arms from me, but I wake him up


Justin: “Where are you going?”

Catie: “Ashley is crying”

Justin: “Maybe she wants to be alone baby. Stay here”

Catie: “Justin let go. I’m going to check her, I’ll be right back”


He let’s go and I walk downstairs, of course I put on Justin’s shirt first, I can’t walk around naked. On my way downstairs I start thinking about those 20 minutes right before I went to sleep. That was some good 20 minutes. When I get downstairs truly enough Ashley is crying by the dinner table.


Catie: “What’s wrong Ash?”

Ashley: “Nothing, don’t bother Catie…”

Catie: “I am your best friend, of course I bother!”

Ashley: “but you shouldn’t. You should just go back to sleep with you perfect boyfriend”


She puts a slight heartbreaking pressure on the word perfect. Is she really crying because of Justin?


Catie: “Does Justin have anything to do with this?”

Ashley: “No”

Catie: “Alright then”

She hugs me tightly when she sees that I’m wearing Justin’s shirt. When she hugs me she inhales every little scent of Justin that was left on the shirt and then she pushes me back upstairs. When I walk into the room, Justin is still awake.


Justin: “Wow. She’s really miserable right now”

Catie: “You heard?”

Justin: “How could I not? She’s pretty loud”

Catie: “Oh, yeah. Typical Ashley”

Justin: “I guess so. Now get your ass back in bed babe”

Catie: “Beautiful language baby”


He winks at me and I know he’s just kidding.


A couple of days pass by with Ashley and Justin being all weird. They act weird around both me and Dylan, especially when they are both in the same room. It’s kind of weird. Well tonight we’re invited to a party, all of us. It’s going to be funny! I choose a high waisted tight skirt in a black color with a loose white shirt and a pair of black heels. I look good, I know I look good, but Ashley is really dressed up, like serious. With a dress and everything, she really looks like a million dollars. Again; weird.


The house is filled with drunken teenagers and Justin and Dylan head directly to the liquor, but that’s no surprise they like to get really wasted when they party. We head to the dance floor and Justin has his one hand on my waist while we dance cause his other hand is busy holding a bottle of something I bother to ask what is since I don’t drink. Dylan and Ashley stand in front of us and all of a sudden Ashley just leaves but she passes by Justin with a sensual look in her eyes. Justin drinks the rest of what’s left in the bottle and says


Justin: “Babe, dance with Dylan, I’ll just get some alcohol”

Catie: “Sure baby”


He gives me gentle kiss and he taste like something that doesn’t taste good. I take Dylan’s hands and we just stand there and dance like friend would. Dylan is one of the best friends I ever had, I think it’s because with Dylan I just don’t have to worry about all the drama. About 20 minutes pass by and I start to get worried about Justin. Where is he? And it’s just in this moment of me being worried about my boyfriend I hear someone scream my name.


Brook: “CATIE?”


I turn around to see brook, wow, I didn’t suspect her to ever talk to me again.


Catie: “I’m over here!”


She runs towards me pushing everyone out of her way. She hugs me when she finally get through all the drunken people


Brook: “Oh Catie! It’s so good to see you! But we actually don’t have time to talk and stuff right now!”

Catie: “Why? What’s happening?”

Brook: “Just follow me”

Catie: “Okay. Dylan, I’ll be back in a minute”

Dylan: “Sure, I’ll look for Ashley”


I follow brook through the crowded room and realize that we are heading towards the back door which is already open. Brook holds me back as I’m about to walk out and then she tells me only to look out, but I don’t want to. I push her aside and slowly walk outside the door and what I see is too much for me to handle, right there in the back yard of a house is my red haired best friend sitting on top of my boyfriend who’s clearly busy having sex with her. I’m frozen, I can’t move, I can’t believe it. Brook pulls me back inside and hugs me.


Brook: “I’m sorry Catie. I thought you should know”


I can speak. I’m numb and so is everything inside me. All that happens is tears flowing down my cheeks. Brook takes my hand and pushes me inside a bedroom where she forces me to sit on the bed and then she leaves. A couple of seconds later she opens the door again, this time with Dylan right behind her.


Dylan: “Catie, Catie what happened! Talk to me”

Catie: “I hate him”


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