Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


22. The dress

After Justin’s dose of morning sex he had slowly fallen asleep on top of me while I played with his hair, ran my fingers through it. His hair was still slightly sweaty and to be honest, it was sexy as hell. Justin all in all was just sexy. I actually think I have never described how sexy he is. Is it even possible to describe his sexiness? I don’t think so to be honest.


His warm breath against my breasts gave me goose bumps all over my body while I just laid there and stared at him, studied his perfect face while he was sleeping. His lips were slightly apart from each other so I could see a little bit of his pearl white teeth. His perfect lips was so beautiful and kissable, but I had to let him sleep, after all, pleasing a girl is hard work.


The bedroom door opened and I turned my head to see Brook coming in. She had a smile on her face that looked nothing like any of the smiles he had ever sent me before. What was up with that smile? Whatever the smile was hiding it made me feel safe and happy. She sat down beside me in the bed and took a close look on my sleeping fiancé and smiles at me. He brushed her hand across my cheek and a tear left her eye.

Brook: “Oh Catie. You finally found happiness”
Catie: “Hey, I was happy before I found Justin”
Brook: “You mean before Justin found you?”

She said and raised her eyebrows as she smiled at me and made it clear to me that she was right.

Catie: “Okay yes, before Justin found me”
Brook: “You don’t say so. Before he found you everything was just partying”
Catie: “It’s still partying. Just not that much”

A gentle laugh left her lips for some reason.

Brook: “What do you think your parents will say?”
Catie: “Screw them.”
Brook: “So your mom is not going to help you find your dress?”

She looked at me very surprised. Hell no, I’m not even sure if I should tell my mom about the wedding, cause she’d totally be against it. She would probably start talking about that I was too young for marriage and just because I loved Justin now it wasn’t sure I’d love him in the future. I furrowed my eyebrows ny the thought of my mom telling me not to get married.

Catie: “No,”

I looked down at Justin who was still asleep though me and Brook for sure was not whispering. I gently ran my fingers through his hair before I continued what I was about to say


Catie: “I want you, Ashley, Candice and Justin’s mom to help me pick out the dress”


Brook seemed really surprised by the thought that I didn’t want my own mom to help me, but of course not I mean, I didn’t feel like talking to her.

Brook: “I’d love to help you out! But when?”
Catie: “I was actually thinking uhm… In a couple of days, me and Justin need to talk first you know”

Brook gave me a friendly kiss on the cheek and went out of the room. Well maybe I should consider waking up Justin so we could start talking about all this, a wedding is a big thing and everything needs to be perfect. I want my dream wedding, with my dream boy and since I already have the boy I just need the wedding.

I placed my hand on Justin’s cheek and caressed it until he flickered his eyes to adjust them to the light shining through the window from the sun. He looked up at me with only one eye open and a weird smile on his lips. He lifted himself slightly and placed his soft lips on mine. His lips moved perfectly in sync with mine and he solely pulled out of the kiss and looked me in the eyes

Justin: “Good morning baby girl”

He said and gently kissed my nose while he smiled. Silly boy.

Catie: “You’re so silly. It’s not even morning baby”
Justin: “What is it then?”
Catie: “It’s like 12.30pm, but you feel asleep after, uhm…”

I smirk appeared on his face as he turned his face a little, probably to hide away the smirk.

Justin: “After uhm, baby? What is uhm?”

He kept the smirk on his face while he looked me playfully in the eyes and spoke his sentence. God dammit that boy.

Catie: “After we uhm…”

I just couldn’t say it. I know he was my boyrfri- fiancé, but I still just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t just say “After you chose to bang me in the middle of the morning”, like? Wouldn’t that be weird to just say? Or is it just me? Justin’s chuckled quickly snapped me out of my thoughts as he looked me in the eyes and moved his lips closer to my ear.

Justin: “After Brook told me that I could have whatever I wanted, so I chose to get myself whatever I wanted, you”

I could almost feel his dirty smile as I smiled myself by his words. I think it was the dangerous part of him that made him say that since I obviously had gotten him soft, if you asked him. He quickly pecked me on the lips at got out of the bed and I followed him. I don’t know why, but Justin has this curtain tendency to head straight the window after he gets out of the bed. I went over to him and my arms around him from behind. I felt his naked muscular back against me as I kissed his shoulder and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. Hopefully none of the girls will walk into the bedroom right now since Justin was still naked and I wanted to be the only one seeing that. Call me perverted  I don’t care, Justin is just so sexy and his body is so perfect. I stepped in the shower and turned on the burning hot water to let is stream down my body. I didn’t even think of the pain the water actually left down my body cause my thoughts was so long gone in the wedding.

How would it be?
What dress?
How would Justin dress?
Jeans, or a suit?
Where would the party be?
Who should we invite?

It was all the thoughts running through my head all the time. Even worse what if I blacked out? What if I blacked out in the church? Would it be in a church after all?

I was snapped the hell out of my thoughts when I heard a hard knock on the bathroom door and got scared.

Justin: “CATIE!?! Catie are you okay?!”

Why was he freaking out? Why was he so concerned?

Catie: “I’m fine Justin, what’s wrong?”

I heard him sigh in a relieved way, which only got me more confused. Had anything happened?

Justin: “Nothing baby, you just didn’t answer me so I was afraid you got hurt…”
Catie: “In the shower, Justin?”
Justin: “What if you fell and hit your pretty little head?”

I couldn’t help the laugh that escaped my lips. Just so typical Justin.

I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist. Obviously Justin was talking to someone in the bedroom. Without thinking about it I just opened the bathroom door with the towel wrapped around me. Justin turned his head towards me and his eyes flew right open as he smacked a pillow in Jake’s face and pushed him down the bed while he held his hands in front of his eyes. He pulled Jake out of the bed at and pushed out of the door. He locked the door and turned towards me with a threatening look in his eyes, what did I do wrong? He walked towards me and placed his hand on my cheek while he looked at me with that scary look in his eyes.

Justin: “Don’t. Ever. Walk. Around. Undressed.”

He said it in a threatening way that actually scared the hell out of me.

Catie: “I’ve got a towel wrapped around me though”
Justin: “I don’t care. I wanna be the only one seeing this”

He smirked while he said it and pulled the towel off me and let it hit the floor. He looked at me from head to toe after he placed his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him. He pulled me so close I could feel his warm breath on my lips. I snaked my arms around his neck and pulled him to my lips in a passionate kiss to confirm the fact that he was the only one who was ever going to see me naked. Since Justin was shirtless I could feel his muscular chest on my naked skin and his six pack, or should I say eight pack! Was pressed against my belly. His body was warm and his strong arms were in no time snaked around my body and he lifted me slightly off the floor.

Justin: “Get dressed baby”  

Justin put me down and I headed to the wardrobe to find something to wear. Since it was quite hot in LA I just chose to wear some casual shorts and a crop top. Not that Justin will be happy about the fact that I’m showing off my belly, but come on now it’s my choice.

After I got dressed at walked out of the bedroom, a hell of a surprise appeared in front of my eyes when Justin turned around and smiled like crazy with his arm around his mother’s neck

Justin: “There you are baby! I was just telling my mom about the wedding”

Pattie got out of Justin’s grip and walked towards me. She hugged me tightly and said congratulations more times than I can count. She told Justin that she would just take me for a walk with the rest of the girls. We were not going to look at dresses, just talk about how I wanted things to be and stuff. Justin ran to the door and stepped up in front of it so we couldn’t get out. He started talking about the fact that I couldn’t get out cause he was afraid that someone would recognize me after the police had published pictures of me. Pattie looked at me like she had a plan and told Justin that she had everything under control. She got me one of Justin’s hoodies to cover up my face and then we went out.

Pattie didn’t tell me exactly where we were going, she just said “to make a change”, so when we ended up in front of a hair salon I knew what she meant with change. We went inside and Pattie walked with the lady behind the desk to one of the rooms in the back, maybe they knew each other since they greeted and hugged each other when we came in. After a couple of minutes they came out, and the tall blond lady walked over to me and greeted me.

Alice: “Hello Catie, I am Alice, Patties cousin. Pattie told me about the ‘situation’, so let’s do something”

She gestured me to sit on one of the salon chairs. Apparently she already knew what do to, cause she didn’t ask me what I wanted. She had the mirrors covered up when she was done washing my hair. I got kind of nervous when she pulled out the scissor and cut the first but off my long, golden brown hair.

Two hours. Two hours had passed by when Alice finally turned the salon chair so she could have a better look at her, hopefully, masterpiece.

Pattie: “Oh my gosh Alice! That’s amazing!”

Ashley, Candice and Brook looked like someone who was trying to pick up their jaws from the floor. They were speechless, so I’m guessing Alice did a great job.

Alice turned the chair around after she took the curtains off the mirrors and I must say I got happily surprised.

Compared to my very long hair I had before, my hair was now cut to right above my breasts and then it had different lengths in it which made it look wilder. She also died different colored stripes in my hair. Both blond and dark stripes. I couldn’t really recognize myself that’s how much of a change the hair was to me.

Catie: “Alice, thank you so much! It’s perfect!” 
Alice: “No problem”
Pattie: “Alice, please just come to the wedding! It would make Justin so happy!”
Alice: “Pattie, don’t you think the bride should be inviting me?”
Catie: “Alice, please come. I would love to be able to thank you at the wedding”
Alice: “Alright you won me over! Just give me a time and place”

I got Alice’s number so I could text her when we had found a time and place. I kept Justin’s hoodie on just because it smelled like him and we headed to nowhere else but the Millions Of Milkshakes café. I always wanted to go there and no was the time!


*Just saying there is a lot of direct conversations here!*

*Conversations and direct talking ahead*

We went inside the café and got us a table for 5. It was a round table so it was no problem for us. Pattie went to the desk to order our milkshakes and she came back, the girl behind the desk had told her that she would bring them to our table. 

Ashley: “So Catie, where do you want the wedding to be?”
Catie: “I’ve always wanted a traditional wedding, so… A church”
Brook: “Cute! Pattie what does Justin want?”
Pattie: “You might not believe it, but he wants a church wedding”

And our jaws dropped. Justin? A traditional church wedding? Just as I was about to say something, the girl from the desk came with our milkshakes. We thanked her and she went back to the desk.

Ashley: “Justin? A traditional wedding?”

Ashley’s eyebrows was raised as much as possible and so was mine.

Pattie: “I know right? But that’s what he said!”
Candice: “Wow… That was unexpected… A lot”
Pattie: “Yeah… But anyways, Catie when are you expecting the wedding to take place?”
Catie: “I don’t know. The sooner the better”
Brook: “I’ll call him!”
Catie: “Brook! Brook no- Oh hey baby… “

Alright too late. She had already called up Justin and handed me the phone, when I was about to stop her. I had to ask Justin about the wedding date, since that was all the girls wanted to know right now. All Justin had to say was that he actually had just been in the church to get a date set. One month was all we had to get this prepared. June 26th was the date of the wedding, exactly a month from now. Justin, Jake and Dylan was apparently at home preparing the invitations as well and obviously they had made their own guest list, I didn’t mind though. Justin clearly said that he wanted me to have nothing to do with anything except for my own dress, and my bridesmaids’ dresses.  I had weird feeling about it, but I chose to trust him so I said goodbye and hung up.

Ashley: “So?”
Catie: “June 26th is the wedding, and Justin wants to arrange the whole thing”
Candice: “He what?”
Catie: “He wants to-“
Pattie: “Typical Justin… Don’t worry Sweetheart; I’ll help him a little”
Catie: “Thanks Pattie. Not that I don’t trust him, I’m just afraid he’ll try to outdo himself”
Pattie: “He will. Not even I can keep him from that honey”
Brook: “Catie, he’ll be fine”
Ashley: “Yeah, you’ll just take care of the dresses and let him do the rest”
Pattie: “He won’t! I won’t let him!”

Thank god! If Pattie keeps him from showing up in jeans then it’s good. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do if he showed up in jeans but I think I’d pretend to be the runaway bride…

Candice: “So Catie? When are we going to look at dresses for you?”
Catie: “I don’t know actually”
Pattie: “Will let’s go then!”

Pattie got up and pulled me with her as the girls followed her and we headed straight to some wedding dress store. I was speechless when we got in there. I always had a thing for dresses, especially big beautiful wedding dresses.

Seller: “Hello, how may I help you?”
Pattie: “Hey, we need to look at a dress for my son’s fiancé”
Seller: “Young love! My favorite! Come with me!”

The very sophisticated lady showed us to a place where the girls and Pattie could sit in a couch and then she made me come with her. We got to a changing room where she started asking me about what type of dress I was looking for. So I gave her the whole thing:

Basically what I was looking for, was nothing alike the type of dress the other girls thought. They thought I would be looking for something simple and casual, but they were wrong. What I was really looking for, was a big, beautiful ball gown kind of dress. A dress only a princess would wear. She went out to look for a dress and she came back with this


It was so beautiful. I put it on and went out to show it off to the girls. Their jaws dropped over its beauty and I looked myself in the huge mirror in front of me. It was so beautiful, but yet just not the one…

Brook: “That is so beautiful Catie!”
Catie: “I know right? But it’s just not me… I don’t know”
Pattie: “Honey if it’s not THE ONE, then don’t take it”
Ashley: “She’s right Catie”
Catie: “Yeah… Can I try another one?”

The lady looked at me with a smile and took me back to the changing room where she helped me get the dress of, and went out to find another one. When she finally came back, she had brought this:  

The dress nearly could’ve killed me, but again I just didn’t feel like it was the one. The lady tried and tried to convince me to buy it, but I refused. I wanted to go home with the exact perfect dress. The one dress I just would love to get married to Justin in. The one dress, that would blow my off my feet.

I tried on dress after dress, and 2 hours had passed by like 4 minutes. One beautiful dress after the other, but still no sight of the one dress that I wanted. I had gone from glitter to plain, diamonds to laces, mermaid kind of dresses to almost too short dresses, tight to loose.

The fact that I was not going to find my dream dress today, kept hitting me. I had tried almost every dress in the store by now..

Seller: “Mrs. Lynn, I don’t know if we have the dress you’re seeking”
Catie: “That’s alright. I’m just looking for the right dress, I sorry for all this mess”
Seller: “Wait a second… Maybe I do have the exact dress you need…”

And then she was gone again. I sat in the changing room for what seemed like hours to me and talked to the girls through the curtain that separated the room and the actual store.

Ashley: “Do you think you’ll find it today?”
Catie: “Doesn’t seem like it…”
Pattie: “Don’t lose hope sweety, there are a lot of wedding dress stores in this town!”
Catie: “I know… Thanks for being here girls”

A couple of more minutes went by where we just talked about what Justin was planning with the wedding, and he got to talk about my bachelorette party as well. Candice was crazy about the idea of getting male strippers and I did see the fun part in that. Finally the lady came back with a dress that I could slightly see it through the bag she had it in. She nearly pushed me back in the changing room of excitement, maybe she had found the right dress.

Seller: “I think I found the dress you’re searching for! Only worth a princess!”
Catie: “Let me try it!”

She pulled out the dress and held it in front of me, and I knew in an instant that this was the one fairytale barbie princess dress I had been looking for… 

I was stunned. I thought I was dreaming.

She helped me get the dress on, and she had a weird look on her face when she had got it on me.

Seller: “Remarkable…”
Catie: “What?”
Seller: “You see, this is the only dress ever made of this model and you’re the only one it has ever fitted perfectly…”

It was almost like a fairytale to me, that she had this one dress which was the only one existing!


I pulled the curtain aside and revealed the sight of my in the dress. I just smiled in a shy way when all the girls and Pattie looked at me. I pushed a piece of hair behind my air and looked to the floor. When I looked back up, my eyes met Ashley’s whose were filled with tears

Ashley: “Gosh Catie…”
Pattie: “Sweetheart, that’s your dress. Look at yourself”

I walked up to the huge mirror to actually see what the dress looked like when I was wearing it. My eyes got a little wet when I saw it. It fitted me perfectly; it was like a dream come true. I turned around to look at Pattie who also had tears in her eyes from seeing the dress.

Pattie: “What’s the price?”
Seller: “It’s not any cheap dress…”
Pattie: “Just tell me the price”
Seller: “It’s 45.000 dollars….”

Gosh. Dream crashed. I just couldn’t afford the dress, it was impossible and I wouldn’t get my dream dress. Pattie raised a finger to tell the lady to wait a second and she pulled up her phone and made a phone call… Who did she have time to talk to now?

Pattie: “Hello, hey baby! Baby we have a problem, we found the dress but it’s too expensive…”

I heard a mumble from whoever she was talking to, Justin I guess

Pattie: “45.000 dollars… Yes I know Justin… What? Catie? Alright”

Pattie got up and handed me the phone. What was he going to talk to me about?

Catie: “Hello?”
Justin: “Hey Baby, so you got your dream dress?”
Catie: “yeah but-“
Justin: “Listen baby, 45.000 is a lot of money…”
Catie: “I know bab-“
Justin: “But if that’s your dress then that’s it”
Catie: “What?”
Justin: “Take it baby”
Catie: “We can’t afford that Justin!”
Justin: “No baby, you can’t afford that. I can”
Catie: “Don’t tell me you have 45.000 dollars just randomly lying around?”
Justin: “Of course not!”
Catie: “See?”
Justin: “They’re in a bank account…”
Catie: “Ugh! Justin!

His cute chuckle filled my ears as I got annoyed because I didn’t know where the hell he had all those money from…

Justin: “Just buy your dress baby. If that’s the one then we’ll take it”
Catie: “I can’t do tha-“
Justin: “Just, do it baby. Alright? I love you, my mom has the credit card bye”

And with that he hung up. Did he just tell me to buy a 45.000 dollar dress like it was nothing? Ashley snapped me out of my thoughts by telling me to take the dress off the lady could pack it back into that protection bag or whatever it was, I couldn’t believe it….

Catie: “We haven’t paid for it?”
Ashley: “Are you kidding? Pattie just paid for it, now get it off so we can get it home”

She what? She just paid for it like that? Okay I really had to know where Justin had all these money from….

After we got the dress and got in the car so we could drive home I starting thinking about the money again. The lady in the store had given me a lot of accessories to the dress, such as a veil. It didn’t take long before we were home actually, but the door was locked. We knocked on the door and I heard Justin swearing and cursing inside while he ran around. What the?

Justin: “Be there in a second baby! Don’t worry- OUCH! Dylan!”
Dylan: “What?!”

Yup that’s my baby running stressed around and bumping into chairs. Justin rushed the door opened and lifted me off the floor while he kissed me. I was used to being around him every second of the day and today was the first day since we came here that I have actually been outside the house, so I missed his soft lips a lot. Justin put me down and asked me if I got the dress like he told me to so I just nodded of happiness because he had let me buy the dress. While Pattie carried my dress to her room and told the boys to never ever get in her room and look at it Justin was busy kissing my lips and telling me how much he had missed me. I was still surprised that Justin had changed from being the dangerous hardcore boy to being this crazy-in-love retard. To me it didn’t seem possibly but it was. Justin placed his hands on my hips and pulled me closer as he pressed his lips against mine in such passionate way that he could’ve killed me. I had missed his lips and I had missed him. He was like my own personal drug.

Justin: “Baby if you don’t mind, I want to spend some time with you alone”
Catie: “Sure babe, just take me wherever you feel like”

He moved his hand from my hip and took my hand as he slowly pulled me towards out bedroom and told the rest of our little crew that he was going to take me away now. When we got in the bedroom Justin immediately took his clothes off. He kept his boxers on though, so I guess he wasn’t planning anything that had to do with sex. I undressed myself until I was only wearing my underwear as well. Justin stepped closer to me and wrapped his arms around me as he carried me to the bed and pulled the covers over us. He turned on the TV and found some romantic movie, Dear John I think. I was lying with my back facing Justin, between his legs while he watched the movie as Justin snaked his hands under the covers and placed them on my tummy. He caressed my skin with his thumbs and I started wondering why. It was like the exact place he was caressing had some kind of connection to my brain that instantly made me think about family.

Justin: “One day baby, my kids will be in this tummy”
Catie: “Justin I’m 17, take it easy”
Justin: “I’d be telling you this even if you were 14”
Catie: “Oh baby…”
Justin: “Exactly, babies. Mini me’s running all around, calling you mama”
Catie: “Calling you daddy”
Justin: “Baby, our future children is my dream. I’ll do anything to make it happen”

Talking about kids with Justin seemed so right at some point, but weird at another point. Justin had always said that he wanted to have a family at a young age, but 19 might be just young enough, though I wouldn’t have problem about giving birth to his children at this age.

My eyes had been flickering for a while and I had become really tired. I was on the edge of sleeping when I heard Justin’s hoarse voice whisper in my ear

Justin: “Go to sleep baby. I’ll be protecting you all night”

I couldn’t fight the urge to sleep anymore, so I let my eyes close and fell asleep. 




Date for the wedding is set. catie got her dress, and now Justin starts talking about kids? 
But Catie doesn't seem interrested in kids right now, understandable. 
I mean 17 is a young age and she's not going to be on 16 and pregrant.    A/N 
So guys this was chapter 22! Yes I found a new way of making the auhors notes so, yeah it just a lot better like this! 
I'm sorry for the long wait but I have been, I don't even know what I have been doing.. 
Anyways special note to @Maliabuabelieber, it's her birthday today, so this is my little birthday gift for her!    Thanks for all your support guys! I love you<3 
- me <3 


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