Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


18. The date

Dylan: “JUSTIN! She’s on the news!”

Justin ran down stairs leaving me alone in the bed. I got up and put some clothes on to go down stairs as well. And Dylan was right. I was on TV again but the police still hadn’t found out who helped me escape from prison. Jake came down a couple of minutes later and saw it. I actually thought I would only be on TV in Stratford, but obviously I’m on national TV. The news lady talked about me like I was some kind of dangerous killer. With me on national TV, I can’t leave Jake’s house at all, it’s too much of a risk to take if somebody sees me and call the police cause then I’ll never get out of that prison again. Justin turns his head away from the TV and looks at me, with that he gets up off the couch and walks towards me. I face the floor as I get slightly sad that I brought Justin and Dylan into this. He places his finger underneath my chin as he wraps his other arm around and lift my face towards him to tell me that everything is going to be okay and kiss me passionately.


Justin seems so tough when it comes to this, he’s always so calm about the police finding me or finding out that it was him and Dylan who did it, cause then Jake will be the only one who can walk around outside. Justin doesn’t go out the side anyways; he’s afraid of leaving me alone and has been ever since the thing with Nico. Just by the thought of his name, all the bad memories come back to me. The way he kidnapped me, raped me, threatened me. The last memories that runs through my head is the picture of him sitting scared as hell on the floor, leaned against the wall as his fearful eyes are locked on mine when I pull the trigger and end his useless, miserable life.


I sound more and more like killer. After all, my boyfriend is one so maybe that’s why. All my horrible thoughts are disturbed by the sound of my phone ringing up stairs, so I rush out of Justin’s grip to run upstairs and get it.

Brook: “Girl what the hell! I just watched the news!”
Catie: “Yeah, and so?”
Brook: “Girl… You’re all over the freaking world or something!”
Catie: “I know bu-“
Brook: “No buts! Candice, Ashley and me are worried sick”
Catie: “I thought you guys hated me…”
Brook: “Duh never. We were just disappointed in you. But it’s alright. Ashley told us everything”
Catie: “Great! Can I talk to her please?”
Brook: “Sure! Ashley, Catie is on the phone”
Ashley: “Catie? Are you alright?”
Catie: “I’m fine! I just wanted to say I’m sorry. I forgive you, and thanks for the tip about Andrew”
Ashley: “No problem girl. I apologize for what I did. I hope it’s okay”
Catie: “It’s okay sweetie”

The girls put me on speaker so I could talk to all of them at the same time. It was good to hear their voices again. I hadn’t been talking to Brook and Candice like this for about 4 months and Ashley 3 months… Yeah a lot of things has happened since the beginning of all this, but it seems to me like we’re back to normal. I tell the girls everything about what happened and they all seem shocked. Or at least Brook and Candice do, all Ashley has to say is “Typical Justin and Dylan…” and she’s right. That is very typical them. Brook, Candice and Ashley asks me if I would like if they came by in like a week or something so we could do some girl stuff, so I take the phone and walk downstairs to ask Jake if it’s alright since it’s his house.

Jake: “Well I guess it’s alright with me if it’s your friends”
Catie: “Awesome! Justin? Dylan?”
Justin: “Sure baby, then maybe I won’t have to be so worried sick for you all the time”
Dylan: “Yeah it’s fine. I have some things to talk to Ashley about as well”
Catie: “Awesome! Love you guys! I love you Justin”

The girls orders three flight tickets to LA right away and hang up so they can pack up their things. Dylan and Jake are supposed to pick the girls up in the airport later. Justin still doesn’t want me to be alone and then he just doesn’t want to leave me alone.


When the guys take off to get the other girls, Justin places himself on the couch to watch some TV. I sit down next to him and he immediately lies down on the couch placing his head on my lap. I start playing with his hair and he looks up and smiles at me. A sincere smile that burns into my eyes and I am unable to take my eyes off him. I can’t concentrate when he smiles like that. He smiles like a little boy whose biggest wish just came true, just like the picture of him that hung on Pattie’s wall when we visited her after our first date in the tree house. He makes a kissy face and I start laughing at him while he just lies there and waits for me to kiss him.

Justin: “I’m waiting here!”

I give him a soft kiss and he smiles goofily.

Justin: “I wanna take you somewhere tomorrow baby”
Catie: “Oh well, where?”
Justin: “Surprise baby”
Catie: “Tell me Justin!”
Justin: “No can do honey. Then it wouldn’t be fun”

I give him another kiss and he moves his hands behind my neck to hold mi lips against his. Now Justin has this certain ability to hold his breath for longer than anyone I have ever met, so he’s always just about to kill me when he does this thing. I pull out of the kiss to catch my breath and Justin chuckles lightly.

Catie: “It’s not funny! You’ll kill me one day!”
Justin: “Don’t worry babe, I know CPR”

He winks at me and I start laughing so hard. Alright, I have a boyfriend who doesn’t care of he kills me because he knows CPR. Typical Justin. I wonder what he has planned for tomorrow. Like what can it be? Justin takes me out on dates once in a while, but it’s never really anything big. This time though he seems more nervous about it, so I think he’s got quite something in his mind. Finally my girls stumble through the door and I fly off the couch and run towards them. We have huge group hug and Justin comes towards us as well. He hugs all the girls tightly like they had been friends in a life time and Brook and Candice apologize for everything they ever said about him. Justin forgives them quite easily since that is the past, and they’re friends now. Dylan and Jake order some pizza so we can eat some dinner, and we have the greatest time while we do it. Everyone just laughs because Justin and Dylan keeps joking and making silly faces while they eat. They act like 10 year old boys, but I love it when they do that cause they always seems to serious about everything. When we finish dinner, me and the girls takes the stuff off the table while the boys go play some video games.

Candice: “He’s really not as bad as I thought”
Brook: “Agreed. I’m sorry Catie…”
Catie: “He was that bad. Dylan told me that I made him like this”
Brook: “What?!”
Candice: “So he was that bad in the beginning?”
Catie: “Kind of… You know… He did hit me once”
Brook: “WHAT?!”
Catie: “Brook! Shut the fuck up! It was before we got in a relationship. Plus I hit him back”
Candice: “You just tell me if he ever does that again, and I will break his god damn face in half”
Ashley: “Relax Candie. Don’t you see how he acts around her?”


In the same second I feel hands on my waist and a kiss is placed on my cheek. A quite singing fills my ears and I start giggling because Justin is so silly. The other girls turn their heads and look at us while we goof around. I take a glass of water from the table to take a sip, but spit it all out of Justin’s face. I struggle myself out of his grip and run away from him.

Justin: “I’m coming after you Catie!”

Justin starts running after me and I enter our room and lock the door. Justin starts banging on the door from the other side of is while he tells me to unlock the door, but I refuse. Justin keeps hitting and kicking the door teasingly to make me open the door, but it doesn’t help so he tries another strategy and starts flirting with me through the door like, ‘Open the door baby’, ‘I’m not going to hurt you my love’, ‘I miss you baby’, ‘Come out at let me give you a kiss’ but none of his flirty pickup lines are working. Suddenly there is silence on the other side of the door and I wait a couple of seconds before I open it to see if he is still there but to my surprise he is gone. I open the door just a tad more as a pair of arms are wrapped around my waist and pulls me inside the room again. Justin throws my on the floor and starts tickling me like a crazy. I beg him to stop but all he has to say is that he told me he would get me at some point. I start twisting my body around to get out of grip but it doesn’t work, he’s too strong. He finally stops when he thinks I have been screaming in laughter and begging him to stop long enough. He bends down over me and kiss me softly, for once not trying to stick his tongue down my throat. He pulls me up to sit across his legs and he cups my face in his hands not breaking the kiss once. This kiss, is nothing but innocent and passionate kisses. No making out no touching each other, just kisses. Justin slowly pulls away from my lips and looks at the floor while he removes his hands from my face to find my hands and intertwine his fingers with mine.

Justin: “You’re going to be so happy tomorrow baby”
Catie: “What are you talking about baby?”
Justin: “Our date tomorrow. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been planning”
Catie: “Have been planning? Exactly how long have you been ‘planning’ this?”
Justin: “A long time. Trust me”

He pulls my face closer again and kiss my lips. His honey kisses keeps this never ending spell on me which I am not able to break out from, that’s probably why Justin is always the one breaking the kisses between us, cause I don’t think I do it so often. Justin once again pulls his lips off mine and get up off the floor. I take his hand and he pulls me up. He locks his fingers in mine again and press his forehead against mine as me asks me quietly is we should go to sleep because he’s tired. I shake my head no, but agree in staying by his side until he’s asleep. He takes his clothes off and get in the bed. For once in my life I’m not going to be all tied up in his arms. I sit on the bed beside him while he’s lying down and he puts his arm across my legs while he buries his face in a pillow beside me. I start playing with his hair and soon enough he falls asleep by my touch. I kiss him gently on the cheek and unwrap his arm from my legs so I can get up and spend some time with my girls.

Ashley: “There you are! Where’s Justin?”
Catie: “Sleeping”
Ashley: “Cute!”
Brook: “Did you kiss him asleep?”
Candice: “Cut it Brook. That’s cute! Dylan and Jake went sleeping as well so, it’s just us”
Catie: “Fine with me. Being around boys all the time can get really weird in the end”
Brook: “Gosh Catie! So who’s up for shopping tomorrow?”
Ashley: “Indeed!”
Candice: “I’m in! Catie?”
Catie: “I don’t know if I have time. Justin has invited me out tomorrow…”
Ashley: “Oh my gosh! Where?”
Catie: “I don’t know. He says it’s a surprise”
Brook: “Oh my god! That’s so cute!”
Candice: “Catie, ask him if you can go shopping with us. Then we’ll do it before you guys have to go”
Catie: “I will. It would be amazing to just have some girl time!”

We talk back and forth about what could happen tomorrow. Brook thinks Justin is going to make me pregnant and stuff but I highly doubt that. I don’t have time to be a parent now and neither does Justin. We’re young and we should just live our lives right now. Ashley thinks that he bought a house for us or something like that, or maybe a car. You know, that could be it. That he bought a house just for the two of us to live in, though I wouldn’t know what to do when Justin isn’t home then, cause Dylan wouldn’t be there to entertain me. We talk a little more but I get extremely tired of just talking about tomorrow and the bunches of other stuff, so I decide to go sleeping. When I get in the room, take my clothes off and get into the bed beside Justin, he quickly wraps his arm around me and flip me over so I’m lying on my back and he gets halfway on top on me while he looks me in the eyes, worried I think.

Justin: “Where did you go?”
Catie: “The living room, to talk to the girls”
Justin: “I thought you said you would stay with me?”
Catie: “Until you fell asleep baby”
Justin: “Well I missed you why I slept”

He kissed my lips and got back down to lie beside me and pull me close into his arms.


Justin: “Wake up baby, we’ve got a long day ahead”
Catie: “About that, can I go shopping with the girls before we go?”
Justin: “Sure, I need to get some things fixed anyways baby”

Me and Justin get out of the bed and get ready for whatever we have to do. I am out of the door with my girls before Justin is even halfway done. I guess it’s just a girls thing to be done faster than a lightning.

me and the girls chose to walk to town and I completely forgot about the fact that I am on national TV, until we passed by a store where they sell electronics. I ran away from the girls and entered a beauty store where they just happened to sell wigs. I bought a pitch black colored wig and put it on before I left the store. Ashley, Brook and Candice was looking at me strangely when I walked up to them and said that we could continue our shopping now. They kept asking me questions about the wig and stuff so I told them about the nation TV thing and they suddenly remembered everything that had happened the past few days.

The shopping is over before we know of it, but we had a really fun day and we bought a lot of new stuff! Justin is going to hate for buying all these things, cause he’s always like ‘No, I wanted to buy that for you’. But not this time, cause he wasn’t with me. Me and the girls rush through the door and enter Jake’s house as Dylan tells me not to enter his room at all! No matter what.

Catie: “Alright Dylan, I get it. I can’t enter your room. Where is Justin?”
Dylan: “In my room, that’s why you can’t go in there”
Catie: “Well alright then”

I made my way towards my own room to get ready. I chose to wear my new white summer dress. It’s long, very long. Like a night gown, and then it’s crisp white, really beautiful. I chose to curl my hair slightly just to add a little volume to my hair, then a naturally applied makeup and done. Just in the moment I finished, Candice opened the door to my room and handed me a pair of shoes, crisp white casual Christian Louboutin shoes.

Candice: “I bought these for you, to make you wear them on a special day. Today is that day”

With that she just left the room while she smiled. I put the shoes on and they were gorgeous! They matched my dress and the rest of my look perfectly. I opened the door to the room and got out. By the staircase was Jake and Dylan to the right, Ashley, Brook and Candice to the left and then Justin standing in the middle a few feet away from them. They all looked at me while I walked down the stairs like I was a little girl on my way to senior prom. Justin carries me off the last step just like he did the first time he met Ashley and kisses me passionately.

Justin: “You look gorgeous Catie”
Catie: “You look amazing Justin”

he just stood there in his jeans, T-shirt and a denim vest. God damn he looked amazing! Justin took my hand and got me out in the car. He started driving and smiled all the way. The drive was quite long, like 20 minutes or so, okay that’s not long. But it felt like hours when Justin was just smiling like that. I was so excited to see whatever Justin had planned for tonight.


Finally Justin stopped the car near the beach and opened my door like a gentleman, something he had always been to me. In the sand there was a long path made of wooden boards. I couldn’t see where the path ended, but when Justin stepped down on it I knew that this path was something Justin had made so we wouldn’t have to take off our shoes and everything. The path was close to the water and a little further in front of us I saw some trees forming  3 quarters of a circle and the last quarter - the opening - was covered by a big black curtain or something like that. Through some of the trees I saw a little bit of light. Justin stopped me a few feet in front of the curtain and kisses me quickly before he made way towards it and got a hold on it.

Justin: “You ready baby?”
Catie: “yeah!”

The pulled the curtain aside and what I saw was beyond gorgeous. Purple, blue and white flowers everywhere in the trees and in the sand around the little “island” that was also made of wooden boards. There was thousands of lights from light chains a little further up the tree to light up Justin’s little master piece. Can you imagine it? All this beauty and then the sunset right in front of your eyes.

Catie: “Justin, this is amazing!
Justin: “Only the best for you baby”
Catie: “This is much better than best!”

I smacked my lips onto his and he wrapped his arms around me tightly. He loosened his grip around me and pulled out of the kiss. He faced the ground a couple of seconds but then looked back up, straight into my eyes.

Justin: “Catie, I love you. And you look stunning tonight”
Catie: “Justi-“
Justin: “Shh. We both know that I will never think I’m good enough for you…”
Catie: “Justi-“
Justin: “I said shh. But Catie… I did this for you. I love you, you’re the only girl I have ever loved, probably the only one I ever will love! So… Uhm… Catie Lynn…-“

He takes his hand out of mine and reach for his back pocket while he faces the ground. Still holding my one hand he slowly gets down on one knee still with his hand behind his back. He lets go of my hand and look my directly in the eye when he suddenly has little royal blue box in his hand. No no, no.No. No. this is not happening. God I’m freaking out! This is not-

Justin: “Catie, will you marry me? Someday”

-It happened.


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