Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


5. Stay with me baby..

Doctor: “Yes uhm, the result has arrived Catie…”

Catie: “And what do they say?”


The doctor looks to the floor, never a good sign. Besides, if they were negative, he would said it from the start. He takes a deep breath and takes my hands…


Doctor: “Catie… The results are positive…”

Catie: “No. No no, you’ve got to be kidding me? Right?”


I feel the tears pressing against my eyes as I see how Justin suddenly stands up with his hands behind his head. He turns around and makes his way towards me, the doctor let’s go of my hand and gets down on his knees in front of me. He takes my head between his hands and presses his forehead against mine saying that it’s going to be alright.


Justin: “There’s got to be something we can do? Please?”

Doctor: “The only thing to do is abortion. There’s no other way…”

Justin: “But, I am against abortions?”

Doctor: “I’m sorry then buddy…”

Justin: “But, is there no way the child can be sort of… killed? Anything?” 

Doctor: “No… I am sorry sir.”


Justin takes a deep breath. He’s against abortions, but he sure doesn’t want to raise Nico’s kid as well. He looks at me as a tear leaves my eye. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want to have that thing inside me…


Justin: “Sign her up for abortion”

Catie: “But Justin?”

Justin: “No buts! You’re not giving birth to that child”

Doctor: “Are you sure sir?”

Justin: “A 100 percent. Sign her up”

Doctor: “Alright. She’ll have to wait for at least 2 weeks until the abortion can take place”

Justin: “As soon as possible sir…”


The doctor signs me up for an abortion taking place in 2 weeks. I just don’t understand, Justin is against abortions, why did he make him sign me up to one? Is it really that bad if I give birth to that child? I guess so… But I have to ask him why, so that’s what I do. Justin just looks at me like I’ve bumped my head into something really hard, and then he looks to the floor.


Justin: “I made him sign you up for abortion because, I wouldn’t be able to know that the fist girl I’ve ever loved was going to give birth do another man’s child. Though, I had hopes there was a way you could somehow change the pregnancy and the child you become mine like, abracadabra and then it’s my child. But I guess not…”

Catie: “So what you’re saying is; if it was your child, you would’ve never signed me up for abortion?”

Justin: “Are you kidding? No never ever in my entire life! I’d be raising that kid with you”

Catie: “I never would’ve guessed you were a family type of guy…”

Justin: “Well, I am. I always wanted to create a family in a young age. Not 19 though, maybe 20 or 22”


Justin? Kids? Does that only sound weird in my head or? I would really never have guessed that, but anyways I wouldn’t end up having kids in this age anyways, I’m only 17. I am turning 18 soon though.


Catie: “But baby? Now that Nico is dead?”

Justin: “Yes?”

Catie: “Are you still going to be a drug dealer and stuff?”

Justin: “Hmm, right now I kind of have to. We need some money right now. But in future, no”


He’s going to stop. But is he stopping for me? Or because Nico is dead? Do I even want to hear the answer? Wow that was a lot of questions at one time, but I have to know…


Catie: “Why do you want to stop?”


It takes Justin a couple of seconds to suck it in, it’s like he’s really tasting the sound of the question to create an answer.


Justin: “Because, first of all Nico is dead, so no one can give me the drugs so I can sell them”

Catie: “Second of all?”

Justin: “I can’t offer you to live this kind of life…”

Catie: “Me?”

Justin: “Yeah you baby. You’re the first I have ever loved, you know that, and I just don’t want you to leave. I’ll do anything possible to keep you with me. I’d die if I saw you in the arms of someone else”


He’d die? He really loves me that much? Of course, as he says I am the first girl he ever loved. Before I met Justin, I couldn’t really define love but now I know. It’s like when you get goose bumps every time the person walks by, every time he talks to you, you just feel like you’re being strangled and every time he touches you, your heart just drops. It’s like a whole new world when you’re in love, nothing is like it. And now people will ask, how do you know you found the right one? Simple, every time you see the person, you fall in love all over again. You can’t live without this person in your life. You want them all the time. Every kiss is like touching the inside of a rose and everything around you just disappears when the person is near you. This happens over and over, and over again. That’s when you know you’ve found the one.


Ashley: “So, what did the doctor say?”

Justin: “I need some time…”

Ashley: “Oh hum, isn’t that weird for a doctor to say?”

Catie: “No Ash, Justin needs some time, come on let me tell you about what happened…”

Justin: “I’ll go upstairs baby”

Catie: “Do that honey. I love you”

Justin: “Love you too”


Justin gives me a gentle kiss and goes upstairs; he needs to relax on this one. So I tell Ashley about the story, Dylan is playing video games and I don’t mind asking him to listen. Ashley looks very surprised when I’m done telling her about what the doctor said, so she asks me if she got it right, and repeats what I just said; I am pregnant and Justin made the doctor sign me up for abortion even though he’s against abortions.


Catie: “Yup that’s pretty much it”

Ashley: “That’s really complicated… So when are you getting the abortion?”

Catie: “About 2 weeks from now…”

Ashley: “Isn’t that quite long to wait?”

Catie: “Probably, but rather that than giving birth to this child…”


Ashley and I sit and talk for a few minutes about what she and Dylan have been up to today, not that they really did anything special except for playing Call of Duty: Black Ops2. Typical Dylan and Ashley. I make my way upstairs and as soon as I open the door to me and Justin’s room, he comes out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around him. He’s like art. I could look at him all day, just because he is so damn beautiful. How can anyone not love this kid?


Justin: “Enjoying the sight of me babe?”

Catie: “Always am, always will”

Justin: “Then you know how I feel about you”


I just shake my head; he’s always so flirty and charming. I should take shower, so I make my way towards to bathroom. I close the door to the bathroom, there’s still steam everywhere! Does that kid bath in like 400 degrees water or what? Anyways I take off my clothes and turn the water on. I always let it run for a minute just so I can find the correct temperature, which somehow always takes me a million years to find. The shower is one of those which is stuck on the wall so the water is always just everywhere. But it’s quite nice not having to hold the shower all the time.


As I let all the water flow down my body and just enjoy the feeling trying to forget everything about the pregnancy and about what happened yesterday, I hear the door to the bathroom being opened, but I don’t really care to pay attention to it. Someone pulls the shower curtains aside and step in right behind me, it can only be Justin. His hands find their place on my waist as he steps closer and starts kissing my neck and my jaw. He wraps his arms completely around me, still kissing my neck when he suddenly closely pulls his lips away, kissing me behind my left ear.


Justin: “I almost forgot you had a tattoo behind your ear”


Oh yes! I almost forgot, now that I found that my dad shot Justin’s brother, which means I actually have a tattoo dedicated to Justin and his family.


Catie: “I forget about it all the time…”

Justin: “I would too if I was you. It’s not somewhere people expect others  to have a tattoo”

Catie: “That’s why I got it there”

Justin: “Good choice”

Catie: “Says the guy with about 11 tattoos?”


He giggles, he has a lot of tattoos actually; A bird on the hip, a crown underneath the left collarbone, roman numerals underneath the right collarbone, and Indian on the left shoulder, the Japanese letter for music on his right arm, the word “Believe” on the left arm, an owl on the left arm, a Jesus tattoo on his left calf, praying hands on his left calf and roses on his left calf. Basically all the tattoos on his left calf is connected to look like one, so I don’t really know if they count as three or one?


Justin: “I didn’t even come out here to talk about your tattoo anyways…”

Catie: “Then why did you come?”


He turns me around and locks his lips on mine and as always his tongue slips its way through my lips and into my mouth.  I pull Justin under the shower to stand there with me, the water is dripping everywhere and it’s actually quite romantic. Justin puts his hands on my ass and lift me up like the very first we uhm? Did it. He presses me against the wall and I run my fingers through his wet hair, I always wanted to do that. He let’s go of a slight moan when I pull my fingers through his hair for the second time. Justin’s desire start to show as he gets harder underneath me, though I can’t let this happen no matter how much I want to! Not when I’m pregnant, what if something bad happened…


Catie: “Justin, no. We can’t”

Justin: “You’re right babe. Let me at least just wash your hair and stuff, you know. Be real nice”


I nod as he asks for permission to wash my hair. He takes the shampoo and since he’s taller than me, he doesn’t need to tell me to sit down or anything, so he just starts washing my hair, and it feeling so good. He has very strong hands which only a good thing. When he’s done he turns the water on and makes sure all the soap is out if my hair. He takes the shower gel, take a good look at me and hand me the soap. He says I better do it myself er then he’ll just end up going too far and he doesn’t want to. When were done in the shower he get out and wrap some towels around us. Justin has this thing about constantly having his arms around me, it’s like he’s still afraid I’ll leave while he doesn’t look.


Catie: “Baby, why are your arms always wrapped around me?”

Justin: “Because, I like having them around you. I feel like I protect you that way”

Catie: “Justin, I can protect myself…”

Justin: “Yeah right, that’s why you got kidnapped 2 days ago”

Catie: “And what’s that supposed to mean?”

Justin: “That’s supposed to mean that you will never walk on your own again”

Catie: “As long as you’ll be with me and not some stranger”


He just laughs at me with that like I would ever leave you with a stranger laugh. Justin is the perfect boyfriend, lying in the bed leaning against his muscular body; there is no place I’d rather be on earth. 


So basically right now, 2 weeks passed by and I’m on the hospital with Justin, I know you’re probably thinking like 2 weeks and nothing happened? But no, nothing happened. It has been the most boring 2 weeks of my life. So we sit there, just waiting for the doctors to come and take to the surgery room, or whatever it’s called. I actually don’t care. Just a few seconds later the door to the room me and Justin is sitting in is opened, but to my surprise, it’s Candice who enters the door. She becomes completely pale when she sees that Justin and I are here.


Candice: “So? What are you doing here, did he finally beat you up?”


Justin takes a deep breath, I know he’s angry and he just wants to kill her now, so I just kiss him on the cheek and whisper in ear that he’s not going to listen to her.


Catie: “No, he didn’t. But someone obviously beaded you up since you have a split eyebrow?”  

Candice: “Funny huh?”

Catie: “Yes a lot actually. Let me guess, Brook beaded the shutout of you because she had enough of you being a control freak always telling her what to do, or did you tell her to punch you in the face?”


Justin starts laughing, though I can tell he’s trying to keep it in. It just doesn’t work.


Candice: “Funny… No. I hit a door…”

Catie: “Or did it just look like it needed a hug?”

Candice: “Catie, shut up alright! I bet you got some drugs to sell, no wait, that’s your boyfriend’s job”

Catie: “Wrong. He doesn’t sell that shit no more”

Candice: “Hm, impressive. So what are you doing here?”

Justin: “Not your god damn business”

Candice: “Did I talk to you?”

Justin: “You didn’t say any names, so I’m in my full right to answer”

Candice: “Well I was talking to Catie…”

Catie: “Not your god damn business”


She looks at me with her Haha, funny look. I know that look way too well. And I never thought I should say this, but my life just got saved by a doctor, or actually a nurse who opened the door to tell us it was time. Justin walked beside me holding me hand all the way. The nurse asked if I wanted her to drive me over there in one of the beds, but I said no. I hate lying in those beds, they’re not comfy!

When we reached the door where the surgery was going to take place, Justin stood there for a couple of seconds pulling my hand back like he didn’t want me to go in there so I turn around and look him, telling him that he doesn’t have to come with me in there if he doesn’t want to, but he’s stubborn against himself and comes with me. I tell the doctor that they might want to sedate me, since me and surgeries never really got a good relationship, and neither does me and needles. Right before I pass out I feel Justin’s smooth kiss on my lips and his voice whispering that I’ll make it.


When the surgery is done, Justin is basically just walking around in the room like he’s nervous or something. His eyes are red, has he been crying?


Catie: “Babe? Are you okay?”

Justin: “I’m fine baby”


A slight smile touches his face, but not really. I know something is wrong with him. Why won’t he tell me?


Catie: “Was it that bad?”

Justin: “To me it was baby. My mom considered aborting me when she was pregnant…”

Catie: “Oh, I didn’t know baby. But she didn’t and you’re here, with me”

Justin: “How could I do other? I would never leave you with a stranger”

Catie: “Oh baby, come over here”


He walks towards me, and I hug him when he gets there. I kiss his cheek and he kisses mine. He tells me we made it, and he promises me we’ll never go through it again.


Catie: “What do you mean we’ll never go through this again baby?”

Justin: “Next time you’re pregnant, it’s my baby”

Catie: “Can you promise me that?”


He kisses me passionately and look directly into my eyes when he lets go.


Justin: “I promise baby. I promise”


Now that I think about it, being pregnant with Justin’s baby actually doesn’t seem that bad. I’m sure he’ll make a great father one day. Now that I think about being a parent, it makes me realize, I haven’t met his parents. Why?

On our way home, I decide to ask him, why I haven’t met his parents yet?


Justin: “Well. You haven’t asked”

Catie: “I expected you to be like; Baby! Let’s go visit my parents!”

Justin: “Alright. Baby! Let’s go visit my parents!”

Catie: “Seriously?”

Justin: “Yeah sure, I’ll just call my mom”


Justin dials his mom’s number and she picks up the phone sounding quite surprised by his call. She says she hasn’t heard from him in ages, and he apologizes. She doesn’t know what he has been doing, and he didn’t want her to get involved. Justin told me that. He told me a little but about his mother and his father. He also told me about his 2 siblings, Jasmine and Jaxon, he only met them 6 times a year, because he was trying to keep out of contact with family during that drug dealing thing. His mom says we can come over whenever we feel like, I guess she lives here?


Justin and I hurry home so I can get changed to something more appropriate for my first meeting with his mother. She sounds really nice, so I am not nervous at all. We say goodbye to Dylan and Ashley, who’s apparently making out in the couch.  We get in the car and drive towards wherever the infamous Pattie Mallette lives.


We pull up in front of a little pretty house, I guess she lives here. Justin takes my hand and leads me to the front door where he pushes the doorbell. The door is opened by a beautiful lady, Pattie I guess.


Pattie: “Justin baby! It’s such a long time ago! I missed you so much!”

Justin: “Missed you too mom. Hey mom, this is Catie, my girlfriend”

Pattie: “Girlfriend? You didn’t tell me you had a girlfriend”

Justin: “Mom, I told you on the phone 10 minutes ago?”

Pattie: “Hmm, doesn’t matter anyways. Hi, I am Pattie, Justin’s mother”

Catie: “Hi, Catie. Justin’s girlfriend, nice to meet you”

Pattie: “You too, come in’’


We walk inside, she lives nice and she has a lot of pictures of Justin from when he was younger


Catie: “Oh my god babe! What a cutie you were!”

Pattie: “Yeah, he was such a little angel”

Justin: “Mom? You’re embarrassing…”

Catie: “Oh come on baby, you were cute as hell”

Justin: “Sure baby”


He kisses me on the cheek and head to the kitchen. Pattie lays a hand on my shoulder, gently padding it.


Pattie: “I am so happy Justin finally found a girl Catie. And you seem to have a good influence on him”

Catie: “Oh well, I am just happy I found Justin. I really love him more than anything”

Pattie: “I am sure he loves you too Catie. It’s a pleasure to have you in the family”

Catie: “Trust me; it’s a pleasure being in it. But miss, I have to tell you something”

Pattie: “You don’t have to call me Miss Catie; you can just call me Pattie. So what is it?”

Catie: “Justin told me about, his brother who got shot in NY”

Pattie: “Oh yes, Justin miss him a lot! I do too but…”

Catie: “Pattie, the guy that shot your son, unfortunately is my father. And I feel so sorry for you, I don’t talk to my dad anymore, I couldn’t stand knowing that he killed someone. I’m sorry for what happened, really. I hope you somehow can forgive me, for having such careless father”


Pattie looks at me like someone just shot her, but she looks relieved and kind of happy. She hugs me and says that it’s not my fault and that our relationship won’t be changed by the fact that it was my father because I can’t control his actions.


Me and Justin stays at his mother place a little longer than expected, and it’s actually 22PM when Justin realize that we should actually be heading home. Pattie hug us both goodbye and says she’s happy to finally have Justin around again and that she’s very happy to have met me. We get out in the car and start driving when Justin breaks the silence


Justin: “So, what do think? About my mother?”

Catie: “She’s awesome Justin! And very nice”

Justin: “Yeah, I think she likes you”

Catie: “She’s just happy her precious little boy finally got a girl to take care of him”

Justin: “Who is taking care of who in this relationship?”

Catie: “Uhm…. I take care of you?”

Justin: “Alright babe, if that’s what you think”


He winks at me and chuckles. I know he’s kidding and he knows I’m kidding as well. It’s him taking care of me; he’s the man you know. It’s pitch black out here, so we can barely see where we are driving. Good thing home is not so far away. Justin looks in the rearview and he gets a confused look on his face. I turn around to look out of the rear window and someone is driving behind us. Justin speeds up and the car behind us does the same.


Justin: “Hold on baby. We’re not exactly going home tonight”

Catie: “What do you mean? Who are these people?”

Justin: “Some of Nico’s I guess…”


Justin pushes the accelerator down and the car drives faster. It’s not the fastest car in the world, but it sure isn’t the slowest as well. After have been driving for what seems like forever, Justin stops the car in the middle of everything and get me out of the car. He starts running with me into the woods. I get stuck in everything I’m able to get stuck in and Justin runs through this shit like a ninja. He has been here before.


Catie: “Justin where are we going?”

Justin: “Shh baby!”


He slows a little down so we don’t make too much noise, it’s pitch black; only the moon is listing up the little forest. Justin sure knows this place and soon he stops and look around. I see a huge tree and Justin starts walking towards it, I immediately recognize the tree from the first date Justin took me out on. Sweet memories.


Justin: “Quick! Get up in the tree house!”

Catie: “What about you?”

Justin: “I’ll be right behind you!”

We climb up in the tree house and Justin pulls up the ladder. There’s no way they can get up here now if they should find us. Justin pulls out his phone and texts Dylan, saying that we are in the tree house, and we’ll be back tomorrow.

Justin and I lay there for a couple of minutes before we hear a loud bang from where we parked the car, what the hell happened?


Justin: “I think I might need a new car…”

Catie: “Yup… Me too”

Justin: “Shit! Did you hear that?”

Catie: “hear what?”

Justin: “Shh… They’re coming. Keep quiet!”


I press myself into Justin who wraps his arms around me and caresses my back to make me relax. We can hear them getting closer and closer all the time.


Catie: “Baby?”

Justin: “Yes?”

Catie: “If they find us, I want you to know, that you’re the best thing I’ve ever had. I love you”

Justin: “I love you too baby. With all my heart. And I promise one day you’ll be mine. I’ll buy you a big diamond ring and make you my little Mrs. Bieber “


Everything is just blurry in front of eyes, what’s happening? It’s like, I can’t explain. My hand, it’s wet. What? I look at it, oh my god. There’s blood all over it! What happened? I turn my glare towards Justin. No, no, no, no! This can’t be true!


Catie: “Baby?! Baby wake up! Wake up don’t leave me! It’s going to be alright I promise”


And then, bang! Everything turns black.


Okay everyone, and you can see, I chose to continue the story!
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