Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


7. Roses..

Dylan: “Catie, what are you talking about? Hate who?”
Catie: “Can we just get out of here? Please”

Dylan gets up and we walk out, but Brook stops him and looks at him with her usual don’t ask any stupid questions look. Dylan gets me out of there and out to the car where he’s just about to open the door for me, but I push his hand away, I want to open the door myself. Dylan lifts his hands up beside his face like he’s surrendering; he knows that he shouldn’t mess with me right now. When we get home I rush through the door and run upstairs with tears all over my face but fall on the stair, I don’t even bother to move anywhere so when Dylan enters the house he just runs up beside me to try to get me up off the stairs, but I don’t want to move.


Dylan: “Catie c’mon, you have to get off the stairs”

I’m unable to answer; nothing but sobs escapes my mouth as I cry on the stair. I feel Dylan’s arms around me as he pulls me up and carry me down the stairs. He places me in the couch and gets me a glass of water. He doesn’t ask what happened and why I’m sad, he probably already knows. Dylan has his hands on my knees as he sits in front of me and the front door is opened. A wasted Justin stumbles in with Ashley right behind him and I see Dylan turn his glare towards them.


Justin: “Dylan! Man where did you go? And what’s up with you baby”

Dylan: “Justin maybe you should just leave her right now”
Justin: “No way, it’s my girl and she’s crying! So what’s wrong baby?”


I take the glass of water and throw after Justin while I use my last powers to yell at him



Justin: “Woah, what have I done?”
Catie: “Don’t you act like you don’t know! I saw it with my own eyes Justin!”
Justin: “Saw what baby?”
Catie: “Don’t call me baby! I’m not your baby and I’m not your girl!”


He just stands there and looks at me when the drunk look in his face completely disappears


Justin: “Catie, what are you saying?”

I grab a pillow and throw it after him. My rage is taking over and I push down everything which is on the room table and it falls to the floor, I push chairs and the table itself around and Dylan, Ashley and Justin is just looking at me like I’ve gone crazy.


Justin: “Catie calm down”
Catie: “Shut up Justin!”


The red mark starts to show on his cheek and the warm feeling I have in my hand after slapping Justin leaves shivers down my spine.


Catie: “Don’t you ever tell me to calm down! And don’t you ever talk to me again”


He reaches his hand out for me but I just slap him again. This time when he looks back into my eyes the hazel color is gone and replaced with the dark color. He grabs my arm and pulls me upstairs. Ashley walks over to stand in front of Justin but he just pushes her to the floor not bothering to help her up. Soon enough he pushes me into the bedroom and slams the door shut behind him while he faces the door. I know slapping him the second time was a bad idea, but the rage inside me right now is uncontrollable and if I had a gun he’d probably be dead. He turns around and looks directly into my eyes with a threatening look but he doesn’t scare me.   


Justin: “So tell me Catie, what makes you brave enough to slap me?”

Catie: “I don’t know. Maybe the fact that I just say my boyfriend having sex with my best friend”

Justin: “And that gives you the right to slap me? Without thinking I’ll take revenge?”
Catie: “Then come on .Hit me if you want to, and when you’re done you can go fuck her again”


I suddenly feel a bit threatened as he walks towards me and stop right in front of me


Justin: “Can you repeat that?”
Catie: “Sure baby, hit me if you want to and when you’re done you can go fuck her again”


He looks to the floor like he’s ashamed, but I know that the dark color in his eyes hasn’t disappeared


Catie: “Come on Justin. What are you waiting for? Slap me, beat the crap out of me”



He grabs both of my arms while he stares directly into my eyes as the hazel color returns and a tear escapes from his eye. A few more tears follow the first as they roll down his flawless cheeks. Trust me, seeing him like this hurts, but not half as much as the fact that he cheated on me with Ashley. He lets go of my arms and his own arms fall down to his side, I slowly step a step back away from him as I turn towards my closet to get my bag and pack my things. I am ready to leave.


Justin: “Catie please don’t this. I’m begging you, forgive me”

Complete silence. I won’t talk to him cause I know if I do I’ll just end up forgiving the shit out of him…


Justin: “Catie, please talk to me. Don’t ignore me like that”


I get done packing my things and walk out of the bedroom door. Justin follows me all the way down the stairs talking about he’s sorry and he’s never going to do it again. But one time is just one time too much. As I grab the door handle to the front door, I remember one thing that I forgot. I put my bag on the floor in front of the door and make my way right through the house until I stand in front of Dylan and Ashley who’s busy arguing about Ashley cheating with Justin, I push Dylan aside in a friendly way so I’m standing in front of Ashley.


Catie: “How could you?”
Ashley: “Catie I-“
Catie: “Don’t speak you cheap little bitch”


The red mark on her face seems to surprise her, but I’m not done. I tell Ashley I hope my spit tasted good and if she had forgotten what it tasted like then she was more than welcome to taste it again, and then I spat her in the face and walked back to my things to leave.


Justin: “Catie stay, please!”

Catie: “Get out of my way”
Justin: “No, stay”


I pushed Justin aside and walked out.


When I got home I had nearly forgotten that no one would be home since I was screaming for my mom to come and comfort me. I should’ve listened to Brook and Candice instead of thinking I had everything under control, cause I obviously didn’t. After just relaxing a little for a minute to get my feet back on the ground I carry my bag upstairs and unpack when I hear someone knocking on my door; now who the hell knocks on my door at 02am?


Catie: “The fuck are you doing here?”
Justin: “Catie I’m sorry! Forgive me!”  

I slam the door shut directly in front of him. I’m not forgiving him. I walk upstairs and throw myself in my bed so I can get some sleep, I really need that after what has happened today, you know I really thought that I had found the one, but I guess I’ll have to wait even longer until I find him…


I wake up to the bright shining sun, a beautiful sight. I decide to just quickly get some other clothes than this dress on, so I just put on a pair of sweats and a tank top. When I get downstairs and look out of the kitchen window I realize that Justin’s car is still there; what in the hell? I make my way towards my front door and open it to look around; and just as I thought… We have sort of like a bench right outside and Justin was lying on it. I walk towards the bench and pull Justin off it so he lands on the ground, but he gets right back up and stands in front of me with his hands in his pockets and his head hanging low.


Catie: “Why didn’t you go home last night?”
Justin: “I couldn’t…”
Catie: “Justin go home”
Justin: “Only if you’ll come with me”
Catie: “I won’t”


He lifts his head and reaches his hand out to touch my face, but I move and a tear leaves his eye. It hurts me about as much as it hurts him, cause just as much as I hate him, I love him, but I just can’t do this right now.

Justin: “I’m so sorry Catie”
Catie: “No. I am sorry that I trusted you”
Justin: “Please don’t say that. Not after all we’ve been through”
Catie: “You see that was my thought when I saw you with her last night Justin”
Justin: “I didn’t mean to hurt you”
Catie: “Cause it usually doesn’t hurt people when the one they love cheat on them?”
Justin: “It wasn’t on purpose Catie”
Catie: “That’s what they all say”


And then I turned around and walked back in. I stand in the kitchen looking out the window waiting for Justin to drive away and when he finally does it’s like I’m being relieved. I walk back upstairs to take a shower and relax. The heated water flowing down my body gives me that clean feeling and instantly the picture of Justin having his hands around that day in the shower appears in my mind. The feeling of his arms being around me reappears in my body but I know it’s only imagination. When I get out of the shower I quickly dry myself and put my sweat and my tank top back on. I open the door to the bathroom and I swear I could’ve been dead.


Catie: “JUSTIN! How did you get in here?!”
Justin: “The window was open”
Catie: “That doesn’t give you the right to come in here!”
Justin: “I sorry, I just can’t be without you”
Catie: “Well you have to!”
Justin: “Please forgive me”
Catie: “Get out”


He walks towards me and stare into my eyes as he puts his hands on my waist. He leans his head against mine and our noses are in touch, a slight whisper leaves his mouth and it sounds like he’s saying I’ll wait for you till the day I die. He shouldn’t be waiting for me cause I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to forgive him.


The hours pass by slower than ever now that I don’t have anyone to spend them with. It’s quite boring just being on my own. And I know what you might think, I should call Brook or Candice but all they’re going to be talking about is how they told me to stay away from him and that’s not exactly what I need to here right now. Actually the only I need to here right now is the reason why I should forgive him, cause the bigger part of me is screaming for me to take him back but the other part knows that it would be a mistake if I did. I ordered a pizza for dinner cause I didn’t have the energy to cook anything, so while I eat my pizza in peace and watch ridiculous shows in the TV someone knocks on my door, again. But when I open it the only thing I see is a bunch of roses outside my door. Glued on to the bouquet is a little folded card, I take the card off and open it to see a little hand written letter, but it’s not a handwriting I recognize. The letter goes like this:


Please Catie my love, I know I messed up! Like really messed up, I fucked everything up and I’m so sorry. I understand that you don’t want to talk to me, and I understand if you don’t want to forgive me. But I really would appreciate if you read this anyways. I love you more than words could ever describe, I really do. Saving your life that night was probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I have, or had I don’t know right now, the most amazing and beautiful girlfriend and I regret what I did with all my heart. I want you to know, that when the last rose in this bunch dies, my love for you will dies as well…
I love you Catie
Yours Justin.


I feel the tears pressing against my eyes as I read it for the second time when the last rose in this bunch dies, my love for you dies as well… I don’t want his love for me to die cause to be honest I want him back cause I love him just as much I always have, but I just can’t do it. Our relationship would never be the same cause I probably won’t be able to trust him ever again.


So when I’m lying in my bed and I’m just about to fall asleep, something hits my window. The sound of something hitting my window pierce through my ears about 3 times more and I get up to see what is happening. Right there outside my window is Justin standing while he throws stones at my window waiting for me to open the window.


Catie: “What?”
Justin: “Did you read me letter?”
Catie: “Yes”
Justin: “What do you think about it?”
Catie: “Fine I guess”
Justin: “You’re still being very dismissive to me”
Neighbor: “Be quiet! Someone is asleep!”
Justin: “Sorry miss… Are you going to answer me?”
Catie: “No. I’m going to go to sleep. Now go home”

I close the window and I hear the car drive away as tears once again starts rolling down my cheeks leaving little wet spots on my pillow. Ashley has also been blowing my phone the past two days saying she’s sorry and all types of shit when she knows that I know she’s not sorry for what she did, she’s sorry that I found out about it. Speaking of the devil, Ashley calls. She has been calling me 14 times today, so I decide to pick it up and tell her to stop calling me.


Catie: “Ashley get your ass together and stop fucking calling me!”
Ashley: “But Catie-“
Catie: “No! Just leave me alone god dammit!”

And then I hang up. I really hope she’ll stop now.


So I wake up, no one is outside on my balcony; no car is outside, not any roses outside, nothing. Maybe Justin decided to just wait for me to come all back down to earth and contact him, but I highly doubt it. As the morning and the afternoon pass by and the evening rolls in a car pulls up outside my house and Dylan runs out of it. He almost breaks my front door by knocking so hard and when I open the door he just goes crazy a stumbles around in his sentences 


Catie: “Dylan! Take it easy what’s going on!”
Dylan: “It’s Justin! He’s on the hospital!”
Catie: “WHAT!? Why?”
Dylan: “He ate some, I don’t know what the hell it was, pills! I found him on the floor at home!”
Catie: “Is he okay?!”
Dylan: “An ambulance just took off with him saying his life was in danger!!”


I push Dylan a side and run to his car, I get in on the driver’s seat and start the car but before I get to drive Dylan opens the door and push me across the car to the passenger’s seat. We’re literally driving like death and hell to reach the hospital in time and when we reach it I rush out of the car and run through the whole place to find a doctor who can tell me where Justin is


Catie: “Excuse me can you please help me?”
Doctor: “Depends on with what?”
Catie: “Justin Bieber?”
Doctor: “And you are?”
Catie: “His girlfriend, Catie”
Doctor: “Follow me”


I follow the doctor and we stop in front of a door where he tells me to relax when we get in because Justin’s condition is critical, so he opens the door and I run through the room to crash on my knees in front of the hospital bed breaking into tears. I take his lifeless hand and squeeze it, it’s still warm.


Catie: “Oh Justin baby. I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry baby please wake up!”


Tears are all over my face as they poor down my cheeks and I get back up on legs and cup Justin’s face in my hands. I lean my heard against his and my tears are dripping down in his flawless cheeks. He’s still breathing but he’s unconscious and the doctors still doesn’t know if he’ll survive. I hear Dylan behind me when he opens the door, but he closes it again and stay out of the room.


Catie: “please baby come back. Just open your eyes and everything will be back to normal I promise!”


I just stand there crying and crying while I keep talking to him, cause I’m sure he can hear me he’s just not able to answer me.


Before I know if it hours has passed by and the doctor enter the room to ask me if I want to stay here through the night, or if he should take me home, but I’m not doubting a second that I’m not going anywhere before Justin is awake so he just leaves me with Justin. I gently crawl up in the bed to lie beside Justin, close my eyes and go to sleep.


The sound of Justin’s heartbeat if filling my ears as the picture of Justin covers the inside of my eyelids. He’s beautiful reaching out for me to take me with him to heaven with his beautiful angel wings.


Justin: “Come with me Catie, just take my hand”

Catie: “No Justin, come back here to live me, please”
Justin: “I can’t Catie, you know that”
Catie: “Justin I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault! If I had forgiven you, you’d still be here”
Justin: “Don’t blame yourself Catie”
Catie: “But I love you…”
Justin: “I love you too. And I’ll wait for you in heaven baby, I’ll see you… Someday”


And then he vanishes.


I wake up by the feeling of someone running their hand across my back. I have tears in my eyes after my dream. I open my eyes and tighten my grip around Justin’s waist as his angelic voice fills my ears with a sentence I know way too well

Justin: “Good morning Beautiful”


I lift my head in a rush, and I can’t believe my own eyes; Justin is awake, and he doesn’t seem to be mad at me, luckily!


Catie: “Justin you’re awake! I’m so sorry Justin! It’s because-“


He doesn’t let me finish my sentence before he kisses me, sending a relived feeling through my body


Justin: “It’s okay baby, I love you”
Catie: “I love you too! But what about the roses you gave me? You know?...”
Justin: “Oh them, yeah… Catie, it’s just because”


Oh no…


So! That was chapter 7, I hope you liked it!
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What will happen to catie and Ashley?
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