Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


16. Out of Canada

I woke up by Justin opening the car door and carry me out. I don’t know where we are, and it’s pitch black out her. I’m not sure if I’m sleeping or if I’m awake right now, but I can quietly hear Dylan and Justin talk about how we escaped and how the US police might be searching for us and therefore we can’t go anywhere. No hotels, no stores no anything.

Dylan: “Justin we both know that we can’t escape this…”
Justin: “Shut the fuck up Dylan. Of course we can”
Dylan: “We just kidnapped a prisoner Justin, we can’t escape this! Everyone is looking for us!”
Justin: “Shut the fuck up Dylan! You go out there and bust your own ass if you feel like!”
Dylan: “Like I would bust myself Justin…”
Justin: “Good, then shut the holy fuck up and help me figure how to escape this shit!”


Justin was cursing and swearing all the time. I think he’s mad, and the fact that Dylan is all negative about this doesn’t make this any easier. I feel a hand on my cheek and voice whisper something that I don’t really understand but it sounds like “I’ll never stop fighting for you and me”. It takes a couple of minutes for me to figure out that we’re still in the car, but we are all the same car. No one is left alone. I’m on the back seat sleeping, or halfway sleeping when Justin suddenly wakes me up…

Justin: “Babe, wake up”
Catie: “What? Why?”
Justin: “Just get up”

I do as Justin tells me to and sit up on the backseat while I’m just confused. Justin lies himself down on the back seat and smirk at me. Did he just wake me up so he could sleep himself?!

Catie: “Did you just wake me up so you could get to sleep?”
Justin: “No silly! Get on top of me babe. I want to have you in my arms”

I lie down on top of Justin and he wraps both of his arms around me. I bury my head in his chest and he kisses my hair. Justin slowly falls asleep with me in his arms, but I don’t. I’m afraid that they’ll find us; I mean we’re driving around in somebody else’s car and a Ferrari 458 Italia, so they could easily track us down. Dylan couldn’t sleep either, so when he noticed that I was awake he just looked at me with a kind of scared look. He’s nervous as well, he knows that they could find us if they wanted to, and he knows that they might be looking for us. Every single thought of his can be read in his eyes, the way he looks at me.

Dylan: “I’m sorry we got you into this. I should’ve told Justin not to try to find you after the party, that way you would never be involved in all this. I’m so sorry for everything you’ve been through”
Catie: “Don’t be Dylan. Matter of the fact, I might be in danger with you two, but I feel alive”
Dylan: “Oh come on Catie. You don’t tell me you feel alive with us. We’re dead Justin and I. It’s a miracle that you’re still alive! You’ve been kidnapped and raped, you’ve killed your ex, you been in jail! You’ve been god damn pregnant and you tell me that you feel alive?!”


In some kind of way, Dylan was right. All these bad things happened to me within 3 months. I don’t talk to my parents anymore, not after I found out about that my dad shot Justin’s brother and that my mom knew about it. It’s a good thing that I don’t talk to my parents anymore, they wouldn’t have accepted me and Justin’s relationship and would’ve forbidden me to ever see him again.


I see Dylan fumbling with the radio in the car, when he suddenly gets a signal to nothing else than the news channel in Canada,

Radio: “Breaking news, earlier today two boys broke into a prison in Toronto in Canada and shot several police officers. Some is dead others are only hurt. Our investigators say there is no prisoners missing except for one, the 17 year old Catie Lynn who was arrested 2 weeks ago for homicide. They have left no tracks and therefore we have no idea where they are. We have no identity on the two boys, but we suggest everyone keeps an open for Catie. That was all thank you”

Dylan looked at me with a scared look in his eyes. He’s afraid that they’ll find us. But basically since they have no identity on Justin and Dylan that means they can walk around normally until they have their identities, but I can’t.  

Dylan: “Justin wake the fuck up!”
Justin: “What man?!”
Dylan: “It’s all over the news!”

Justin sit’s up slowly with me on his lap, but he carries me off and get out of the car. He walks up to the hood of the car and punch both of his hands directly down in it, leaving two big marks from where he just planted his hands, and then he gets in the car again and pull me back on his lap.

Justin: “Look, I don’t care. As long as I have Catie with me they could put me in a fucking isolation prison in the motherfucking Bermuda triangle, understood?”
Dylan: “Maybe, but I don’t want to get caught because you don’t care! I have a life to live!”
Justin: “And I don’t?! I have a girlfriend to take care of! I have future kids to take care of Dylan!”
Dylan: “Fuck the future man! We don’t have any future if we don’t do something!”
Catie: “He’s right baby, we have to get out of here”

Justin mostly wants to stay here, where he knows we are safe, where he knows we can hide! But he knows that we have to get out of here if we want to live. Dylan pulls out his phone and call up some guy named Jake. They talk for a while about if he can help us out finding somewhere to stay, and he agrees in letting us stay at his house, only one problem. He lives in California. LA to be exact. Where in the world does Dylan know someone who lives in LA from? Man that kid has connection to every individual in this country.  Dylan doesn’t tell Jake about the fact that him and Justin are the two guys who kidnapped a prisoner earlier, Dylan is afraid Jake wouldn’t let us stay then. When Dylan hang up, the start the car and drive towards nowhere else than LA.


Justin and I are in the backseat hugging each other while I sit on his lap. He brushed his one hand up and down my back in a gentle way, making me relax. Something I only do in his arms. I feel Justin’s hand under my chin as he lifts my head and look me in the eyes. Nothing else happen, it’s like times stops and the only thing I see is Justin, everything else fades to black at this moment. A moment I would be stuck in forever if I could. He pulls my face closer and gently touches my lips with his. I haven’t felt his lips on mine for 2 weeks, so I gently press my lips against his and cup his face in my hands to make sure he won’t pull away. Justin removes his hand from my chin and wraps both arms around my waist as he pulls me closer to me and kisses me even harder. I feel his warm, wet and soft tongue on my bottom lip as it begs for entrance. I slightly slip my tongue out of my mouth to lick his tongue which only results in Justin sticking his tongue in my mouth and French kiss me. His tongue travels around in my mouth while it fights with mine. Justin lifts ma slight bit off his lap and pulls my one leg to the other side of his and put me down. I am now sitting on top of Justin, in a car with one leg on each side of his legs. Justin’s hands slowly travel from my back towards the bottom of my spine where his hands stop and he pulls me closer. I slowly pull out of the kiss, but Justin smacks his lips back on mine as soon as I remove them. I run my fingers through his hair and slowly pull it backwards making him moan a slight bit against my lips as he moves his hands towards my ass. He places his hands in the back pockets of my jeans and tightens his grip on my ass and pull me even closer, if that’s even possible. Justin finally moves his lips from my lips and let me breathe, but continues his kisses down my neck while he slightly let’s his tongue lick my neck once in a while. I let out a quiet moan, thinking Dylan that he let the radio play so he can’t hear us, that would be so awkward!

Catie: “Uugh… Justin…”
Justin: “Shhh babe, we’re not alone remember. Promise you’ll be quiet?”  
Catie: “Mhmm”

He kisses and suck on my neck, making me enjoy his every touch, including his hands on my ass. He start sucking harder on my neck to see if I could keep quiet as he told me to. No words leaves my mouth.

Justin: “Good girl babe”

I feel him getting harder underneath his jeans and he starts pushing his hips up against me. This time he’s the only slightly moaning against my neck. Justin takes his hands out of my back pockets and wraps both arms tightly around my waist. He lifts me a slight bit up, or actually quite a bit off his lap but my weight is still resting on my knees placed on each side of him. He takes his kisses off my neck and buries his face in cleavage. I move my hands from his neck to the back of his head and press his face against my chest throwing my head back, begging for more when Dylan turns off the radio and look back at us

Dylan: “Guys? Are you having sex or getting the fuck out of the car so we can get going?”

Justin puts me back down and kiss me before he turns his glare towards Dylan

Justin: “Do I get to choose or?”
Dylan: “Man you’re gross. Get out! We’re flying in an hour”
Justin: “Flying?!”
Dylan: “Yes, while you were almost having sex I actually ordered flight tickets to LA”
Justin: “Good job man”

Justin got out of the car and opened the trunk on the Ferrari. We left the other car behind, afraid that they could be able to track us down. The trunk was filled with suitcases; they had packed all our clothes so I guess Justin and Dylan knew that we had to run away, like for real. Justin opened a suitcase and pulled out a big hoodie.

Justin: “Put this on babe, I don’t want anyone to recognize you”
Catie: “But what about my passport ?”
Justin: “Got you a fake one. Just in case we had to fly, which we have to”

I just smiled at him. This was so planned. Every single option was considered for us. Dylan and Justin had fake passports as well. Justin’s name on the passport said Daniel Johnson and Dylan’s said Bobby Jules. Mine said Jasmine Amelia Anderson. Luckily the police hadn’t published any pictures of me yet, so I could easily get through the airport. We got on the plane and found our seats. We were sitting on 3 seats right beside each other, close to the window. Justin made me sit in the middle between him and Dylan and Dylan was sitting next to the window. When I had fastened my seat belt, I rested my head on Justin shoulder. He took my hand and kissed it gently. He removed his lips from my hand and locked his fingers with mine as he whispered in my ear

Justin: “It’s going to be alright baby, I promise”
Catie: “I know Justin. I love you”
Justin: “I love you too baby”

His soft lips plants a kiss on my cheek and he tells me to go to sleep.




Justin: “Babe, wake up”

Justin’s soft voice wakes me up when the plane is about to land, but I’m too tired to open my eyes. About 20 more minutes pass by with Justin trying to keep me awake until we’re allowed to walk out of the plane. Justin takes my hand and pulls me up from the seat so Dylan can get out. We haven’t brought any bags into the plane, only the suitcases. Justin notices how tired I am and start carrying me like a little kid. I wrap my legs around his waist and rest my head on his shoulder. Outside the airport is Jake, who’s waiting for us in a car. Jake is handsome - nothing compared to Justin though - but handsome. He has clear blue eyes and pitch black hair, but it doesn’t take me a second to notice the gun he has in his pocket of his hoodie. He’s like them.

Dylan: “Jake, this is Catie, Justin’s girlfriend”
Jake: “Hi I’m Jake. I’ve heard a lot about you”


I smile at Jake and turn my head towards Justin in a questioning way, how could Jake possibly have heard about me? I didn’t know he knew Justin.


Justin: “Jake, long time ago man, how goes?”
Jake: “Everything’s great! I guess things are good with you too?”

Jake nodded towards me and smiled, as Justin’s kissed my cheek and said yes. We got in the car, me and Justin on the backseat of course and Dylan and Jake up front. I felt Justin’s hand on my thigh as he winked at me and a smirk formed on his lips. He moved closer to me and placed his precious plumb lips beside my ear

Justin: “I like backseats baby”

His seductive raspy, hoarse voice filled my ears and made my mind do backflips.

Catie: “Do you have to be so seductive Justin?”
Justin: “That’s my thing baby”

He gently licked my earlobe and repeated his sentence. I turned my head towards him and he pecked my lips quickly. He pulled a little away from me and bit his lip as his hand traveled further up my thigh and the car stopped.

Jake: “We’re here guys”

We got out of the car and stood in front of huge house. Really beautiful, classic house. A quiet ‘wow’ left my lips and Justin wrapped his arms around me from behind. We went inside and the house was even more beautiful. Jake showed us the way to the room he had prepared for us and Dylan’s room was right next to ours. The room was beautiful, there was a big king size bed and it just looked like heaven!

Justin: “Nice place you got here man!”
Jake: “Yeah, it’s nothing much”
Catie: “It must’ve cost you a fortune!”
Jake: “I can afford it. Make yourself comfortable and get some sleep”

With that Jake left the room and I took off my clothes until I was standing only in my underwear. I felt a pair of eyes on me so I turned around to see Justin staring at me with his jaw dropped to the floor. I smiled at him and he closed his mouth. He stood there only in his jeans as he looked me directly in the eyes while he took them off, damn he’s so sexy! Like Jesus Christ!


When he got his jeans off, he started walking towards me only in his boxers. He stopped right in front of me and pushed a piece of hair behind my ear while he strokes his fingers across my cheek and looked at me with eyes filled with love. Usually when Justin sees me in underwear his eyes becomes full of lust, but this time they’re not.  He puts his hands on my hips and pull me into a hug. I bury my face in his chest and I hear his heart pound in calming way. He lifts me up and place me on the bed, he takes place beside me and wrap his arms around me when he suddenly flips us over so he ends up on top of me

Justin: “Everything is going to be alright baby, I promise you”
Catie: “I know baby”
Justin: “I love you baby. I hope you know that!”
Catie: “Did you know that I love you too?”
Justin: “I seem to forget every time you don’t say it”
Catie: “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you”

I kissed Justin in between every ‘I love you’ while he was on top of me. When I was done with my ‘I love you’s Justin lied down on top on me with his head on my chest and feel asleep in no time. My Justin, only mine. I have experienced a lot lately, because of Justin and Dylan. I’ve been living a dangerous life but I like it. I don’t know if we’ll ever return to Stratford again and it’s not something I want to think about. *RING RING* Justin’s phone goes off. It’s lying on the night table beside the bed, I take the phone in my hand look at the caller ID. Pattie.

Catie: “Hey Pattie!”
Pattie: “Oh hey sweetie! Where are you?”
Catie: “I’m in LA…”
Pattie: “WHAT?!”

I had been talking to Pattie last week when she visited me in jail to ask me what the hell I was doing there. She understood why I did it, and she was thankful that I saved her sons life even though it meant that I had to be in jail…

Pattie: “I saw you on the news today… I didn’t doubt a second who kidnapped you”
Catie: “I don’t think anyone who knows Justin would doubt…”
Pattie: “Yeah you’re right. So are you guys alright?”
Catie: “Yes! We’re fine Pattie, thanks for asking”
Pattie: “Now I don’t know about you, but if you chose to stay in LA I might move to LA”
Catie: “I think that’s a great idea Pattie! We could visit you a lot more than if you stayed in Stratford”

She giggles lightly, we say goodbye and she hangs up. I start to miss her, a lot. I know she might be thankful that I saved Justin but I bet she’s disappointed in Justin, for ‘’kidnapping’’ me instead of waiting until I got out of jail…

Justin: “Do you wanna go back?”

Shit! Justin is awake…

Catie: “I didn’t mean to wake you up… And no”
Justin: “Who said I ever fell asleep?”
Catie: “I just thought so…”

Justin got off me and placed himself behind me while he wrapped his arms around me so we were lying in a spoon position. He gently kissed my cheek and told me to go to sleep.

Catie: “But I can’t sleep…”
Justin: “Why baby?”
Catie: “I’m scared”
Justin: “Scared? Of what?”
Catie: “That they’ll find us and take you from me…”
Justin: “I won’t let them baby. I could never leave you alone”
Catie: “Well that’s not you’re decision if the police says something else…”
Justin: “Baby, I’ve been a criminal for 4 years and they haven’t caught me once…”
Catie: “I know bu-“
Justin: “Shh.. Don’t worry baby. You’ll be in my arms all the time. I promise”

I closed my eyes and started thinking about how Justin once sang for me when we were about to sleep. He sings like an angel but he doesn’t sing much… Unfortunately. I still couldn’t seem to fall asleep and if I know Justin he won’t close his eyes until he knows that I’m sleeping and won’t wake up before the sun shines through the window

Catie: “Justin?”
Justin: “Yes baby?”
Catie: “Will you please sing to me?”
Justin: “Sure babe, what do you want me to sing?”
Catie: “U got it bad…”
Justin: “When you feel it in your body you found somebody who,
makes you change your ways like hanging with your crew.
Said you act like you ready but you don’t really know, and everything in your past you wanna let it go.
I’ve been there, done it, fucked around…
After all that, this is what I found…
Nobody wants to be alone, when you’re touched by the words in this song, then baby
U got it, u got it bad
When you’re on the phone, hang up and you call right back
U got it, u got it bad
When you miss a day without your friend
Your whole life’s on track
You know you got it bad, when you’re stuck in the house
You don’t wanna have fun, it’s just all you think about…
U got it bad when you’re out with someone but you keep on thinking ‘bout somebody else
U got it bad…”

With Justin’s angelic voice filling my ears I forget about everything I’ve been through. I feel safe and I feel alive. Justin is the one thing that makes me want to stay awake, rather than sleeping. You know you found happiness when you’ll rather be spending time in reality, than in your own dreams at night…


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