Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


15. Kept his promise

When we walked through the long hall way with prison cells on each side, everybody’s eyes were at me. It made me feel really uncomfortable and I realized how I am without Justin. The police officer opens the cell door to an empty cell, but I don’t want to go in there. Most of all I just want to turn on my heels and run away, run back home to my precious boyfriend and hold him in my arms. Every time I think of him, I think of what he told me before the car left the restaurant:

Justin: “I promise I’ll get you out of there baby. We’ll run away don’t worry”
Catie: “I love you baby, but stop crying. It’s going to be alright I promise”
Justin: “I love you too baby. I promise I’ll get you the hell out of there”

Run away? That won’t before I’m done being inhere. The police officer had told me that I’d be on court tomorrow go get my sentence. I don’t hope the judge will be too hard on me; I did it to protect Justin.


Sleeping on the cell floor was hell, it was cold but I refused to sleep in the bed so when the police man came to get me in morning and take me to court I looked like a mess, but he obviously didn’t care. The doors to the court were opened and Justin wasn’t there which was only good though. I’d never be able to do this with him distracting me.


Judge: “SILENCE! Miss Catie, where is your defender?”
Catie: “I don’t have one”
Judge: “I assume you’ll be defending yourself then?”
Catie: “Yes ma’am”


Hours went by while I tried my hardest to defend myself, but yet still tell the truth. I told the judge why I pushed Andrew out of the tree house, but that I didn’t do it to kill him, cause I didn’t. She seemed to know that I was telling the truth, that I just wanted to protect Justin.


She wasn’t that hard on my though. She gave me 6 months in jail, which is basically nothing compared to that I actually killed a person. Trust me when I say the other people did not agree in me only getting 6 months, but as the judge said:


Judge: “She’s only a girl! And she just tried to protect her boyfriend. Yet, miss Catie you did kill someone, but                   because you are so young, I’ll only give you 6 months of jail.”


I was happy that she only gave me 6 months but I’s would have rather heard her telling me that she’d let me go. The police man once again grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards my cell. He opened the cell door and threw me in there. They’d probably end up hating me in here, cause I don’t belong here. All these people are “real” criminals, I’m not. It was an accident.


I spend ours just doing nothing until a stranger police man opened the door and told me that I had permission to go out and get some air, which was just what I needed. The air was cold but yet fresh against my nostrils when I breathed in heavily. This place was nothing for me, everyone was staring at me and they all had cigarettes in their mouth. Smoke was everywhere and I felt really uncomfortable as a woman walked up to the bench where I was sitting just to hide away and hopefully make people look somewhere else.

Woman: “Who are you tweety?”
Catie: “I think you got the wrong person, my name is not tweety”
Woman: “I know, but do I look like I know your name? So who are you?”
Catie: “I am Mary Lynn”

Now you’re probably thinking, duuh bitch, your name is Catie Lynn! But trust me when I say these people are not supposed to know my name. She offered me a cigarette but quickly took the question back as I rose and brow and gave her the top to toe elevator glare. I had to keep an attitude on inhere; I had to be like Justin.  Though not the sweet and caring Justin, but the cold and harsh Justin, the one person Justin had been since I met him and he changed.

Woman: “If you need anything. Just tell me”
Catie: “I can take care of myself, thank you very much”
Woman: “Says the girl who could fit under my foot…”
Catie: “Yeah, but that’s also the girl who killed a guy, so back off”


She looked at me with a surprised and yet scared look in her eyes, with that she got up and left me alone. She spend a long time talking to the other woman or girls while they turned their heads to look at me every 5 minutes. After a while another girl like me walked into the yard, she looked amazing. She was dressed from top to toe in black and white with her heels on. She looked fabulous and everyone got out of her way as she moved her hands like doors pulling away from each other. She sat on the bench next to me as I prepared myself for another person who wanted to offer me a bunch of shit.

Girl: “Hey girl, I’m Tamara and you?”


Tamara, where had I heard that name before? I don’t know, but I know I have heard it before. Tamara turned her head and looked at the woman who had spoken to me earlier; she was already looking at Tamara, which obviously didn’t please her.

Tamara: “The fuck you looking at?”

She turned her glare away again, and Tamara looked at me. My eyes met her but I didn’t see what I expected, I expected to see a pair of cold of eyes showering me with death glares, threatening me. What I saw was a pair of warm and kind eyes who introduced to a reflection of myself. Me and Tamara were pretty much alike I guess.

Tamara: “What’s your name?”
Catie: “Uhm… Mary Lynn”
Tamara: “Girl stop lying to me. Come with me”

She grabbed me by the hand and we headed to another bench, far away from the other people. We sat down on another bench which was basically hidden away from everyone.

Tamara: “Listen girl, I have the control here, just stick with me and you’ll be alright”
Catie: “Alright…”
Tamara: “I’m not like them, don’t fear me. Now tell me your name, your real name”
Catie: “Catie, my real name is Catie”
Tamara: “Catie? Catie Lynn?”
Catie: “Yes? How do you know my last name?”
Tamara: “He was right; you are beautiful, he’s lucky to have you”
Catie: “What? Who?”
Tamara: “Justin. You are his girlfriend right?”


I was in shock. She knew Justin? And she had talking to him about me?


I asked her how and where she knew Justin from and she told me everything about how Justin and her had met in the middle of a gang fight because she was taken as a hostage and he saved her. He taught her how to live the gang life and she has prepared herself to kill the man who had taken her as a hostage. It all happened a year ago. She killed him and called to police to tell them what had happened and she was still in jail for her crime.  She told me how she had been communicating a little bit with Justin through the year and he had told her about me.

Catie: “I can’t believe you know him?”
Tamara: “Oh I do. Everyone who has been near the gang life knows him. I heard you met his mother?”
Catie: “I did, she’s great”
Tamara: “I bet so. Take care of him Catie, he really loves you”
Catie: “I know, I love him too”


I was lying in my bed; I was starving because I wasn’t hungry when the food was ready because I kept thinking about Justin. I hope he’s alright. The picture of him crashing beside his car on the ground the day I got driven away kept staying there in front of my eyes.
It has been 2 weeks since I got driven away. I talk to Tamara every day, who in some weird ways always manage to have been talking to Justin since she always has some kind of message from him to me. My thoughts was broken when the police officer who arrested me that night opened the cell door to tell me that someone wanted to talk to me. I followed him out the door and he brought me through a door. The door was thick and impossible to break through, but yet the room only had two walls, the last wall was the same kind as the once in the cells, you know, like those usual cartoon cells. He locked the door behind me and left me alone in the room. There was a door on the other side of the side of the cell wall I heard someone on the other side of the door and I faced the floor closing my eyes. The door opened slowly and I felt someone sticking their hands through the spaces between the actual cells and hug me. I felt his lips on my hair, and I knew who it was.

Justin: “Catie! Baby why did you do this! You should be out here living your life”
Catie: “No Justin, I need to be in here, you’re innocent”
Justin: “So how long are you staying here?”
Catie: “Six months…”


Justin cupped my hands in his face and kissed me. Pressed his lips against mine in an almost violent way and licked my lower lips begging me to let his tongue enter my mouth. I do not hesitate giving him access and we start a make out session. When Justin pull out of the kiss and press my head towards his chest, tears start streaming down my face, soon enough tears left Justin’s eyes as well, which only made me cry even more. I would’ve wanted this moment to last forever, but not even 5 minutes went by before the police officer stepped in once again and told Justin that time was up. Justin raised a hand to tell him to wait for a second. Justin’s lips found mine once again and I knew that I’d be missing him even more now.

Justin: “I’ll get you out of here baby, I promise”


He whispered in my ear, kissed my cheek and left out of the door as I broke down in tears and wanted to beg the police man to let him stay. The door was closed and I was escorted to my cell while tears were streaming down my face. I didn’t want Justin to leave; I wanted him to be here with me. Jail wouldn’t be half as hard with him.


Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks passes by while I was dead in track, just lying in my room looking into the wall. Tamara had stepped by a couple of time during the past weeks, just to make sure that I was okay. I had built up a shield to defend myself mentally from the other prisoners and their influence. The police man had gotten me a psychologist as well, because he was concerned about me staring at the wall all day long. The psychologist gave up quickly though, every time she’d try to make me talk I’d just shrug it off and ask her why she was trying when she knew she wouldn’t get me to talk to her.

My thoughts was filled with Justin. His voice, his eyes, his touch, him. I missed him so horribly much. Just as much as I love him, I hate him for making me so weak whenever he’s not here. He’s like my life support. If I didn’t have him I’d probably be doing all kinds of stupid things… Said the girl who’s in jail for killing her ex-boyfriend, by accident… Justin is what keeps me awake in the evenings, but makes me fall asleep at night. He’s the reason why I want to wake up, because I wake up just to see his beautiful face and let his eyes hypnotize once again, like they did the first time. While my thoughts was running through my brain and made everything disappear, the sound of a gun made me come back to real life. There the gun went off again. I heard the alarm going off and saw a bunch of Police men running through the hall, they all had their guns in their hands, ready to shoot whoever was in here. I soon got confused at I heard more guns going off. It sounded like 4 or 5 guns, but one person could impossibly have all of them. A police man sat himself down in front of the cell door to where I was, not 3 seconds after, he was shot. He just lied there while he was whining and probably fighting for his life. Guns were still going off and I was starting to get anxious, but just as I thought that in a couple of seconds everything would be over I heard his voice scream for me.

Catie: “Justin!!!!”

I ran towards the cell wall or whatever it is, to see if I could see Justin anywhere. He ran through the door with a concerned look on his face, which changed when he saw me. He ran over to me and kissed me roughly as he called for Dylan. Dylan showed up with a fire extinguisher, he didn’t even think about hugging me, he just started pounding the fire extinguisher against the lock on the cell door.  It didn’t seem to help and I heard police cars outside, someone had called for help.


He pulled out his gun and starting shooting the lock on the cell door and completely destroyed it. Justin kicked the door open and pulled me out of the cell. He hugged me tightly and lifted me off the ground.

Justin: “I told you I’d get you out of here!”
Dylan: “Guys! Let’s get the fuck out!”

Dylan pointed towards a little thing on the ground and we started running. It was a smoke bomb. It went off and smoke was everywhere. We found a wooden door, but it was locked and I started panicking. Justin pecked med on the lips and kicked the door open with a little help from Dylan. We rushed through the door and ended up outside.

Dylan: “Shit the car is on the other side of the building!”

The sound of a car unlocking when you unlock it from a remote filled my ears as I realized that Justin had a car key in his hand.

Catie: “Where did you get that?”
Justin: “Found it on a table inside”

He pulled his shoulders as if it was no big deal. We made our way towards the car and got in. I was on the back seat with Dylan. We were supposed to drive the car to the other side of the building, then Dylan would get out to get the other car and we’d drive away. We got the car off the parking lot and drove around the police station following the road so no one would expect to be the ones who had just started shooting in a police station to kidnap a prisoner. When we got to the other side of building the police men was closer to the police station than the car was which meant that Dylan had free access to get to the car drive it away. And since the alarm was still off, he could probably leave without them noticing anything.

Justin: “Go man, be careful”
Dylan: “Will be”

Dylan went out of the car and just like I had predicted he got in the car and took off without anyone noticing. I looked at Justin when we had been driving for a couple of minutes and he looked back at me. We started laughing so hard while we drove with Dylan in front of us.

Catie: “I can’t believe you just ‘broke’ into a police station and kidnapped me!”
Justin: “I promised I’d get you out of there!”

We were still laughing like crazy while I was sitting in the back seat. I made my way across in the car to sit on the front seat next to Justin. I quickly kissed him on the cheek and sat back down. I placed my hand on top of his hand which was holding on to the gear. He moved his hand and placed my hand on the gear to put his own hand on top of mine and I started to relax a lot more, and I fell asleep.


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