Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


27. I ned your help Tré

- Gosh, I have the worst head ache in the world. What happened at that wedding party? I looked around in the room I was sitting in, black. I couldn’t see anything. I lifted my hands to my eyes but they were tied up - What the? I had no idea where I was, especially since I couldn’t see anything at all. I didn’t have my wedding dress on but I didn’t feel naked, it was like I was wearing something but I never got the chance to figure out what. Damn this is the second time! Just last time I got kidnapped, I started panicking and as a natural human reaction to not knowing where you are or what you’re doing there, I started screaming. Catie: “Help! Somebody help! Please! Anyone? Somebody help!” I cried my words out in sobs as I realized that no one was going to help. I felt my heart pounding in my chest and in my throat. It felt like I was getting choked in my own breath while I, blind folded, tried to find a way to get the blind folds off and get out of here. I heard a door open and footsteps came closer to me, I got paralyzed and I thought I was going to die when I felt a cold metallic object being pressed against my forehead. - This is it. This is the end. Bye Justin. I got myself together to at least say something before my life would be taken away since I wasn’t doubting a second that this gun was loaded. Catie: “Are you going to take away my life?” I sat there, a gun pointed directly at me and waited for whoever was in front of me to answer. I feel the aura of his presence and I was no longer in doubt, but would he do it? Catie: “Dad… Please answer me…” The silence and time was making too many voices in my head telling me 10.000 different things but mostly that this was the end. The air was thick and hard to breathe, or as it? Maybe it was just my nerves locking down my body and making everything harder than usual. I heard a click from the gun, if it wasn’t loaded before it was now. I was expecting to die any second but instead I felt a hand and a phone against my left ear. The beeping sound of when you call somebody was clear in my ear, the phone was on speaker. I guess so my dad could hear what me and whoever he was calling was talking about. “Hello?” The familiar voice rang through my head but I was too paralyzed to answer. “Hello?” Catie: “DYLAN!” Dylan: “CATIE?! Catie where the fu-“ Justin: “Baby?! Baby are you alright! Where are you baby! I’m sorry it’s my faul-“ Catie: “Justin shut up I’m okay!” Even though my voice was shaking it sounded confident enough to make him believe that I was actually okay. I heard him breathe out in relief which made me relax a little and squeeze my eyes together behind the folds in front if my eyes to prevent the tears from falling. Justin: “Baby? Baby where are you?” Jim: “That enough pretty boy” Justin: “NO DON’T HANG U-“ He hung up. I couldn’t see, but to judge from the sound of the phone being thrown across the room and hit a wall made me pretty sure. Slowly he removed the gun from my head and untied the blond fold. The light in the room was sharp from the sun shining through the window. It took some time for my eyes to adjust only to see the sight of the brunette male figure with the marked cheek bones. My dad. Even though I hate him more than anything I must say, he’s a beautiful man. Both he and my mom are very young to think that they have an 18 year old daughter. His dark hair was messed up and his eyes were dark, deathly. He raised his hand to caress my cheek, but I had to move my face in fear. Jim: “Shhh princess, don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you” My breath got heavy and I felt like I was choked in it. Catie: “Why did you do this dad?” Jim: “Shh baby, don’t worry. Daddy didn’t mean to hurt you, I just wanna protect you” Liar. He was a big fat liar. He did this to take me away from Justin. My dad always told me to stay away from criminal boys and Justin is pretty much a criminal. But he hasn’t committed a crime for long, I don’t even remember. Alright yes, he broke into a prison and shot several police officers but that’s no- Okay that is quite something. Catie: “I need him” Jim: “No princess, he’s bad. Just like his brother was” Uh no he didn’t? He just didn’t mention Justin’s brother. I felt the anger boil up inside me as the urge to slap him raised with it. I tightened my jaw and bit my teeth harshly together leaving no space for air in between my teeth. Catie: “Don’t fucking mention him!” I hissed at him in anger through my gritted teeth. His eyes widened by the tone I was talking to him in and he instantly changed and became a bit more harsh on me. I guess he realized that I’m no longer a little girl. He yelled at me, and I yelled back. That was all that happened until I felt the pain sting through my face. I felt the blood run down my chin from my lip. My dad had been crazy ever since he shot Justin’s brother and I left. He was no longer in the room; he had walked out after punching me in the face and left me spitting blood all over the floor. The pain still stinging in my lip while I desperately tried to find a way to get my hands free so I could run away. I didn’t even care to know where I was, but if I was far away from LA I wouldn’t be surprised. My eyes searched through the room to find something that could help when I saw a knife lying on top of the drawer standing beside me but since I couldn’t get up it wasn’t really for much help. - Think Catie, think. My brain was working on high pressure as I tried to figure out how to get the knife down. I could kick it but that would make too much noise and I’d risk my dad hearing it. It didn’t make it any easier that he could walk through the door anytime possible and kill me. But actually I didn’t care to die. The only thing I could think of was Justin, the boy and the girls at home. How worried they might or might not be. Will Justin find himself another girl or cheat on me in frustration? Anything could happen. I had no way of clear thinking the only I thought of was getting home to my Justin. Panic started hitting me as I realized that I had to get out of here. I heard my dad’s phone ring downstairs and instantly knew that this was my only opportunity to get out. I laid myself down on the floor and stretched my legs up to try to get a hold of the knife with my feet and I don’t know how in the world I managed to but I did it. The knife fell down from the drawer and I pushed it behind me with my feet to grab it with my hand and try to cut the rope off. I winched quietly in pain when I accidently cut my wrist in the attempt to cut off the rope, but I just kept cutting in the rope until it was off and my hands finally were free. Rubbing my wrist carefully, I got up on my legs when I heard footsteps at the staircase down stairs. - Fuck. I was paralyzed for a second but quickly went back to reality as I noticed the window inside the room. Not thinking of the fact that I was only wearing one of my dad’s T-shirts and that I was leaving my dress behind I rushed the window open and jumped out. Luckily we were only on 1st floor in the building so the fall to the streets wasn’t that far. I landed on the ground in the middle of a street - Shit. I’m in fucking NY?! I easily recognized the street, the stores and the buildings around me as I turned around and looked up at the window behind me where my dad was leaning out yelling after me Jim: “CATIE COME BACK HERE!” Without hesitation I turned back around and started running. People turned their heads to look at me, but I mean who wouldn’t? I was only wearing a black T-shirt of my dad’s, had a gash in the lip, probably messy hair and makeup all over my face. To judge from my looks I might as well belong in isolation somewhere in the Bermuda triangle. I ran and ran while I kept turning and looking behind me to make sure my dad wasn’t behind me. Without realizing it, I ran straight into the ghetto of NYC. My body was now officially just always running towards the danger. I stopped dead in my track when I realized where I was and looked around me to see several of the gang members from back when I lived here; damn I was indeed in trouble for just running in on their “territory”. A tall black guy walked towards me, I knew who it was. I “knew” him before I took off to Canada. Tré was one of the highly favored members of the gang Black Gunz. Tré walked towards me, almost smiling but not fully. Tré: “Catie? Is that you?” He asked in a questioning way as his eyes grew wider when he started recognizing me. Catie: “Hey Tré” He started slightly running towards me and pulled me in an embrace when he got up to me. He lifted me off the ground and spun me around. Remember I said I “knew” him? Yeah, well he was one of my best friends. Always got me out of trouble. He placed a hand on each of my shoulder and took a glance at me. I felt my cheeks turn red of embarrassment under his obviously entertained stare. Tré: “Damn girl, where’d you run away from?” Catie: “My dad… Tré I need your help…” Tré: “Sure, whatever you need. But come inside and borrow some clothes” He put his arm around my shoulder and followed me inside the apartment he lived in. I couldn’t believe he still lived here? After all these yea- okay I was gone for about 2 and a half year. He apparently had a girlfriend now, Tamara-Laquisha. I had a hard time spending 5 minutes trying to figure out how to pronouns her name, but I figured it out. She was so nice. Tré: “Baby, go find some clothes for Catie” Tamara-Laquisha: “Sure. Catie come here” I followed her into the room and she handed me a pair of shorts and a white sweatshirt. She told me it was Tré’s shirt though, but that didn’t really matter to me. I went back out to the kitchen where Tré was sitting with a beer in his hand. Not that it was new, it was just good to see him, he hadn’t changed the slightest bit. Catie: “Still with a beer in your hand Tré?” Tré: “Always, you know that” I couldn’t help but laugh at him. So typical. The atmosphere in the apartment was the same as always, safe. I sat down in front of him and he asked what I needed his help for, so I told him. Tré: “You need me to get you across the country so you can home to your husband because your dad kidnapped you? Girl you’re just as fucked up as I remember…” He laughed at me so hard. Not because he thought it was stupid but because I always managed to get in worse trouble that the gang members. I mean I guess it was because my dad was a cop. Tré followed me outside where the rest of the boys from this section of the gang waited. They stopped and looked at me, all of them. Some whistled at me but Tré instantly told them to shut the fuck up unless they wanted to die. It was weird, ever since I mentioned that Justin was my husband, he seemed to tense up and become serious. Tré: “Mike get your fucking eyes off her or I’ll shoot your ratchet ass” Mike: “Chill man! It’s not like her little boyfriend will know” Tré raised a brow a widened his eyes and looked at him with the don’t-be-so-motherfucking-sure-about-that look. He pulled at Mike’s arm and pulled him a little bit away from the rest of the boys, look like he had to get a few things explained. But why? When they came back, Mike instantly apologized for whistling at me. The terror filled his eyes as he looked me in the eyes and looked down to ring on my finger. What was wrong with him? Tré gathered all the boys and told them that they had to get me SAFELY across the country, or they would get killed. They seemed to be up for the challenge and started packing up things right away. Guns, drugs, money, knifes, clothes, everything. We were driving in 3 cars, me and Tré in one and then 6 other boys, 3 in each of the other cars. We had to go right away, the faster we could reach Justin the better. Tré ordered me to get in the car, the backseat of course. I got in the car and looked up at the sky in NYC when Tré stumbled inside the car and waited for one of the other boys to drive. After driving for about an hour I could feel Tré being full of questions, questions he didn’t have the nerve to ask me. Catie: “Why does all the boys seem afraid of me?” Tré: “They’re not afraid of you Catie, they’re afraid of Justin…” Catie: “They know him?” Tré: “Yeah, we were close with the gang his brother was in, the gang he’s in now…” He held a pause and took a deep breath, getting ready to continue Tré: “They know how dangerous he is” Catie: “He’s not that bad…” Tré: “Maybe not to you, but to other gangs he is” I felt the tears pressing in my eyes, not because if the things Tré had said, but because I missed Justin so much. I laid down on the back seat pulling a blanket over me as the tears started falling from me eyes and quiet sobs left my mouth. I felt myself missing Justin even more as I thought about how much I missed him, his kisses, his hands, his voice everything about him. It felt like my heart was gone whenever he was not near me and yes I know what they say; you might think you love them without even doing it. But I know I love him. Tré: “Go to sleep Catie. Sleep tight” I felt my eyes get heavy and my body slowly relaxed as I fell asleep with Justin on my mind. - I’ll see you soon, my love. ____________________________________________________ Catie is about to travel across the country with a gang full of black guys... Justin is just gonna love that. And what about Jim, her dad? Do you think he's done with her yet? Find out in chapter 28. Okay thank you so much for reading! I can't believe this story has almost 2000 reads! unbelievable! Thank you everyone for your amazing comments! ILY! - Me <3
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