Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


29. His embrace

After a couple of days, the boys finally got used to that I was the wife of Justin Bieber. Some of them backed out, actually we were only 4 left. Me, Tré, James and Danny. The rest of the boys who left brought the cars with them so we had only one car, which was probably not so damn good considering the fact that driving across the country was never safe. Many gangs would drive by night and make drive by shooting or steal cars.

It was dark outside. James and Danny were asleep, Tré was driving and I was just sitting and looking out the windows, locking my eyes on the starry sky which sparkled like Justin’s eyes and I suddenly realized that I had almost forgot what his voice sounded like. I couldn’t remember the feeling of his embrace and I forgot what it feels like to look in his eyes. Not that is was a long time ago I had done it, or at least I don’t think so, I mean I don’t know how long my dad kept me unconscious.

As I closed my eyes, the image of Justin appeared inside my mind. His beautiful smile. The thoughts inside my head ran through my mind as I realized tears had started streaming from my eyes and down my face. I must’ve started sobbing cause in the corner of my eye, I notice Tré stopping the car and looking at me.

Tré: “You miss him? Don’t you…”
Catie: “A lot”

I didn’t hesitate with my answer, I couldn’t. I hadn’t seen him for a week and the more I thought of him the more I missed him.

Tré: “We’ll be there sooner than you think”
Catie: “When are we in CA?”
Tré: “By the morning, and then there’ll be about 5 hours more until we’re there”
Catie: “You’re not going to stop and sleep for the night?”
Tré: “No, we have to get you back before he starts driving across the country for you”

He wouldn’t drive across the country to try to find me, would me? Oh wait, he would. It was kind surprising that Tré said “Before he starts driving across the country” since he normally would have started driving the minute he figured I was gone.

Catie: “How do you know he hasn’t already gone?”
Tré: “I talked to Jake earlier because somebody told me he was at Jake’s”

He stopped talking and I was just about to say something when he continued

Tré: “He told me Justin was going crazy so I told him that I had you and was on my back with you”
Catie: “Does Justin know?”
Tré: “No, we agreed in making it a surprise for Justin”

What? A surprise? So I’m just going to walk inside and then Justin will start freaking out and stuff? Oh well.

Danny: “Aye, James… James… JAMES!”
James: “What the fuck man, I’m sleeping…”
Danny: “Not anymore!”
James: “Thanks to you Houdini…”
Tré: “Guys shut up, you’re waking Catie up…”
James: “Yeah?”
Tré: “She needs rest”

True. I hasn’t been sleeping a lot this whole trip and last night I cried myself asleep because I missed Justin. Because I didn’t know if he had missed too, because I didn’t know if he in frustration had been cheating on me again. I was scared.

Scared that he had changed his mind. I let  out a loud sigh before I had even realized it.

Tré: “Oh look at that! You woke her up. Great job…”
Catie: “It’s okay Tré, I was never really asleep”

He shook his head like he could slap me but really didn’t have the energy to do it.

The hours slowly passed by with me either talking to the boys or just looking out the window to find something that I’d recognize, it just never happened.

Catie: “Are we there yet?”
Tré: “Don’t even start Catie…”

I knew Tré was easily annoyed by that question, so I decided to have some fun.

Catie: “Are we there yet?”
Tré: “Catie…”
Catie: “Are…”
Tré: “Don’t say it”
Catie: “We there yet?”

James and Danny burst into laughter because I continued driving Tré crazy. I started laughing myself, the more annoyed Tré got the funnier it was and the more we just laughed at him. I didn’t even notice how long time had passed by until Tré stopped the car in the middle of a road.

James: “Man that was about time!”
Tré: “It was about time you shut the fuck up”

Danny immediately cracked up and laughed uncontrollably. I guess James and Tré insulting each other was pretty normal. I started recognizing the things around town, but Tré drove right passed the street he was supposed to drive down by. I asked him where we were going, since we were obviously not going home. He told me that Jake, Dylan, Ashley, Brook and Candice had taken Justin to restaurant to kind of make him think about something other than me. We drove around in LA to find the restaurant they were in and when we reached it, I felt the butterflies in my stomach. My heart started pounding remarkably and the excitement raised inside me as we entered the restaurant and walked through the little hallway where the desk was. Tré walked into the actual restaurant where the tables were first, to make sure Justin wasn’t looking. He turned back around and waved his hand out to signal me that everything was clear. When I came in my eyes first fell on Justin back. His head was bend down and he was poking in his food with the fork. Jake quickly looked at me and smiled before he returned to keeping Justin entertained.

Jake: “She’ll come back man”
Justin: “What if she’s gone?”
Jake: “I don’t think so man”

He looked at me and winked at me as I took a few steps closer. Justin’s voice was all I heard, it blocked for my thoughts and it felt like time had stopped and everything was happening in slow motion. I stopped a few feet behind Justin’s chair and tried to gain confidence and strength enough to say something. I took a quick look back and Tré, James and Danny was standing a few feet behind me.

Catie: “Justin?”

My voice was low and insecure as I was scared to speak up. I could tell he heard cause he immediately dropped his fork and lifted his head, but didn’t turn around. His head dropped again and he mumbled something that sounded like “Damn I’m hearing voices now…” I got scared that he couldn’t recognize my voice, so I took a step closer. I took one more step closer and once again gained strength to say something

Catie: “Justin?”

He raised his head again and I could almost hear his heart pounding all the way over here

Justin: “Dylan, is she standing behind me. I don’t dare take a look”
Dylan: “I don’t man, just turn around and look”

He slowly turned around on the chair and looked confused everywhere around in the restaurant before his eyes fell on my and stayed where they were. His eyes widened instantly and tears started forming in his eyes.

Justin: “Ca… Catie?”

His voice was a hoarse and low whisper as he said my name, questioning. He must’ve thought he was hallucinating, judging by the look in his eyes. Butterflies was everywhere inside me.

Catie: “Hey baby”

I tried to form a gentle smile on my lips as Justin flew off the chair and ran towards me with tears in his eyes. He wrapped his arms tightly around me and spun my around in the air as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his face further close to my body. His heartbeat was pounding through his chest, I could slightly feel it. He set me back down and kept his hands on my waist as he looked at me with tears in his eyes. A few tears had already left his eyes and was now slowly rolling down his flawless face. I tightened my grip around his neck and pulled his face to mine, connected our lips. I instantly started crying by the feeling of his lips being back on mine. A feeling I had been dying to have.

He pulled out of the kiss and hugged me tightly.

Justin: “I never thought I’d see you again baby”

I kept him close to me until he loosened his grip and kissed my lips softly. Ashley, Brook and Candice came over to me and hugged me tightly. #Teamgrouphug.

In the corner of my eyes I saw Jake and Dylan hugging Justin and I heard Jake say “Surprise man” before Justin pulled out of the hug and looked at him in surprise.

Justin: “You knew about this?!”
Jake: “I planned this”
Justin: “Fuck you. But at least now I understand why the hell you got us the largest table inhere”

Tré poked Justin on the shoulder and Justin turned around and looked at him confusingly

Justin: “And you are?”
Tré: “I’m Tré. I’m sorry about your brother, I was there”
Justin: “It’s fine man, it’s not your fault. But thanks for bringing my wife back”
Tré: “No problem, she’s an old friend of mine”

Tré and Justin shook hands and Tré walked over to say goodbye to me, James and Danny following him right behind him. He left the restaurant with his boys and headed back to NYC.

Justin once again pulled me in his embrace and I felt safe. The only place on earth where I'd always be feeling safe was in is his arms. I had missed him and I was glad I was home, but really I just felt like getting out of here already. A warm feeling spread inside me boy the soft sound of his voice whispering in my ear that he missed me. Oh how much I had missed him too. 

As we were laying in the bed back at home, awake in the middle of the night. We had pulled the curtains aside so we could see the stars through the large window. It was beautiful, but still I couldn’t help but feeling like I wanted to get out of here.

Justin: “You’re thinking baby…”
Catie: “And so?”
Justin: “About what?”
Catie: “I… Just forget about it really”

He turned his head to look at me and send me a confused look and then widened his eyes. I looked away from his eyes, trying to avoid his gaze but it didn’t work so well. He could read my mind. He placed his hand on my cheek and pulled my face back up so my eyes met his. He smiled slightly and kissed me softly, his lips placed right beside my ear as he pulled away from the kiss and held me tighter.

Justin: “Get dressed baby”
Catie: “Justin it’s 2am?!”
Justin: “We’re going somewhere”

Gosh that boy. Who in the world thinks about going somewhere in the middle of the damn night? Especially when I just got home? Justin gets out of the bed an put some jeans and a T-shirt on. He looks at me and starts laughing since I’m still just lying in the bed, trying to sleep. He carries me out of the bed; I have the sheets wrapped around my half naked body. He walks out of the room with me in his arms and went down stairs where he found a piece of paper and a pen.

Justin: “I’m just going to write a little note for Dylan”

He kissed my cheek and wrote a tiny note saying

“Aye man, we’re gone. Don’t know when we come back but don’t ruin anything! - Justin”

He carried me outside and I still had the sheets wrapped around me. I was tired and didn’t really pay attention to what was happening before I realized that I was in the car. Justin got in on the driver’s seat, took my hand and kissed it before he placed in back on the steering wheel, put the key in the ignition and started driving.

Before I knew of it, I was pulled out of the car by Justin who told me to get dressed. He had brought me a pair of skinny jeans and a hoodie of his. I put the clothes on and I didn’t really look fabulous in any kind of way but at least I was wearing clothes. In front of me I saw two huge doors, above was a sign saying LAX, this obviously was the airport. We got in the middle of the airport where Justin told me to just stand still and wait for him to come back, so I did. I slowly saw him disappear in the crowd of people and it felt like ages before he appeared again and took my hand to guide us through the airport.

Since I was tired and just wanted to sleep, I didn’t even realize that we had gone through security and the gate. But I kinda figured out since we were suddenly on the plane and we were ready to take off.

Justin: “Baby? Baby wake up”
Catie: “What?”

I started flickering my tired eyes before I smacked my hands in my face to wake up

Justin: “We’re here”
Catie: “Where?”
Justin: “Paradise baby, paradise” 
So Catie got back to her Justin, Justin has Catie back in his arms and now they're in paradise? But what is paradise? Find out in the next chapter 

Thank you so much for reading! This story is about to read 2000 reads so I'm really happy! 
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- Me<3

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