Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


14. He didn't do it!

My world stood still and so did my thoughts. I was out of breath and couldn’t believe my own ears. Marry me Catie. Lifted my head to look into Justin’s beautiful eyes, filled with sincere love I kissed him and cupped his face in my hands as I started caressing his cheeks with my thumps. Time stood still and I could’ve have sworn that we kissed for a million years but obviously when you’re in shock 20 seconds is a long time. I pulled out of the kiss and Justin sat up the bed with my hands in his while he looked into my eyes, just waiting for me to say something.


Catie: “I had hoped it would be a bit more of a romantic proposal but…-“
Justin: “Then don’t answer. I want everything to be perfect, just wait for it babe”


He kissed me gently and started rubbing his nose against mine. Justin insisted on getting out of the hospital, but the doctors wanted to keep him a little longer just to make sure that he was a 100 percent okay.  Something is bothering Justin, I can tell by the way he seems insecure, like more than normally.


Catie: “What’s wrong baby?”
Justin: “I thought I lost you. I thought you would go back to him”


I sat down beside him and hugged him. A tear left his eyes as I started to remember all the horrible lies Andrew had told Justin. No matter how many times I kissed Justin and told him that it wasn’t true, at some point he just seemed to be unable to forget what was said.


Justin: “He said I’d never father your child baby…”


I couldn’t forget that either. How could be possibly know so much about Justin as he did? How could he know that Justin wanted more than anything to be the father of my children, how could he know that the only thing that has ever meant something to Justin was me, how could he know about Justin’s brother? It just seemed too weird to be true.


Catie: “I know baby, but that’s a lie. You’re the only one who will father my child. I promise”


Even after so long time, I still have to promise Justin everything because he is so afraid to lose me, so afraid that I’ll walk away. He’s always so scared that he can’t give me what I deserve. Sometimes I wonder if he’s ever scared of if I am afraid of him.  More hours pass by with nothing happening except for Justin sleeping because I forced him too. I look out of the window in the hospital room, cars driving and people walking. I see a group of young boys acting all around like they 25 years old, something tells me that their future looks just like Justin’s if they don’t get the hell out of here. It’s second time and Justin is on the hospital, first was - I don’t even want to think about it.

A doctor comes in and I wake Justin up. The doctor says that Justin’s condition is safe and we can go home, so I call Dylan and make him pick up. When we get home Dylan and Justin start talking about some boy who obviously owes them money for drugs he bought from them, may god safe his dear life. I still can’t stop thinking about if Justin ever thinks I’m afraid of him, so I decide to make my way down the stairs and ask him. I feel my nerves tightening up and my heart starts pounding faster.


Catie: “Justin?”
Justin: “Yeah babe what’s up?”
Catie: “Do you think I’m afraid of you?”


He looks at me with his one eyebrow lifted. Is he stupid? He knows what I’m talking about. I lift both of my eyebrows begging him to tell me.


Justin: “Not anymore. But when I first kidnapped you and stuff, yeah I knew you were afraid of me”


A smirk forms on his face showing off his white teeth; it pleases him that I was afraid of him.  It’s Justin’s inner “gangster” that makes him smirk that way. Before he met me he was cold as ice, never had feelings for anyone, and only had sex with girls for the pleasure of it not giving three fucks about their feelings for him. He is so bad. The bad side of him never left and I know that he still cares a gun around everywhere he goes even though he doesn’t work for Nico anymore, now he just works for himself, which kind of works pretty good for him.


Catie: “Good. I just wanted to know, baby”
Justin: “Alright babe. Can I ask you something then?”
Catie: “Sure baby, bring it on”
Justin: “Are you, afraid of me?”


I bend a little down in front him to whisper teasingly in his ear, I know he loves it.


Catie: “Not ever babe”

With that I turn on my heels and walk away as I feel two pairs of eyes on me. I head upstairs to get my bikini and change, just because I feel like going outside and enjoy the sun beside the pool. Now you see, I am confident and I don’t give a fuck about if people stares at me, though I have to admit that Justin’s thoughts was nothing I wanted to know any off when he turned his glare towards me as I came down the stairs only in my bikini. Dylan was looking as well and when his jaw dropped Justin picked up a pillow and hit him with it without even looking at him. Justin licks his lower lip and bites it, I am quite tease. I love teasing him, making him think that he’s going to get something, but then refuse to give it to him.


The sun is shining bright outside, which is perfect. Maybe I can get some tan on my pale body so I won’t have to be crisp white all the time. It doesn’t long before I feel somebody’s hand on my leg and I don’t even have open my eyes to know whose hand it is.


Catie: “Justin, what do you want?”
Justin: “You baby”
Catie: “Doesn’t really fit my schedule right now babe”
Justin: “I know, but you already distracted me honey, I’m leaving until I get what I want”


He moved his hand further up my leg as I feel his breath on my neck. He gently licks my earlobe and kisses my neck as he places his hand at the bottom of my belly right above the bikini. His soft warm kisses shoots through my body, one part of me is begging him to stop but the other part is begging to keep on doing what he does. I bite my lip in pleasure when Justin pulls his lips off my cheek and he notices it.


Justin: “Don’t bite your lips, that my thing”


He places his lips softly on mine, but his lust for me is clear. He licks my lower lip and gently suck it in between his teeth biting is teasingly. He lets go of my lips and stick his tongue in my mouth before I get to do anything. Justin’s kisses are so magical, he’s probably the best kisser in the entire world and oh damn if I enjoy every kiss his perfectly plumb lips are giving me. While Justin’s hand is still on my belly he takes the other hand/arm and slips it behind my back to pull me little closer as he removes his hand from my belly and under my legs. He picks me up bridal style, not pulling out of the kiss and carries me back inside. I could feel Dylan’s eyes on us when he walked in and headed straight towards to bedroom. Justin kicks the door open and kick it close again when he got us inside. He puts me on the bed and crawls up on top of me.


Catie: “I was actually trying to relax Justin”
Justin: “Oh trust me girl, relax is the last thing you’ll be doing the next 2 hours”


TWO HOURS! Hold up, WHAT! Two hours? That’s a fucking long time! Yeah, great choice of words Catie. Justin smacks his lips onto mine as his hands are places right next to face. I lift my arms to place my hands on his back of his strong arms, feeling his muscles. A moan escapes Justin’s lips when I dig my nails into his arm begging for more and then he smirks wide and full of lust.


Justin: “Oh baby, relax. You’ll get what you ask for”


He pulls legs up, one on each side of me so he can remove his hands without falling on top of me. He cups my face in his hands as he starts kissing my neck once again and he removes his hands from my face moving them down to my breasts where he stops his hands from moving. I arch my back to push my breasts further into his hands, why do I always end up like this? Leaving hickeys all over my neck like we’re 14 and moving his one hand from breast down to my belly where he removed it earlier. He moves his hand further down and starts rubbing me. I swear to god this….

Justin: “Like that huh baby?”
Catie: “Yess… uhh”

Justin’s magic keeps me wanting more as I realize the wide smile on his lips against my neck. He knows my weaknesses and with that he licks my earlobe and bites it gently. Justin takes his hand out of my bikini panties and tell me to close my eyes, and keep them closed until he says so and he starts taking off my bikini until I’m lying naked on the bed. I feel Justin’s eyes on me as he studies me; I know this even though I can’t see. I guess Justin must’ve undressed while I wasn’t allowed to see. His warm body is on top of me and kisses me. I keep my eyes closed and wait for permission to open them.


Justin: “Open your eyes baby, and look at me”


I did as he told me to and looked directly into his lustful desiring brown eyes. He cupped my face in his hands once again and kissed me gently after he told me to keep looking in his eyes no matter what, that I’m not allowed to close my eyes. He pulls his face an inch away from mine allowing me look straight into his eyes as he slowly push into me and I start wandering my eyes in pleasure


Justin: “Don’t close your eyes baby! I want to see you when we make love”


Keeping my eyes open was harder than I thought; staring into Justin’s eyes was even harder than that. But I managed to keep my eyes open all the way and Justin did as well.


Justin’s eyes were filled with sincere love as he was lying beside me with his arms wrapped around me.


Justin: “Get dressed baby, I’m taking you somewhere”
Catie: “What should I wear?”
Justin: “Something fancy babe”


Fancy? Last time I heard Justin talking about fancy was never. He wanted me to dress fancy? Where was he taking me? He got out of the bedroom and left me alone so I could ready without him watching me and distracting me all the time. I chose a beige colored dress which was tight and a bit short, so it showed off my legs. By the waist of the dress there was like this little skirt sowed on to it, really pretty. I chose some beige colored heels as well. I applied a bit of makeup just to make my features stand out even more; at last I curled my hair in big wavy, glamorous curls and had my hair cascade down my chest.


I walk down the stairs and Justin turn around and smile when he sees me. He’s wearing black jeans and a white shirt with a bowtie. He has folded the sleeves up on his shirt showing off the lower part of him arm and the tattoos he has on there. Justin grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into a kiss. We got out in the car after leaving Dylan inside.


The car ride was a bit long and the radio blasted all the way which gave me the opportunity to hear Justin sing one more time. His voice was beautiful but I don’t think he knows that. I love it when Justin sings, he so fragile when he does it.


Catie: “Do you play any instruments baby?”
Justin: “Uhm, actually… I do”
Catie: “Oh which ones”
Justin: “I play guitar, piano, drums, trumpet and the cow bell”


I couldn’t help but laugh a little when he mentioned the cow bell. He’s so cute. He could play the cow bell for me if he wanted to. But Justin and instruments were actually never really anything I would’ve thought could be possible. We arrive at this really beautiful restaurant, it’s not so big but it’s beautiful and really romantic. The waiter finds us a table for two in the middle of the restaurant. Justin had already ordered for both of us, when did he get time to do this? We wait for our food while we talk about what has happened the past couple of weeks, and what will happen in the future when our food finally arrives. As Justin takes the first bite of his food the police burst through the door and enter the restaurant with their guns pointed in our direction. I feel my heart pounding and my pulse rise. I start to sweat, what’s happening. I look at Justin and he looks just about as confused as I do.


Police officer: “Justin Drew Bieber get up and put your hands on your head!”
Justin: “The fuck is going on?”
Police officer: “You’re coming with us young man”
Justin: “No way! I’m out with my girlfriend leave me alone”


On the police men heads towards our table and pull Justin off the chair as he bends him over the table and gives him handcuffs on. Justin is struggling to get out of his grip, but he doesn’t let go. He pulls Justin up off the table by his hair.


Police man: “Clock is 18.24pm and you’re arrested for homicide young man”
Catie: “WHAT! Justin?!”
Justin: “I swear I didn’t kill anyone! Let go of me!”


The police man dragged Justin with him while I was paralyzed, did Justin kill another person? No. He had been with me for 3 weeks straight. I got off my chair and ran after them. I busted the door to the restaurant open and headed towards the police officer with tears streaming down my face as the other police man struggled with getting Justin in the car.


Catie: “Please! What is this about?”
Police officer: “Looks like your precious boyfriend killed a boy sweetie”
Catie: “Who? He has been with me for 3 weeks straight! He didn’t do it!”
Police officer: “Who other than Justin would kill someone?”
Catie: “I don’t know, but I know he didn’t do it! So please let him go!”
Police officer: “Sorry we can’t unless somebody steps up and says that they did it”


He got in the car and was just about to drive away when I pulled the car door open and it hit that I didn’t know who was killed.


Catie: “Who is it?”
Police officer: “Who is who?”
Catie: “Whose life do you suspect Justin has taken?”


The police officer starts thinking, like he’s trying to remember the name of the person. I turn my face towards Justin and the police man who is no longer struggling, but just looking at me, trying to figure out what the hell I am doing. And I don’t blame them.


Police officer: “The boy’s name is Andrew. Andrew Jackson”


No. Justin didn’t kill him, I did. But I couldn’t let Justin take the blame, I killed him and I was supposed to get my punishment for doing what I did. But after all, I did it to protect me and Justin, so it was worth it.

Catie: “You can’t arrest Justin! He didn’t do it!”
Police officer: “Who did it then?”


I looked at Justin one more time, which seemed to have heard every single thing that was said. He nervously shook his head, telling me not to say that I did it. But how could I possibly forgive myself if Justin ends up in jail because of me. I’m sorry Justin.


Catie: “Let him go! I did it! I pushed him out of the tree house because he nearly killed Justin!”


The police officer looked at me for a long time, while I heard Justin scream and shout while he struggled saying that it was a lie, that it was him who did it. But the officer saw the sincere look on my face and realized that I did it.

Police officer: “Anderson, let the boy go. He didn’t do it. Turn around miss, you’re coming with us”
Justin: “No! Leave her! Please I’m begging you don’t take her from me”
Police officer: “We have to young man”
Justin: “Please just let me say goodbye to her! Just give me 10 minutes”
Police officer: “Alright, 10 minutes. Not a second more. Starts now”


The police officer let go of my arm and Justin pulled me into a hug and held me tight. Tears starting flowing from his eyes and sorbs left his mouth. He kissed me and the tears on his cheek was being pressed against my face as he slid his tongue in my mouth while he was still crying.

Justin: “I promise I’ll get you out of there baby. We’ll run away don’t worry”
Catie: “I love you baby, but stop crying. It’s going to be alright I promise”
Justin: “I love you too baby. I promise I’ll get you the hell out of there”


He kissed me again, and the 10 minutes were gone before they even started. But when the officer told Justin to let me go, he freaked. He held on to me like never before while he screamed and shouted like a little kid. He didn’t want them to take me. The police officer and three other police men pulled me and Justin in each our direction until I caught Justin’s eyes and his full attention and moved my lips as I was saying let go without any sound. Tears left his eyes when he slowly let go of my hand and fell to the ground in hurt. I struggled out of the officer’s grip and ran towards Justin who was sitting on the ground. I lifted his face and kissed him one more time


Catie: “I love you Justin”

Justin: “I love you too”


And then I ran back to the officer. He didn’t even bother running after me when I struggled out of his grip, maybe he knew I’d run right back. I got in the car on the back seat and turned around to look out of rear window in the car and see Justin slowly get off the ground and walk towards his car with tears streaming down his face. He crashed on the ground again in front of his car with the door halfway open, and the police car drove away…


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