Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


19. Forever

Oh my god. I’m freaking out. Justin just proposed to me, what am I going to do? I’m getting a heart attack.


I just stand there looking down at Justin who still holds the little box with the diamond ring towards me, I’m speechless, I want to say something but I’m choked in my own words. Justin drills his eyes into mine and I can tell he’s getting nervous because I don’t answer. Happiness overwhelms my body and tears start pressing against my eyes as one single tear leaves the outer corner of my right eyes while I gently nod as a reply to Justin’s proposal. Justin takes the ring out of the box and grab my left hand. Still sitting on his knees, he slowly slips the ring onto my ring finger, stands up in front of me and locks his fingers into mine. He lets go of my hands and wraps his arms tightly around my waist as he lifts me up off the ground and spin my around in the air. He keeps kissing my face while he spins me around and when he finally puts me down he cups my face and crashes his lips with mine. His soft lips covers mine and his soft, wet tongue starts begging got entrance to my mouth as he licks my lower lip. I pull closer to Justin and let his tongue slip inside my mouth. Justin slowly pulls out of the kiss and I bite his lower lip as he pulls away from me and a smirk covers his face.

Justin: “Was this romantic enough for you baby?”
Catie: “Justin what are you talking about?”
Justin: “I asked you to marry me at the hospital for the first time, and you said you had expected it to me more romantic, so was this good enough?”
Catie: “Baby, this was more than good enough! I wish I could stop the time and live en this moment”

Justin moved his hands from my face and to my waist as he once again pulled me closer and softly kissed my lips.

Justin: “You’re mine. Forever. I’ll never let you go, ever.”
Catie: “Promise? That I can be yours forever?”
Justin: “I promise”

I stretched my body and kissed Justin’s smooth lips. He took my hand and we walked towards the water. Of course we took our shoes off before we stepped into the sand and carried them in our hands as we walked by the shore and let the water touch our feet every time a wave floated in. About 10 feet away Justin noticed a jetty, so he picked me up bridal style and ran towards it with me.

Catie: “Justin stop running!”
Justin: “Nope”

Chuckled left his lips and I started whimpering and begged him to put me down if he had to run, but that didn’t work out. Justin stopped in front of the jetty and we walked out on it together after he had put me down. By the end of the jetty we sat down with our feet in the water, but Justin pulled my legs across his and pulled me closer to him. I ended up on his lap with his arms wrapped around me. He kissed my hair and mumbled something I wasn’t able to understand. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment of being in my fiancé’s arms. Calling Justin my fiancé feels so right, it feels like that’s what I’ve been living for.

Justin: “Baby?”
Catie: “Yeah?”
Justin: “Are you listening?”
Catie: “I only heard you mumble honey…”
Justin: “I said; I told you I would make you Mrs. Bieber someday”  
Catie: “I know baby, and I love you for that”
Justin: “I love you baby”
Catie: “I love you too baby, I really do!”

After sitting outside on the jetty and looking at the stars for a while, Justin carried me to the car and headed back home, or… Headed back to Jake’s house.

My life has been has been a mess the past 6 months or something like that. I went to a party where this guy became obsessed with me or something, I go to school the next day and he’s outside when school is out. I walk home from Ashley’s place where I see two drug dealers and start running for my life after they notice me. One of them pulls me into a dead end and take me home only to start discussing with his friend about me. I go to a party a couple of days after and the same guy is there. His friend invites to come to their house in the morning before the guy wakes up. I do as he tells me to but the guy freaks out and we end up having sex in his room, then he becomes my boyfriend and a lot of things happen and now we here. Engaged, getting married.


Before I met Justin, my life stood still. Nothing fun or scary ever happened. Nothing nerve-wracking. But after I met Justin, my life has been an adventure, not a fairytale though.


When we get home and open the front door, Ashley runs towards me in a rush with Dylan, Brook, and Jake right behind her. They start talking at the same time and I’m Justin getting confused by all the words and voices everywhere. Justin notices the fact that I’m getting confused and he wraps his arms around me and just kiss me, makes me think about something else. Justin pulls out of the kiss and brushes his nose against mine

Justin (whispering): “ Don’t worry baby”
Catie (whispering): “I won’t”
Justin: “Guys! Shut up!”
Dylan: “Just answer our question man!”
Justin: “What question? All I heard was; blah blah blah”
Brook: “What did she say?! Duuh!?!?!”
Justin: “Oh? So that’s what we’re talking about”

Just as Justin was about to answer their question, Candice ran down the stairs and screamed and shouted like crazy because we were home. She started freaking out and asking Justin the same question as all the others.

Jake: “Candice! Shut up!”
Candice: “Alright! But what did she say?!”
Justin: “Well guys… According to the diamond ring on her finger-“
Ashley: “OH MY GOD SHE SAID YES!!!!”

Ashley started freaking out with the other girls as Justin took my hand and lifted it up in front of them so they could have a look at it. Brook reached out to touch the ring but Ashley stopped her and told her not to touch it, like ever.

Candice: “Oh my god Justin, it’s so beautiful!”
Brook: “Justin, it must’ve cost you a fortune!”
Ashley: “My future husband better buy me something alike that ring!”
Justin: “Girls, chill. I know it’s huge but right now, we need to get some sleep”


I said goodnight to my girls and Justin took me upstairs. We undressed ourselves and Justin walked up to me to carry me in bed. He hovered over me but soon enough lied down on top of me with his full body weight and flipped us over so I was on top.

Justin: “Goodnight baby, I love you. Forever”
Catie: “I love you baby. And I always will”

So guys, chapter 19! I'm sorry for the long wait, I really am! I hope you can forgive me! 
I hope you liked this short little chapter! 

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