Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


11. Feeling stalked

Justin looked at me worried when I hung up, I understand that, cause I am actually quite worried myself. I can’t believe it if Andrew is coming for me. Justin will get insane; he’ll probably kill him or something like that. Justin walks up to me with that curious look on his face, begging me to tell him what’s wrong even though he hasn’t even said a word yet. I’m paralyzed, completely paralyzed. I’m unable to move or speak. It’s like everything is happening in slow motion. Justin stands in front of me with a concerned look in his eyes as I instantly feel his warm hand against my cheek. I lean my face against his cheek as his thumb caresses my cheekbone. His eyes are telling me everything, asking me every question he has in mind.


Catie: “Don’t worry babe. It was nothing”
Justin: “How could you know I’m worried?”
Catie: “I can see it in your eyes”


A gentle smirk forms on his lips while he pulls me into a hug and I bury my face in his chest and breathe in his calming scent. He buries his lips in my hair as he kisses it and tightens his grip around me and lift me a few inches off the floor in the house.


Justin: “Are you going to tell me what Candice said?”
Catie: “No, I don’t want you to start thinking about my problems…”
Justin: “So there is a problem?”
Catie: “No… Yes. Maybe, I don’t know. Just shrug it off and forget about it, please?”

He places his hand under my chin and lift my face up to kiss me as a confirmation to my prayer that he would please just let it go.




I wake up by the sound of footsteps outside the house as I start to feel paranoid. Like something is watching me, or should I say someone. I decide to shrug it off, something I should never have done. I suddenly hear the backdoor open slightly, and yes I know it’s backdoor, cause the front door doesn’t make any noises. As the backdoor is being pushed open slightly I’m just waiting for the footsteps to make gently sounds against the floor, but it never happens. I don’t hear the door close again either, but I do hear the footsteps outside of the house again, as a car pulls away from the house.


Justin opens his eyes in an instant and starts looking around in the room. He turns his glare towards me and looks at me with that gentle touch of concern.


Justin: “Why are you awake?”
Catie: “I don’t know, just woke up… Couldn’t sleep”
Justin: “You’re lying babe”
Catie: “How would you know?”
Justin: “Do I look like someone who wakes up in an instant?”
Catie: “You’ve been awake the whole time?”

He nods and gives me a gentle kiss, yet passionate. He pulls me on top of him and pushes a piece of hair behind my ear as he looks into my eyes with sincere love spread everywhere in his face.


Catie: “Why didn’t you go check who it was then?”
Justin: “I couldn’t leave you here. I can’t protect you up here, and be down there at the same time”

I rest my hair on his chest and listen to his heartbeat. I feel his breath slightly in the back of head and it doesn’t take long before he’s asleep. I can always tell when Justin is asleep, cause his grip always loosens a little and his breath becomes even more calm and constant. He’s not insecure when he sleeps, like he is when he’s awake and I know that Justin always seems so confident, but it’s just an act. In real life, he’s more insecure than anyone I have ever met.




Dylan: “Aw man, which one of you two was outside last night? Making noises and shit”
Justin: “Dylan? We weren’t outside last night, we were in bed”
Dylan: “Someone was outside the house, and don’t tell me you didn’t hear the footsteps”
Justin: “Oh we heard trust me”
Dylan: “Why didn’t you shoot them? I was dying man!”
Justin: “I can’t just shoot people…”
Dylan: “You’ve done it before? Why not again”


Justin and Dylan kept their conversation for at least half an hour, until Dylan asked Justin is he had any idea about who it could be, sneaking around our house. At that I froze, again. It was like I could see Andrew’s figure slowly creeping around outside, searching for me. I started remembering his face, not that I had ever forgotten it, after I met Justin he had started to become unclear to me, like a blurry portrait in my mind of someone who once meant something to me. I start remembering our relationship and how he would always be just a little too overprotective and jealous. I wake up from my trance as Justin places his hands on my shoulders and I realize that he’s standing in front of me


Justin: “babe? Are you listening?”
Catie: “Uhm what?”
Justin: “I said, do you have any idea who it could be?”
Catie: “Who could be?”
Justin: “The creeper outside last night! Are you alright?”
Catie: “No. And yes, I’m fine. Just stuck in my own thoughts”


Justin shakes his head with a smile on his face and he gently laughs at me, and Dylan does quite the same. I know I just lied to him, and I feel bad about it, but I don’t want him to become even more concerned, cause he knows that something is wrong with me and the fact that I won’t tell him, only makes him even more scared and even more curious.


Now I have to do something, to just seem a little normal. I get up and walk towards the fridge as I realize that we don’t have anything I feel like eating right now.


Catie: “I’ll go to get a pizza!”
Justin: “I’ll come with you”
Catie: “No, Justin stay here. I can walk on my own”
Justin: “Yeah right. Let’s go honey”


He wraps my jacket around me takes my hand and open the door and he tells Dylan that we’ll go get a pizza.


When we arrive at the little pizzeria, it doesn’t take Justin a second to find us a table. It’s actually a quite fancy restaurant, but even the waitress seems afraid and affected by Justin as she starts shaking when he looks into her eyes. He smirks when he realizes that she’s afraid of him.

Waitress: “Excuse me sir, what would you like to order?”
Justin: “We’ll just have a margarita pizza, and two glasses of Champaign if you have it”
Waitress: “Aren’t you too young to drink Champaign sir?”


Justin raised a finger and made her bend down so he could whisper something in her ear, only loud enough for both me and her to hear.


Justin: “Listen, you don’t want to question me, just go get me my order”


It’s clear to me that she instantly becomes even more scared of him as all the blood escapes from her face and she becomes deathly pale.


Waitress: “Yes, b-but…”
Justin: “But what?”
Waitress: “I-I’m not a-allowed to serve alcohol to people under the age l-limit…”
Justin: “And how do you know I’m not old enough miss?”
Waitress: “U-uhm…-“
Justin: “Just what I thought”


Once again he makes her bend down, allowing him to whisper in her ear.


Justin: “Now go get me and my girl what we ordered, alright?”


The waitress nods in an insecure gentle way and nearly runs through the restaurant to reappear with to glasses and a bottle of Champaign. She says the pizza will be here in ten minutes, so I guess we’ll have to wait, even though waiting is not really one of Justin’s favorite hobbies. Justin takes my hand as we sit in the restaurant and he starts caressing the top of my hand with his thumb while he looks into my eyes with his honey/caramel colored ones.


The waitress finally appears with our pizza and it looks delicious! Justin takes a knife and a fork and starts slicing the pizza in 8 different pieces. His every move is keeping me hypnotized and when I finally reach out for the other fork and knife, he forbids me to touch it. What? He can’t just do that? He can’t just say that I’m not allowed to eat anything! And just like that, he takes a piece of pizza onto the fork and reaches it towards me.


Justin: “Here baby, eat it”
Catie: “What did you poison it with?”
Justin: “Love…”

I take the piece in my mouth, and it tastes just a delicious as it looks like.


After about an hour Justin makes his way to rest rooms in the restaurant, leaving me alone by the table, when suddenly a slight familiar face speeds through the restaurant and head to the table I’m sitting by. I don’t realize that it’s Ashley before she hugs me, takes a seat on another chair and starts searching around in the restaurant. I think her gaze is searching for the slight familiar sight of my boyfriend, Justin.


Ashley: “Look Catie, I know you might hate me for what I did and stuff bu-“
Catie: “Ashley, I don’t want to talk about this now!”
Ashley: “I know! But please just listen to me!”


She moves her head a bit closer to mine, as if she doesn’t want anyone else to hear what she is about to tell me, which  makes me nervous.


Ashley: “You have to get out of town! Now! Just run Catie”
Catie: “Have you lost your mind? I ain’t going nowhere!”
Ashley: “I lost my mind long time ago! But I’m serious Catie! Get out of here!”
Catie: “Why Ashley? So you can have Justin to yourself?”
Ashley: “No! Take him with you!”
Catie: “What is this about Ashley?”

She looks at me with her scared eyes. But she’s not scared of the fact that something could happen to her, she’s scared for me and Justin. She doesn’t even say his name before I know what she’s about to say, so before she opens her mouth, I interrupt her.


Catie: “No… He’s not here is he?”


She makes an insecure nod and whisper in my ear that he’s searching for me, and the best thing I could do would be to get out of this town and take Justin with me if his life meant something to me and with that, she left and Justin came back just in time to see her leave. Once again Justin started talking about my weird behavior since I was on the phone with Candice, but I just told him that I had been feeling weird lately, so maybe I was becoming sick or something. He didn’t buy it; he made that clear with the look in his eyes.


When Justin and I was done on the restaurant and got out in the car, I felt like someone was following us all the way home, so I kept my gaze in the side mirror on the car just to see if there really was anyone behind us, but to my own luck and confusion, there was no one. When we got home and got upstairs to the bedroom, Justin opened a window since he thought it was really hot in the room. He stripped down to his boxers and I stripped down to just my underwear as well, I didn’t even bother putting my pajamas on so I just placed myself in the bed and pulls the covers over myself. Now greedy me of course had stolen the entire quilt and I wasn’t going to let go when Justin tried to pulls it over himself. Justin knows me better than anyone, which Is probably the reason for why he started tickling me, which instantly made me let go so he could pulls the covers over himself as well and wrap his arms around me as I felt a slight warmth and softness against my lips, and I realized the warmth of softness came from Justin, who had placed his lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck to kiss his cheek and then I buried my head in his chest to go to sleep.




Have you ever had the feeling of someone staring at you while you were asleep? Yes? Alright then, have you ever felt someone touching you while you were asleep, and then you wake up, but no one is there? No? Alright.


The feeling of being stared at while I’m asleep interrupted my dream, and the slight feeling of someone touching my face makes my subconscious wide awake. I can feel and hear everything around me, but I can’t wake up and I can’t speak. The touch on my face doesn’t go away and soon enough I feel someone’s breath on my cheek as well. Not long time passes by before a slight kiss is planted on my cheek.


Familiar voice: “Oh Catie, my love. I knew you’d forget about me, and make somebody else take my place”


His familiar voice and a picture of him appeared in front of my closed eyes, and I woke up. I look around in the room but no one was there. Actually nothing was changed except for the fact that the window was wide open and the curtains were pulled apart.  I shaking Justin to wake him up and when he opens his eyes he instantly sees the fear spread over my face as he asks me what’s wrong and kiss my cheek.  I point towards the window and I can hardly say the words


Catie: “S-s-someone was in-inhere…”


So here it was guys, chapter 11!
Was someone really inside the house, or is it just Catie being paranoid?
What the hell happened to Ashley, forgetting to appologize but just start talking about Catie getting out of town?
And what about the waitress? Will she ever appear again, since she seemed to afraid of Justin, she must know him.

I hope you guys liked that story! And maybe I should tell you guys, that I'll start a new movella soon and I hope you'll check it out! Anyeayus thanks for reading, and don't forget to like and favorite the story
Much love to everyone who has requested this chapter and much love to everyone who has been reading it

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