Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


31. Broken trust and a broken heart.

Catie: "Justin? What the fuck are you doing?!?!"

This is the moment where I had to decide whether I should break his face or rip his fucking head off. I wasn't exactly sure if my eyes were betraying me, or if Justin was. He cheated on me once and I left him but was obviously stupid enough to take him back and marry him.


He lifted his face from the table and the white dusty powder was everywhere. Regret was nowhere to be found in his eyes, only surprise. I had known for a fact that Justin was a drug dealer not that he did drugs. I quickly turned around and ran up the stairs to my room. Me and Justin was still living with Dylan and Jake since all the Money that Justin's grandpa had given us for the wedding, all of  suddenly disappeared, but I think I know where they went now. I quickly locked the door as I heard him run the stairs and scream my name in the middle of his rush. he was out of control, I could tell.

You see me and Justin had had our fight lately. We had been arguing about a ton of stuff, but mostly about the money that was gone and Justin never wanted to tell me where they went. I had been fighting with him a few times where everything had went across the lines. I guessing things started getting real once Justin had his drugs. Sometimes he'd be sweet and amazing, then he'd go for bout an hour and come home and start acting like a stuck up dick. I missed every inch of the Justin I married and hated every inch of the Justin that was about to break through the bedroom door. This would have no end...


Justin: "Catie open the fucking door!"

I didn't respond to him, I was too busy packing up my stuff for no particular reason since I knew that he would never let me go anywhere.

Justin: "CATIE!"


I knew that this was not the time to mess with him. cause he was too wasted on drugs and angry at the same time for this to end good.

Catie: "Leave me alone and go sniff your fucking drugs Justin!"

I regretted saying that the moment it was too late. Cause I knew how much it would push him over the edge, and god knows what he would do to me then..


I froze when he started banging and kicking on the door and looked at how it slowly started breaking and in a matter of seconds he would've broken through it. It was like it happened in slow motion when his hand went straight through the door so he could unlock it and directly in. The long gone black color in his eyes covered the usual caramel, warm color. He walked straight towards me, slowly in a threatening way that made me want to scream as loud as I could and wait for somebody to come my way and safe me; but it never happened.


As he kept tightening his grip on my jaw and I kept wining in pain, I just couldn't help but study his face now that I had the chance, but this right here reminded me of that one time...


 - Justin: “What are you doing in my house?”

Catie: “Trying to be nice to you. But it obviously doesn’t matter what I do, then I’m just a bitch”

Justin: “Don’t talk like that to me! Understand?”

Catie: “I talk to you exactly how I want to”


I instantly felt Justin’s hand hit my cheek as he slapped me. He stands directly in front of me and I lift my hand to feel my cheek, it’s hot and it hurts. A loud ass slap fills the room as I instantly slap him back. His eyes turn completely black, and I just look at him, I am not afraid of him. Justin pushes me against the wall holding a tight grip on both of my arms


Justin: “What the fuck do you think you’re doing you little slut?! Slapping me? Who do you think you are?”
Catie: “You slapped me first, ass hole!”  
Justin: “That doesn’t mean you should slap me! I slap you when I feel like, bitch!”

Catie: “And I slap back you idiot! It’s called defending yourself!”
Justin: “Let’s see if you’ll be able to defend yourself when I literally fuck you up in 2 seconds!”

Catie: “Oh okay! Fuck me that’s what you want to do?!”

Justin looks directly into my eyes as he instantly kisses me as a reaction to what I just said. I wrap my arms around his neck as he lift me up and push me against the wall. Something tells me this will go way too far… -


Justin: "The fuck are you packing up for huh? Where do you think you're going?"

He spoke his words through harshly gritted teeth, and I knew that I had to control  myself before things would end up wrong, if not that was too late..

Catie: "I'm packing to leave you stupid ass! I didn't marry this!"

I let out my hands while dragging them down through the air clearing referring to Justin and his behavior right now.

Catie: "I married sweet and caring Justin, who's always nice and respectful to my decisions, but that is obviously just something I thought you were! Cause you're  freaking psycho Justin and I refuse to live with you doing drugs and acting like you own me!"


Whatever just came out my mouth, certainly did not make things better. I found myself knocked to the floor with blood all over my face, and bruises all over my half naked body. I could barely walk and I didn't remember what had happened. the last thing I remembered was Justin, staring at me like he wanted to kill me. I used all my power to stand up and look at my bruised body. The sight of me looking like this, made me gain strength enough to start packing my things, grab a hoodie and some leggings to wear and then out. I had to get out.


I opened the door to the bedroom I was in and nobody was home, which gave me free access to run away. I snuck through the house and slowly opened the front door before I got out and ran down to the street. I had the hoodie over my head t nobody could see my bruised and ruined face . as I got a cap and made him drive me to the airport I could only go one place now...


As the airplane landed back in Toronto airport, I instantly felt the cold winter air hit my cheeks and got out. I called Ashley and asked her to pick me up at the airport right before the plane took off from LAX, just so I knew I had  place t go.


Ashley had brought both Brook and Candice and they all greeted me with sad faces and open arms. of course I ha told them what happened before I came home so I wouldn't give them a heart attack with my swollen face.


Candice: "Oh honey, your face is all swollen..."

She hugged me tight after she took a look at my face and we went straight to the car.


Brook: "Does Justin know that you're here?"

Concern was all over her voice while I unpacked my things. We had agreed that I should stay at Ashley's house and then Brook and Candice would stay here with us too, just to make sure that I was some sort of safe.


Catie: "Hell no. He would've locked me up and tied me to the bed so I couldn't go.."
Brook: "Good. The less he knows right now, the better"
Candice: "Yeah, when you told me a couple of weeks ago, that you had been fighting a lot, I didn't expect it to be actual fighting!"
Catie: "Don't worry, this is new. He has never done this before.."


I heard my phone ringing and I didn't doubt a second who was calling me.


Brook: "Should I hang up on him?"
Catie: "No.. Give me the phone"


She handed me the phone and with shaky hands, I managed to slide the arrow on my IPhone across the screen to pick up.


Catie: "H-hello?"
Justin: "Where are you? Don't lie."
Catie: "H-home..."
Justin: "You're not home. Cause I'm home and you're not here. Where are you..."
Catie: ".... Stratford...."
Justin: "Thank god.. Baby, come back home. I'm so sor-"
Catie: "Don't you think your apologizes are a little too late? My face is swollen and my heart is broken Justin.. I can't do this..."


I took a look at the ring on my finger and suddenly all the memories appeared in my imagination. The tears pressed against my eyes and I couldn't but sob a little in the middle of Justin's silence


Hesitative to speak the words I felt like I should say, because I was afraid, but in the end I gained strength enough.


Catie: "You can call me when you find out what you want.."
Justin: "Catie baby I want you! I'm sorry"
Catie: "No you're not.. You're sorry that I had the strength to leave.."


Will Justin keep calling?
Will he go much further?
What is going to happen to their marriage now?

And is Catie willing to trust Justin again?

..Find out, in the next chapter..


Okay guys I'm so sorry for the LATE update! You have every right to punch me through the screen! But here you go take some drama, read it and wait for thee next chapter t roll up so you can find out what's gonna happen, cause things are getting dangerous and they're getting closer, too the end.

I love you!

- Me <3


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