Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


32. Black

Three months of crying my eyes out in hurt because of how much I missed the boy I had married. Justin was calling me all the time every day to try to get me back home to America, but the truth is that I wanted to stay here in Canada..

It was so hard, to miss him every day and not be able to answer his calls. The first week I spend here, I had been cutting myself, but Ashley made me stop and told me not to have any contact with Justin, because she thought I should leave him. I just couldn't call him u and tell him that I wanted to leave him, cause I didn't want to. I wanted to be back in his arms, feel his embrace. but it was impossible. He had probably found himself another girlfriend by now and thrown the ring away. Mine? it was still on my finger, when nobody else was watching. Candice and Ashley would always have their eyes on me, so I kept the ring in a drawer beside my bed and took it out to look at it every night before I'd drift to sleep and drown in my own tears and sweet dreams about Justin.


Ashley: "Honey there is a party tonight, we should go there"
Catie: "I don't feel like partying..."
Ashley: "You never do. But you don't have an option! You've been crying for too long!"


She was right... maybe a party would be good for me, you know just to have a little fun and forget about Justin and his abuse for once.

I knew that he had only hit me like that once. but it was obviously enough to make Ashley obsessed with the thought that I was never going to spend my time on him ever again, she kept acting like she was my mom, telling me what is best for me when she obviously doesn't know.

For the party I chose to actually make myself look like I was never even hurt by Justin or anyone else, so I made big wavy curls for my long hair, a jet black cat eye-liner, nude lips. for my outfit I was wearing a short, tight, white dress which showed my curves perfectly and of course I paired it with my trusty cream colored stilettos, they never fail to complete a look. When we arrived at the party everybody was drunk. A strong smell f vodka filled my nostrils when I stepped inside. Brook and Candice was already here and they were partying hard. Ashley had already told me about her plan for tonight, it went like this; get drunk and do stupid things you'll regret tomorrow, end. But since I didn't drink, I was going to stay out of that plan and keep myself some sort of sober.


Brook: "Catie.. Catie? Catie who are you looking at?"
Catie: "What?"
Brook: "Who are you looking at?"
Catie: "I could've sworn that I saw... Never mind"


I could've sworn that I say Justin right then and there, but what would he be doing back here en Stratford when his "business" was obviously doing great back in LA. I sat myself back on a couch, cause my head was too full to have any fun and my heart was too heavy to carry. I was still devastated...


Candice: "Caaaaaatie!"


Candice came tumbling towards me with a bottle of vodka in her hand. She tried talking in her drunk condition but obviously vodka paralyzes every single thing inside your body, cause she couldn't even walk or talk, here or see.


Catie: "What's wrong now Candice?"
Candice: "Nothiing! C'mon girl, get up have some fun!"
Catie: "I'm not in the mood for fun..."
Candice: "Here, take a sip"


She handed me the vodka and I knew I shouldn't do it cause I had never been drunk before, but didn't want to sit back like a party crasher either and if the drunken result of a bottle of vodka could make some of the pain in my aching heart go away? Then why not?..

In an instant I had emptied the bottle of vodka and within minutes my head was spinning like crazy. It felt like my head was full of dynamite, but still everything felt so easy so I had a drink more, and one more... And suddenly I had a lot more and no idea what I was doing. Throwing my body around to the beat of a song and I felt someone place their hands on my hips and pulled me closer. I must've gotten their attention with my drunk ass sexy dance moves, or maybe not. He started whispering things in my ear, but I was too drunk to understand what he was saying an honestly I didn't care cause I felt so amazing and relieved. His hand slid up my leg and up under my dress and he bit my earlobe and whispered something I heard clearly on top of my drunk actions.


Boy: "Come with me, let me show you something"


Stupid as I was. I turned around  and took his hand, made him take me wherever he wanted to. For some reason, the alcohol pumping in my veins made me really horny, so of course that part of me was hoping that he'd take me to a bed. He opened the front door to the house and walked out, I gladly followed him. It was like I trusted every body, no matter who they were which is something I would normally never do.

I looked around me and all I saw was the darkness that was slowly consuming us along with the trees. There was a huge lack of light, only the moon was lighting the place up a little bit. I couldn't really see all clearly, but to judge from what I could see was he very beautiful. Almost like..

I sighed to myself by the thought of Justin when the boy suddenly stopped and turned around to look at me. I wrapped my arms around him for no particular reason and then it happened, he kissed me. His aura was like Justin's, dangerous and I loved it more than anything. He wrapped his arms around me and grabbed my ass, but not too long had passed by before I felt lips on my neck and my shoulder. A pair of hands sliding up my legs and a pair grabbing my boobs eagerly. I pulled away from the kiss and freaked out. I had no way to escape, it was three boys against me so let's just say that I had already lost this fight. They looked at me with blood filled in their eyes, not literally but like they wanted to kill me, like they were eager to see my blood flood beneath their feet.


Boy: "Relax princess.. It only going to hurt a little"


I felt a pain in the back of my head and in the next second I was on the ground. I started screaming, so one of the boys lifted my up and covered my mouth. I could barely breathe from the pain that kept stinging and burning through my body. They had cut my dress up, hit me and kicked me so my body was all bruised again. he threw me on the cold ground and I kept laying there in my underwear. They had take one of my shoes off me and hit me with it. so I was only wearing one shoe. I felt everything that happened, it was like the shock had made me sober, but I was too weak to fight back. One of the boys grabbed my hair and pulled me back. Again I started screaming, but it was like no one could hear, like I was alone in the world. Again he covered my mouth while the other boy would beat me up. It was such a pain, you'll never understand hoe much it hurt. I felt like I had only one thing left to do, even though it might wouldn't help, but I had to try.

I bit his hand until he was bleeding and he'd let go of my mouth, which gave me about 5 seconds, to call his name out...


Catie: "JUSTIN!!!!"


I called his name, knowing that he was nowhere near, but hoping that maybe someone would hear and recognize my voice. I got kicked to the ground and they kept kicking me from there, it was like everything went in slow motion as everything became blurry. I heard gun shots and closed my eyes cause I was sure that I was the one that had died since the pain suddenly stopped. Everything was about to turn completely black as my sight increased when I felt two arms tightly around me, lifting me u, moving me away from the crime scene of where I must've lost my life. In a weird kind of way, I wasn't afraid that I was dead, cause the arms of the one that was carrying me, was strong and protective, I felt safe so I knew it was real and I was alive. But I knew that I was too weak to keep myself awake. Afraid that I would end up dying, I whispered the words, just to say them for maybe the last time, even though he couldn't hear me.


Catie: "I love you Justin.."


I heard a quiet mumble before my eyes closed and everything went black.


What happened to Catie?
What was the mumble she heard?
Who fired the gun shots?
But most importantly...

Who saved her life?

Find out in the next chapter...


So here you go guys, another chapter! I think you deserve it since I haven't been updating for months! I hope you liked that chapter and I hope you guys enjoy the drama that are suddenly in this story!


I've got a little announcement, for those of you who are also reading 'Faling for you'. That story is coming to its end, and when that is finished I have something FRESH AND NEW for you guys!

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