Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


4. Bang..

Nico makes his way towards me and it feels like my heart is stuck in my throat! What’s going to happen? What is he going to do with me? Hit me? Shoot me? Torture me? Rape me? Oh please not the last one! Please! Nico is now standing directly in front of me, he’s Italian I think, greenish eyes and sun kissed skin, all black hair. He’s actually quite handsome, but still, he’s much older than me, he’s like 28 or something and I’m 17.


Nico: “So Catie, what kind of fun should we have?”

Catie: “Well… You could hand me that gun and I could shoot you”

Nico: “I love your sense of humor Catie… But I meant something fun for me”

Catie: “You can shoot yourself if you feel like?”

Nico: “Well I don’t. But I do feel like having sex”

Catie: “Really? Then go out and find someone to pay for it…”

Nico: “You see Catie, I meant with you”

Catie: “You see Nico, that won’t happen”


I should never have said that. Nico grabbed my waist and I couldn’t do anything since my hands were tied together. When he lifts me off the ground I start kicking. I don’t have any tactic and I don’t where I am kicking I just kick everywhere I possibly can, but Nico is much stronger than me and puts me on a table. He holds me down so I can’t move anything. He pulls me off the table turns me around so my front of facing the table, as he pushes me down to bend over the table and puts my head on it. Basically it feels like being arrested by the police like when you see it in movies, but I doubt that what he has in mind.

Catie: “Let me the fuck go you sick ass bastard!”

Nico: “Oh well, not a language for a lady, do you think?”

Catie: “I am no lady you son of a bitch! Let me go!”

Nico: “Trust I’ll let go. Of myself. Inside you”


Excuse me?! Is this bitch trying to get me pregnant or what the hell?

I still can’t move. Nico is halfway bend over me holding my head and my body down. He now uses his free hand to pull down my pants, but I kick backwards and hit his leg. He gets angry and places his legs in some sort of lock around mine so I can’t move them either. Again he starts pulling my pants off, but I just won’t stay still. I twist myself around though without luck and soon enough I’m not wearing any pants. He’s going to pay for this. I hear him opening the zipper of his own jeans and tears start pressing against my eyes. I try to shrug the feeling of but before I know of it he pushes himself into me in a hard movement. The tears start flowing from my eyes. Right now in this second, I am being raped and I can’t do anything. Not a single sound escapes my mouth while Nico rapes me; it’s too much of a shock for me to react.

Only about 2 minutes later, the one thing I feared way too much happens. Nico reaches his climax and let’s go inside of me. The feeling is uncomfortable, knowing that I might be pregnant with his child, right now. He crashes on top of me; he probably enjoyed raping me… Son of a bitch.


Nico: “Now stop crying Catie, I know you liked it”


Every word is spoken through his nasty gritted teeth, which I most of all just want to punch the hell out of his face.


Catie: “I’ll kill you Nico. I promise”

Nico: “You can’t baby. I’m too much for you to kill”

Catie: “Watch me.”


Tears still flowing from my eyes as he pulls his nasty ass dick out me. I have this certain urge to kill right now. When he let’s go of me, he probably knows I am not strong enough to hurt him. I just crash down beside the table crying my eyes out. Nico disappears through the door and locks it; I am alone in this room. When I get myself together, I start searching for a way to get out, but all the windows are secured and the door is too hard for me to break. Panic starts hitting me as I realize I am stuck here and I can’t get out because the only way out is the door. Wait? Maybe there is an extra key somewhere in the room? I start searching everywhere in the room to find that key, even if it’s not there I just imagine it is. Every inch of the room is searched through within 2 hours but there is no key to be found. What Justin doesn’t find me? Oh my precious Justin, how to I tell him about Nico raping me?

Speaking of the devil, Nico comes in just to tell me that he’s going for a ride and let me know that I try to escape I should remember that all his men is still here. Damn it. No other choice than to stay.


By now, Nico has been gone for about an hour and I’m starting to get anxious. I need to get out; this room is giving me claustrophobia… In this moment I hear someone breaking through the door downstairs, whoever it is start’s shooting everywhere. Not a word is spoken; everything I hear is the gun shooting.

Soon enough the shooting stops. I hear someone running and someone walking a slight bit behind him. Once again the gun fires and a man scream, its fuckface, I’m sure of that. Fuckface starts whimpering and screaming and shouting for mercy as a slightly familiar voice starts talking.


Justin: “WHERE IS SHE?!”

Fuckface: “I don’t know!”


And Justin punches him in the face. He starts whimpering again.


Justin: “WHERE IS SHE?!”
Fuckface: “I don’t know I swear!”


Punches him again. I hear fuckface whimpering and almost crying as he begs for mercy.


Justin: “I’ll you for the last time; where is she!”



Justin loads the gun and pulls the trigger, but fuckface is still screaming. He didn’t shoot him.


Justin: “If don’t tell me where the fuck she is, I’ll hit your face next time!”

Fuckface: “Please don’t shoot me!”

Justin: “Then tell me where she is god dammit!”

Fuckface: “I don’t know!”


This is where I realize I have to do something; I can’t have Justin shooting him.


Catie: “JUSTIN!”

Justin: “Catie?!”

Catie: “Justin I’m up here!”

Fuckface: “I told you I didn’t know”

Justin: “Shut up! Where up here?”

Catie: “Upstairs!”

Justin: “Where upstairs?”

Catie: “I don’t know!”


I hear the gun again, Justin probably shot him in the leg since he’s still just screaming and shouting like a little baby. I hear footsteps on the stair and the next thing I hear is door getting kicked up, then another door, and another and one more. How many doors are there?

Finally Justin starts kicking the door open to the room I sit in. He makes a hole in the door so he can walk through it, he sees me sitting there on the floor and runs towards me. He crashes on the floor next to me hugging me, holding me tight.


Justin: “I thought I lost you!”

Catie: “Never. I am alright”

Justin: “No you’re not!”



Justin: “There is something about the smell in here. Something happened.”

Catie: “Justin I am alri-“

Nico: Well, well, well look who we have here. Justin, you shot all my men, I guess”

Justin: “You…”


Justin gets up making sure that I’ll stay on the floor. Something tells me this is going to be ugly, like really ugly. The dark color has returned to Justin’s eyes and to be honest, the dangerously threatening color his eyes have right now would make any dark color look completely white. He’s not just angry, or mad; He’s furious. His aura is ready to kill and everything else inside him is as well.


Justin starts running towards Nico as be bends over a little bit. It gives him full access to wrap his arms around Nico’s waist and push him into the wall, leaving quite a hole. Justin pulls away from Nico as he punches him directly in the face which makes Nico’s head fly backwards bumping into the wall. Justin grabs Nico’s shirt and throws him away from the wall and through the room, he ends up on the floor and couple of feet in front of me. Justin walks towards him and stands beside him and he starts kicking his ribs, to make sure they break I guess; that’s what I would do. He now sits down on top of Nico holding on to his shirt again as he pulls him a couple of inches of the floor to bang him directly down so he hits the floor hardly right away. He does this a couple of times before he starts punching his face like crazy again. Justin stops punching him and puts both of his hands around Nico’s throat to choke him.


Justin: “Don’t you motherfucking ever touch her again! Do you hear me?”


I have never seen Justin like this, and I am sure he would’ve killed him if Nico hadn’t swung his legs up to wrap them around Justin and push him to the floor. Position switched. Now Nico is on top smashing his fists into Justin’s face and just like Justin did he starts choking him. Justin turns his face to look at me, he has blood everywhere and he moves his lips like he’s trying to say “I love you”. I can’t just let him die like that, I start panicking as anger rises inside of me. I get up on my feet and look around in the room. It feels like I’m standing there for years but it’s actually only a couple of seconds before I notice a lamp on the night table. I run towards it to grab it and run back to Justin. I stand behind Nico and neither him or has seen me yet. I pull the lamp over my one shoulder as I swing it directly towards Nico and hit him by his temple on the left side of his nasty face. He passes out and lands on the floor.


Justin: “Good swing baby”

Catie: “Is he dead?”

Justin: “I hope so!”

Catie: “I don’t…”

Justin: “WHY?!”

Catie: “Because I want to see his eyes filled with fear when I kill him…”


Justin’s eyes are wide open and he looks quite surprised. I help Justin up and Nico pulls his legs closer to himself. He turns around to lie on the back and look up at me and Justin. He quickly turns his glare towards the wall as he pulls himself across the floor and reaches the wall so he can lean against it. Justin pulls out his gun and points it towards him, but I tell him to put it away. I take the gun from Justin and walk towards Nico who just sits there and look scared with blood and bruises all over his face.


Nico: “Please, Catie. Mercy. Don’t kill me. “


Tears start pressing against my eyes, and he notices so he uses my weakness against me.


Nico: “Please Catie, do you really want to a murderer like your boyfriend? Like your father?”

Catie: “No…”

Nico: “Then put the gun away and leave me here…”

Catie: “Never”


A couple of seconds pass by before Justin put his hand on shoulder, telling me to let him live his miserable life as it is, but I tell him no and Nico’s face returns to look scared.

I stare into his eyes for a second and think about how he raped me earlier. How I might be pregnant with his child, and how I might have to give birth to a little boy or girl who might look like him. No way, that selfish motherfucker dies today. I load the gun and…





He just sits there against the wall with a bullet through his head. Dead.


Catie: “Selfish rapist motherfucker”


I and Justin head to the car and as usual he opens the door for me and let me get in before he gets in himself. As soon as he gets in a tear roll down my cheek and Justin removes it with his thump. He places his hand on my cheek and I lean my cheek against his hand, it’s warm, but there is still blood on it; gross.


We make our way home and as soon as Justin opens the door Ashley runs towards me and secure me in her arms. She’s clearly afraid someone hurt me, but what she doesn’t know, can’t hurt her. Justin heads to the bathroom to clean his face and he comes out looking just as damn good as always. Dylan is also by my side now, it’s like one giant group hug but Justin is missing.


Justin: “Guys, give her some space, she’s probably exhausted…”

Catie: “No Justin it’s okay… I just happy to be home!”

Ashley: “No Justin is right! You two should go get some sleep!”


Me and Justin head to his- I mean our room! Justin looks at me; he knows something is wrong, he knows I’m worried about something. But how will he react to the fact that Nico raped me?


Justin: “Baby, something is wrong. Tell me”

Catie: “But I don’t know how you will react to it…”

Justin: “Just tell me”

Catie: “Justin I… Nico raped me…”

Justin: “He what?”

Catie: “I am sorry Justin I couldn’t do anything I swear! Please forgive me Justin!”

Justin: “Baby, I am not mad at you”


Justin walks towards me and puts his arms around me as tears starts flowing from my eyes. He kisses my hair and removes my tears from my face. He asks me if I know anything about if I am pregnant, I tell him no but I think the chances are quite big… I can tell by the face expression Justin has, that he’s scared that I’m pregnant…

Justin: “Babe, if you’re pregnant, we have to do something, cause uhm, I’m against abortions”


He’s against abortions?! So if I’m pregnant I’ll have to give birth to this, thing? No way! I tell Justin that we have to go the doctor tomorrow to see if I’m pregnant and then ask if there is anything we can do about if I am, Justin agrees in my idea and we go to sleep. Though a second before I fall sleep I hear something I have never ever heard before; Justin is basically lying behind me with his arms wrapped around me singing; oh I’m into you. And girl, no one else would do. Cause with every kiss and every hug, you make me fall in love and now I, know I can’t be the only one, I bet it’s hearts all the only the world tonight, with the love of their life who feel, what I feel when I’m. With you, with you, with you, with you, with you.

I only stay awake long enough to realize that it’s Chris Brown with you he’s singing. And to be honest, he actually sings really good.


Okay everyone this was the 4th chapter, and i decided to keep writing on the story, cause I actually don't want it to end here, not now! So make sure to stay tuned and read the next chapter! I am very sorry that this chapter was so short, please don't hate me for that!
But now what? is Catie with Nico's child? And if she is, what do they do now that Justin announced that he is against abortions? Something tells me that chapter 5 will be one big piece of drama and exitement!
I love you guys, I really appreciate all your love to the story! Remember I am continueing it only for you guys!
- Me <3

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