Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


8. Back together..

Justin places his mouth right next to my ear and I hear his calmed breath as he tightens his grip on my hand


Justin: “Because the last rose in the bouquet is made of plastic…”


I can’t help it, I just smile. I can’t believe he pranked me like that, but it’s still sweet!


Catie: “Why did you make me think that you’d stop loving me when the last rose dies?”
Justin: “To see if you’d forgive me and since you didn’t…”
Catie: “You tried to commit suicide…”
Justin: “Yeah, I wasn’t able to live without you”
Catie: “I never left you Justin”
Justin: “No, but you wanted to…”

He’s right. I did consider leaving him, but only because I was so filled with hatred. I wonder where Ashley and Dylan are. Wonder if they figured things out or if they don’t talk. I get out of the hospital bed; it’s so uncomfortable to lie in. I walk towards to window to look out and see Stratford. When I first came to this place, I thought I’d never fit in or become happy. But now I have found the perfect boyfriend, yes he’s messed up and he screwed things up a little, okay a lot! But I still love him and I can’t leave him. The sound of someone getting out if the hospital bed and the feeling of having two strong arms around me makes me feel happy. A gentle kiss on my cheek and I lift my arms up to place hands on Justin’s arms which he has wrapped around my chest and my shoulder.


Justin: “I love you Catie”
Catie: “I love you more Justin”
Justin: “Impossible”
Catie: “The impossible made possible sweet heart”
Justin: “No baby, it will never be possible”
Catie: “Why?”
Justin: “I have never been loved before, you have. That’s why”
Catie: “So because I have been loved before you love me more?”
Justin: “Yeah basically”
Catie: “Justin that’s stupid”
Justin: “No, I never knew I could be loved by anyone before I met you! I love you, for loving me”


He loves me for loving him? Oh dear, he’s a lot more messed up than I thought! How can he believe that no one would ever be capable of loving him? I am, I love him every day of my life and I have done since the first time I met him.


As me and Justin stand there just looking out if the window a doctor comes in and tells us that Justin is out of danger and we can go home, but of course Dylan had to take the car home so we have to take the bus. It’s not that bad though, the bus stop isn’t far away from the house.

We get out to the bus stop and a couple of minutes later the bus arrives. I have actually never traveled by bus in Stratford. When Justin and I enter the bus people are looking at us, they know Justin from the rumors in the town and you can see that some of them becomes uncomfortable by Justin’s presence, but he doesn’t really seem to notice. We find a seat in the back of the bus; people are still turning their heads to look at Justin and me. I don’t feel so good about this, but as soon as Justin lifts his head and look in the other passengers’ directions they immediately turn their heads. 


Catie: “Justin everyone was staring at us when we walked in…”

Justin: “I know baby, that’s what it’s to be with me. People are always turning heads”
Catie: “Because of your reputation?”
Justin: “I guess so…”


But really? How afraid can people be of a drug dealer? How dangerous can he be? I mean yes, I’ve seen him with a gun, but only once in my life! And he was using it to protect me, I mean; he’s not a murderer is he? The question won’t leave my mind, has he ever killed someone? I have, Nico but people don’t turn their heads to look at me and people aren’t scared of me. I just need to find out, but I don’t dare asking him. I am afraid to start a fight between us, so I’ll just wait for it to be the right time. Time passes by quite fast, before I know of it we’re home and we leave the bus to cross the road and enter the house.


As soon as we enter the house the only I hear is Ashley screaming and shouting while she throws things around, I actually think she just broke a vase. Justin lets go of my hand and run upstairs to Dylan and Ashley’s room where he slams the door open and run inside. The only thing I hear is Ashley screaming and shouting for Justin to put her down and then he comes out of the room carrying her. He places her on the stairs and holds her head between his hands, while he yells at her.


Justin: “Are you out of your fucking mind?”


All she does is just to cry and cry, but why is she crying?


Justin: “Answer me! Are you out of your fucking mind? You can’t just do that!”
Ashley: “But he blames me Justin! It’s your fault!”
Justin: “How is it my fault?!”
Ashley: “Cause he’s not like you!”
Justin: “What the fuck are you talking about?”


Ashley takes her eyes away from Justin’s and look directly at me. Tears start flowing in her eyes and she moves Justin’s hands from her face and walk towards me. I have to control myself not to slap her silly face when he stands directly in front of me and gently runs her fingers across my cheek.


Ashley: “You Catie. It’s your fault…”
Catie: “Yeah right, sure it’s my fault that you fucked my boyfriend”
Ashley: “No Catie, it’s your fault that he’s not mine!”
Justin: “Keep her out of this Ashley!”
Catie: “Out of what Justin?”
Ashley: “Oh you haven’t told her?”
Catie: “Told me what?”


Justin walks towards me and Ashley and pushes her aside so he stands in front of me while he rubs his neck and pulls me in to a hug. I wrap my arms around him in insecurity not knowing what’s going to happen.


Ashley: “So come on, tell her Justin!”

Justin doesn’t say a word, he’s either hesitating or then he just doesn’t want to say it. He kisses my hair and finally starts speaking


Justin: “Before Ashley found out that I accidently shot her father, we had a flirt going on…”
Catie: “Excuse me?”
Justin: “Yeah, she fell in love with me, but I just used her like every other girl!”
Ashley: “Liar! You told me you loved me!”
Justin: “I lied” I lied to get into your pants, and it worked”
Catie: “And so?”
Ashley: “You took him from me! I wanted him to myself, and I still do”
Justin: “Ashley stop it! You know I won’t leave her!”

Ashley: “But Catie, he cheated on you? Do you want someone who cheats in you?”


I have to think about it. No I don’t want someone who cheats on me, but I have forgiven Justin, and I’d rather have a boyfriend, who cheated on me once than a best friend who makes my boyfriend cheat!


Catie: “No. I don’t”
Justin: “WHAT?!”
Catie: “But, rather have a boyfriend who cheated once, than a best friend who makes him cheat”


Ashley takes a few steps back; did she really expect me to leave Justin for her? Then she had the wrong expectations. Justin is still holding me close in that hug, and he only pulls me closer. Soon enough Dylan comes out of his room and tells Ashley to leave. He says he doesn’t want to see her no more, so she turns around and leave.


Justin: “I’m sorry about that man…”
Dylan: “it’s alright man, just promise me one thing”
Justin: “Yeah?”
Dylan: “Don’t ever hurt Catie again, or I will cut your ass up”

Wow, I didn’t know Dylan could be like that. I quickly cook some dinner and while we eat the thought hits me again; is Justin a murderer? I have to ask him now!


Catie: “Baby?”
Justin: “Yeah?”
Catie: “How many people have you killed?”


Dylan immediately spits all his food out all over the table and Justin nearly gets choked in his.


Justin: “Excuse me what?”
Catie: “How many people have you killed?”
Justin: “None…”

He’s lying…

Catie: “You’re lying…”
Justin: “I don’t know, I don’t count…”
Catie: “What do you do to the dead bodies after you killed them?”
Justin: “I don’t think we should be talking about this right now baby…”
Catie: “But I want to know right now Justin”


Justin takes his plate off the table and takes my hand to pull me out in the car. For a minute there is silence in the car, he’s going to say something, but no words comes out.


Catie: “Is it too much?”
Justin: “No, if you want to know, then you should know”
Catie: “Alright, then show me”
Justin: “You sure you want to see this?”
Catie: “Yes, for you”


He shakes his head as if he would tell me that I’m crazy and then he starts the car and start driving. I can tell he’s nervous, he can’t keep his hands still on the steering wheel and he can’t focus on the road. When he reach the outside of the town, it starts to become a little creepy, but Justin keeps on driving until we reach actually a quite big house, but it looks old and torn apart. Very mysterious. Justin pulls up in front of the house through the long path surrounded by trees. He gets out of the car and the dark color starts to cover his eyes once again. He opens my door and takes my hand, but before he head to the front door of the house he pulls me close and kisses me. A soft passionate kiss.


Justin: “Please promise you’ll stay with me after this”
Catie: “I promise”
Justin: “Say the whole sentence!”
Catie: “I promise I’ll stay with you after this”


And then he kisses me one more time. He opens the front door to the house and I instantly feel like something is wrong. The smell in here, the tension in the air, something is completely wrong. Justin starts squeezing my hand like crazy, he wants me to just turn around and get out of here, I know that, but I need to know. He leads me through the house until we reach an old door which leads to the basement, it’s already open but it still looks like something that could break every minute. The basement is big and there are spiders everywhere. I have a huge fear for spiders, but I can’t think about it right now, the smell in this house makes me forget about everything else, it smells like death and disease everywhere and the air is very heavy. Justin stops in front of a huge wooden door which has a huge padlock on it, Justin pulls out a key and locks it up but before he opens the door he turns around to face me and say


Justin: “I am sorry for everything you’re about to see Catie… I love you…”
Catie: “I love you too Justin”


He slowly opens the door and I swear nothing more terrible have I ever seen…

So everyone that was chapter 8, I'm sorry it is so short really, but I just had to update it right now, so I found a great spot to stop it and keep the eximent there!
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