Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


23. A game to him

I can’t believe 3 weeks passed by so fast. It feels like I chose my dress yesterday and now I’m getting married in a week. Everything is set and ready for the wedding, now I can relax and so can Justin. Candice, Ashley and Brook asked me if they could arrange my bachelorette party, so I let them. They probably find some sort of stripper or something like that it could just look like them. It’s so unreal, my dream boy, my one and everything will be my husband and we’ll live happily ever after, gosh I sound like a fairy tale. As I get tired of just sitting in my room doing nothing I chose to go down stairs and see what my girls are planning for my bachelorette party. I make my way down stairs as quiet as I can so they won’t hear me, cause they said I’m not allowed to know anything. But after all it is my party. I sneak in on them while they’re talking about what’s going to happen.

Candice: “We should get her a stripper…”
Brook: “No, we should go to the club with her…”
Ashley: “Girls cut it out. We’ll just cuddle around her all day and then the sun goes down? PARTY TIME”
Candice: “Jesus Ashley, no”
Ashley: “She’s not supposed to know that we’ll throw a party for her!”
Brook: “You know what? I’m calling up the Chippendales”
Candice: “Jesus Brook! You can’t just call up the Chippendales!”
Brook: “And why not?”
Candice: “That would cost a lot of money dumb ass!”
Brook: “Of course it cost money! Candice you’re so-“
Ashley: CATIIIEE! What are you doing here?”

Ashley asked me in some sort of suspicious questioning way. Kinda like a robot actually. I looked at them weirdly and asked them what was going on, just pretending that I didn’t hear their conversation, but of course I did. The girls had been talking to Dylan and Jake who had told them everything about how they planned Justin’s bachelor party, even though he thinks he knows what’s going on, he doesn’t. Dylan and Jake would be taking Justin to a restaurant down town, filled up with hot girls and boys who would pretend to be their boyfriends. Then suddenly in the middle of their dinner, music would start and all the girls would start dancing up and down Justin. So basically Jake and Dylan are going to fill a whole restaurant with strippers for Justin. He’s going to love it, I know my boyfriend, or should I say fiancé?

As the day pass by and we just sit in the kitchen and talk about how drunk Justin is going to be at his bachelor party, he burst through the front door with the biggest smile on his face ever.

Speaking of the sun, huh?

Justin: “Hey guys! Hey baby”

He walks over to me and wrap his arms around me from behind to kiss me on the cheek.

Justin: “Get up baby, I miss your lips”

I got up and turned around to face him, he put the bag he came home with on the floor and put his hands on my waist to pull me closer. I placed my hands on his chest so I could feel his muscular body through his shirt. He bent his face down to mine and his soft wet lips met mine in a passionate way. He moved his hands to my ass and grabbed it which resulted in him moaning gently into the kiss when I pushed myself closer to him. I heard a cough in the back, it was Dylan.

Dylan: “Excuse me are you planning to have sex in the kitchen?”

Justin pulled out of the kiss and smirked at me. He looked at Dylan with the same smirk on his face and I could tell Dylan wished he had just kept quiet.

Justin: “Are you going to stay in the kitchen while I have sex here?”
Dylan: “Man you’re disgusting the crap out of me…”
Justin: “You’re disturbing my sex, but what can I do? Besides you asked..”
Dylan: “I’ll never ask you anything again…”
Justin: “Then don’t”

Justin immediately returned to my lips. He never moved his hands from my ass and I could almost feel Dylan rolling his eyes at us when Justin continued to kiss me. He gently separated my lips with his tongue and stuck it inside my mouth.

Dylan: “Honestly?”

Justin just ignored him and so did I. I was not in the mood to interrupt this kiss right now. But I guess Brook was

Brook: “Well Dylan, you get to experience live porn?”

Everybody just cracked. Even Justin pulled out of our kiss to laugh his ass off. I must say that sentence was so typical Brook. Jake was probably the one who laughed the most, he had an adorable laugh in the world, apart from Justin of course. Jake laughed so much that in the end he fell backwards on the chair and started laughing even more while he rolled around on the floor. It looked so funny. It was almost like a cartoon, like you know when they fall it’s like their eyes stay where the body was before and smack right back in their faces when they hit the ground. It looked something like that.

When we finally stopped laughing and ate dinner, I was just about to sit down on the couch with the rest of my friends when Justin took my hand and said he wanted to go for a walk, just me and him. Not that I didn’t want to, but I just maybe didn’t feel like walking today?

Who am I fooling?

I gently smiled at Justin and took his hand. He led me towards the door and held it open for me.

Justin: “We’re going out”
Jake: “Aye man take care”
Justin: “Sure”

Justin closed the door behind him and smiled at me. He snaked his hand around my waist while he was still holding my hand and we walked through the darkness of the streets. The only light in the streets was from the cars and the few lampposts there was. It actually made it kind of creepy, especially because I felt like we were getting  followed. Of course I didn’t Justin cause he would become all paranoid and be like:

I’ll protect you with my life! If anybody touches my baby I’ll cut them up!

I slid my hand around Justin’s waist but felt something hard in the back of his jeans underneath his T-shirt. What the fuck? Is that a gun? I thought he…? Justin Drew Bieber you are in trouble.

I was mad that he had a gun with him, but how can I blame him? He had been doing that for years, so he might as well feel safe when he has it with him. Especially after the thing with Andrew..

During out little walk while we walk about the wedding I suddenly realize that we are in a very mysterious neighborhood, I don’t like it here. The atmosphere scares me and I still feel like I have eyes on me. Justin suddenly stops and snakes his arms around my waist. He pulls me closer just like earlier and kisses me. His lips are soft and wet against mine. I place my hands on his arms and I can his muscles in my hands, gosh… Do you see the hearts on the inside of my eyes? He’s so hot. Justin gently bites my lower lip and slides his tongue in my mouth. His tongue twirls around mine and I slowly lose the feeling of being watched. Justin pulls out of the kiss and pull me in to a hug. He has his arms tightly wrapped around me and I have mine around him as I bury my face in his chest and he kisses my hair.

Justin: “I love y-“
Voice: “Great job Bieber…”
Justin: “Who’s there?”

He tightens his grip around me while I try to break out to see who’s there, but Justin keeps me close to him. He finally loosen his grip a little and I turn my head to see a boy/man coming towards us. He doesn’t look much older than Justin, maybe the same age. But what was he talking about?
Good job Bieber…” What?
He kept walking closer to us, with a killing look in his eyes. I turned my head and to my surprise, he was not alone. Indeed not. Me and Justin were surrounded by gang members with different types of weapons. Everything from knifes to guns.

Catie: “Justin..?”

I was scared. I was shaking and my voice was nothing but an insecure whisper as I was about to ask Justin what was going on, but he just told me to keep quiet. I could tell Justin didn’t feel good about this, cause he pulled me closer than ever and the old dark color returned to his eyes.

Justin: “Jason…”

Justin obviously knew the boy who stood now only about 3 feet from us. He was tall and muscular. He was actually kinda cute if you just looked at him, but his voice was deep and creepy. He was the only one who didn’t have some sort of weapon with him. I felt my heart raise as Justin pulled me even closer and I got more scared when I looked at the other boys surrounding us with their weapons, staring at us.

This Jason boy had a really killing look in his eyes. He looked like a murderer. But from where did he know Justin, if Justin was from Canada and he was from here? I’m getting confused.

Jason: “I thought you had thrown the plan away Bieber”
Justin: “Shut u-“
Catie: “What plan?”
Justin: “Nothing baby”
Jason: “Baby? You play this better than expected Bieber”
Justin: “Shut up Jason.”

Justin spat at him through gritted teeth and looked at him like he was ready to kill. But what was “The plan”? What was he talking about, and why did Justin keep telling him to shut up? I was confused and I was scared, just waiting for the moment where I would realize that this was some sick joke.

Jason: “Oh c’mon Justin, you don’t have to play this game anymore”
Justin: “There is no game”
Catie: “Justin, what’s all this about?”
Justin: “Stay out of this baby”
Jason: “Of course! Tell the one person all this is about to stay out..”
Catie: “Justin?”
Justin: “C’mon baby let’s go…”

Justin took my hand and started walking, but as he did, the other gang member gathered in front of us and some of them pointed their guns towards us.

Jason: “You’re staying”

Justin turned around with me and held me tight protectively as he stared at Jason. If eyes could kill…

Jason: “She’s prettier than I thought though”

Jason reached his hand out to touch my cheek as he stepped closer, but I turned my head and Justin slammed his hand away as he told him not to touch me, ever. Justin spat his words at him through his harshly gritted teeth and he pulled me closer, like I could even get any closer to him. His grip tightened and it would be clear to any idiot that Justin was more than ready to kill.

The atmosphere was worse now than ever. Everything was tensed up and everyone was ready to go crazy if anybody made a wrong choice, this place was like a battle field. It was dangerous. I felt the danger in the air tense up as Jason cleared his throat.

Jason: “poor little Catie, you love your little boyfriend right there don’t you?”

I kept eye contact with him and did everything I possibly could to sound and seem confident, cause he was not supposed to know that I’m scared of him…

Catie: “He’s not my boyfriend”
Jason: “Wha-“
Catie: “He’s my fiancé, bitch”

I lifted my hand so he could see the ring and his eyes flew up. They were wide open and he was confused I could tell. I had succeeded sounding confident, especially by calling him a bitch. He looked furious but relived at the same time, and I don’t know how you mix those two things to one, but he did.

Jason: “First of all; you don’t call me bitch, you ratchet whore, second of all; fiancé? Really?”
Justin: “Don’t talk to her like that alright?! I’ll fucking break your neck!”
Jason: “Are you defending her now? She’s just a toy to you Justin!”
Catie: “What Justin?”
Justin: “Don’t listen to him baby”
Jason: “Oh I think she should listen…”

He made a movement with his head that made his gang grab Justin and pull us apart, I panicked and started reaching out for him, but another one was holding me back. Justin screamed my name as he got scared Jason would touch me, and I started crying when one of the boys punched Justin in his ribs so his feet failed and he fell to the ground and landed on his knees.

Jason: “You see Catie, your fiance, obviously. Is lying to you. He doesn’t love you”
Catie: “LIAR!”
Jason: “No cause you see, when you met Justin about a year ago, he knew exactly who you were and he knew who your parents was. He already knew back then that your father shot his brother, so he chased you, made you fall for him. And I must say, you indeed did. He played you all the time. He never even worried about you, but as you can see, he’s a pretty good actor-“
Justin: “He’s lying Catie”

The boy punched Justin again, this time harder and Justin moaned and screamed out on pain

Jason: “Shut up. He knew we would come out here tonight, why do you think he brought you?”
Catie: “I-I…. “
Jason: “Exactly. He brought out here so this could happen, because he was so thirsty to get revenge over your dad, that he played with your heart, he used you. You’re worthless to him”
Catie: “Justin? Is that true?”
Justin: “Catie I, No!”
Jason: “Oh stop it Justin! It is true Catie, he can’t even look you in the eye!

Tears started forming in my eyes as I realized that what Jason had just said was true. Justin couldn’t look me in the eyes, and he kept flickering his eyes looking in a thousand different directions.

Has Justin really been lying all the time? Was all this just a game to him? The wedding? Our future? Everything? Was all this planned? Our whole relationship?

Catie: “Justin…”
Justin: Catie… I….” 
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