One Direction Imagines

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8. zaynmyboy - Zayn


 Listen to Christina Aguilar - Love your body 

You just broken up with your boyfriend of six months last week you. Then you hear hear a knock at the door, you  get up to go answer it has you do you see all your girl friends there dressed up.

" Get ready loser, we are taking you to the club. You don't have a option." Your friend Emma says

You then hurried upstairs and quickly put on a sort strapless black dress, with a light make up and your hair slightly curled 

You all agreed to go to a new club.  You got all dressed up.  You thought you might have looked a little to dresses up but you didn't mind. 

~30 Minutes Latter~

You finally get into the club (after a little bit of bribing ;)), you and your friends went right to the bar to get drinks. The bartender kept flirting with you and you could so tell, but you didn't mind.

“Free of charge, for all of you” he said winking at you.

You just smiled, after you went right with your friend to find a booth. Once you sat down, you had the strangest feeling that someone was watching you, well someones. You look up at the dance floor and nudge your friend

“Hey Y/F/N, that’s One Direction” you say looking shocked.

“OMG! Your right Y/N. They are staring at us” She says back

“Yeah your right, lets see if we can get them over here. Who you wanna bet will come here first?” You say laughing

 ”Uhhh…….. I’m gonna go with Zayn for you and Niall for me” She said 

 ”Deal, its show time!” You said winking at her.

 You both start laughing and whispering about certain secrets.

~10 minutes latter~

 You glance over and see Zayn and Niall walking over.

 ”Act cool Hannah” you whispered to her.

They come to you table.

“Hello love, is the seat taken?” They both say in unison 

“No, come join us” You smiled

“I’m Zayn and that’s Ni…. “

but before he could finish, Niall and your friend were already up on the dance floor.

“Well, that was Niall” He laughed

 ”Oh I’m Deajah and that was my friend Hannah” you laugh with him

“You look so gorgeous, care to dance?” He said winking at you

“I would love to” you smile at him

 You take his hand, has he leads you to the dance floor. You both totally loss track of time. You looked at your phone and see that it is already 3:30 am. You and your friend both had to work tomorrow and it was an very important photo shoot.

“ I'm sorry I have to go, I had a lot of fun, but I have to be somewhere in the morning.” You say has your about to leave.

 ”Just wait, I have a question” He said 

” Shoot” You say

 ”Where are you from? I can tell your not from here.” He said looking curious

“How is that?” You say smiling 

“Your accent.” He says back

“Small town in Canada” you say looking at him

“Three more things. One I think your accent is really hot.  Secondly I would love your number. Third I think we should meet again and I will teach you how to talk like your British.” he said winking

“Like a date?” You said smiling 

He just looked at his feet.

“Give my your wrist” you say pulling out and pen and writting your number on his arm

“Call me.” You say has you walk out the door waving bye.


 You walk into the room for the photo shoot.People could tell that you had a hangover, and so did they guys your modeling with.  You look and see five guys standing there. Two of them seemed to stand out

“Zayn?” you say looking curious

“Deajah?” He said 

“Yea” You smile

“What are you doing here?” Hes says

“I’m the model in your pictures” You smile at him 

“Really” He says hugging you

“Come meet the guys” He says excitedly 

You walk over to meet them. Zayn introduces you to everyone.

“So your the girl, Zayn can’t shut up about.” Louis says

Zayn starts blushing, they all laugh even you.

~After the Shoot~

You walk up to Zayn and kiss him. Louis then takes a picture.

“You got it?” You say

“Yeah” he replies 

“You know what to do.” you say smiling

Not even to second latter the picture is on twitter and trending in just a matter of minutes

it say…..


Then Zayn pulls you in for a more passionate kiss. 

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