One Direction Imagines

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3. Stefferrs(: - Nialler


You are sitting at home alone and you are bored out of your mind. Your best friends are all recording till about two. You loved them like their brothers, except for one little sexy Irish boy, Niall Horan. They all knew you really liked him, except for him. It was about lunch time so you know they will be taking a break, especially Niall. You think to yourself time for a little fun? You smirk devilishly.

First you try Niall:

“Hello Ms. Niall Horan.” You say in an accent trying not to laugh.

“Hello and it is Mister.” You could hear frustration in his voice.

“Oh sorry sir, I guess they put it in my computer. Let me just fix this problem right now.” You nearly start to laugh

“No problem mam, now what can I help you with” You here slight laughter and what sounds to be an engine shutting off.

“I am just confirming your time for the breast scan tomorrow at 3:30pm’’ You couldn’t take it anymore you just start laughing your ass off.

Then you hear a hang up on the phone, guess he couldn’t take a…. You then get cut off by an unlocking of the door. You know it’s one of the guys because they are the only other one with keys. You then get up to see them all laugh except for Niall. “YOU’RE GONNA HAVE TO TRY HARDER TO PRANK THE FAMOUS NIALL JAMES HORAN” he yells grinning. “You knew” You say with a shocked look on your face. “Yeah there is this new thing invented called caller ID” He says has he tries to look like a superman. You tilt your head down with a sad look on your face.

“Maybe we should have dinner tonight and I will tell you all about it?”

“You mean like a date?”

“Well unless you don’t want to” He looks down at his feet.

Then you lean in and give him a kiss, then pull away. “Does that answer your question?’ you say with a smile.

“I forget you got to refresh memory” Pulling you in for a more passionate kiss, after about thirty seconds both pull away smiling like a retard

Then the rest of the guys coming running up to you both with kissy faces, Niall and you knock them all on to the couch chucking pillows at them.

“Shouldn’t you guys be getting back to the studio?’’

They all look at each other: “They won’t miss us for the last two hours’” Liam says smiling. You guys decide to watch Grown Ups. You and Niall cuddle the whole time with a couple peck on the forehead, the guys laugh at you both every time.

“Y/N I have loved you with all my heart the first time I every laid eyes on you’’ Niall said look down at you has you fall asleep in his arms after about ten minutes, he falls asleep too.

Harry, Louis, Liam each take a picture of you both Liam posted the picture on twitter “FINALLY LOVE AT LAST”

About five minutes later Harry pulls out three sharpies and gets a BIG grin on his face “Want to have a little fun?” He says handing Liam and Louis a marker they all smirk…….

I wrote this on tumblr a while ago never posted it.. till now

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