One Direction Imagines

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13. Shania & Zayn

Shania's POV

Your best friend Hannah was throwing a party, you knew that she knows a lot of famous people  and of course they are gonna be there. I then got dressed into ( I finally got dressed then checked my phone 4 missed texts 2 missed calls. I quickly looked at them all from Hannah.

"Where are you?"

Another one.

"You said you were gonna come early"

And another.

" Hurry up and get here! I want you to meet someone."

I then quickly text her.

"On my way ;) Sorry lost track of time. Be there in five. :) xx"

I then grab my keys and phone. Once I got there I saw Hannah already pissed.

H: Oh my God! Shania you made it. You look hot.

S; Haha thanks and you look drunk.

H: Come on I only had one maybe three beerssss.... Now come on I want you to meet someone.

She says slurring her words and yanking me inside.

H: ZAYN!!!!!! ZAYN!

S: Who are you setting me up with now.

H: Come on live while you're young.

Z: Why do you always steal what I say.

H: Zayn! Where were you I was looking for you.

Z; Did you try the bar?

H: Nope, anyways I want you to meet Shania.

S: Hi.

Z: Hey Wanna dance?

S: Yeah sure.

Zayn's POV

Holy crap Shania was so fit, I can't believe that Hannah set me up with her. Has we walked to the dance floor I put my hands around her stomach, put then she moved it to her waist. Yes! She likes me to I thought to myself. Has the song Shots came on, she started to grinned on me, I could tell she was getting into it and so was I. As I look up I see Harry and Niall giving me a thumbs up and a wink. Shania then turned around and started to grinned again, she then kissed my neck, then whispered in my ear

S: I can help you with you little friend. If you would like?

Z: What friend? 

I say trying to act cool. Fuck she did notice.

S: This one.

She say grabbing on the my "thing"

Z: Are you sure you can handle him?

She then leaned in to kiss me. The kiss was so full of passion, Shania then grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. From that moment I knew that neither of us were getting any sleep tonight. ;)



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