One Direction Imagines

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4. NiallsNandoPrincessS - Niall (swears)

Ellie's POV

E: Harry you have to believe me. I would never cheat on you!

H: What about all the magazines, they show you and Niall kissing.

E: You know what magazines do, they make stuff up all the time!

H: You know what I am sick of all your lies, this time it's over. GET OUT!

E: My lies? My lies?!  What about all the lies you have done! 

H: Which ones?!?! What are you fucking talking about?

E: Lets see how about the girl you slept with not once but twice fucking times! I know I should have left the first time you did it. 

H: Wait Ellie? I'm..... 


I can't believe that Harry would do that to me. We were together for almost a year. Now I don't have a place to stay, great I'm fucked.  I'll call Niall see if he can pick me up.


N: Heyy

E: Hi

Ellie says sobbing

N: Hey El What's wrong you sound sad?

E: Harry just broke up with me.

N:  Oh my gosh, do you want me to come and pick you up? We can talk about it at my flat.

E:  Yeah Sure, Thanks Nialler. See you in a few.

N: Okay by Love.



E: Hey Nialler

N: Hi El

Niall say has he leans in for a hug and gives her a peck on the cheek.

NIall's POV
I can't believe Harry dumped Ellie, she is so incredible. Maybe now is my chance... finally. 

N: I know this is really sudden but I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me? You know to help you get over Harry.

E: Yeah sure, I would love.

I slowly lean in to kiss her, she does then same. The moment our lips touched I could feel fireworks. From that moment we start to make out, she slowly crawled onto my lap and put her arms around my neck and I put my hands on her waist.

Well this one kind of turned into a Niall and Harry one, hoped you liked it. 




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