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10. Melrose123199 - Zayn

No one's POV
Melanie was getting ready for this very important banquet to her father. She quickly put on a flowly black strapless dress and black heels with light make up and her hair up in a high bun. Just has she finished getting ready there was a knock on her door.

M: Come in

Mom: Oh honey you look lovely.

M: Thanks mom so do you.

Mom: Are you ready to go? you dad is waiting.

M: Yes, let me just put on my shoes than I will be done.

Mom: Okay don't forget that the Maliks will be there. So be nice, especially to Zayn.

M: Yes mother now you be nice to Mrs. Malik. 

Melanie and her mom just laugh.

Mom: Now come one lets go.

Her mom say has she extends her hand.

 Melanie's POV

Oh my gosh I can't believe Zayn Malik is gonna be there. I can't stand him or his family and they can't stand mine. It has been one of the longest family feuds that I have ever known, I believe it dates back to my great-great grandparents. 

Has I walked downstairs with my mom we saw my older sister Emma standing there in a long puffy beige dress, with my brother Luke standing by my dad in a black tux with a bow tie.  

M: Well don't you three look nice.

E: Why thank you Melanie, you look gorgeous.

L: Thanks little sis, your gonna be breaking some hearts tonight.

Everyone just laughs.

Dad: Now we should get going don't want to be late. 

We all agreed then left.


Once we got there I saw the Maliks get out of their limo as well, I looked and has soon as Zayn got out he impatiently caught my eye he was dressed the same has most guys, but his hair was neatly up in a quiff and he had a bit of stubble which looked really sexy. Oh my God what am I doing? Snap out of it Melanie your suppose to hate him. I slowly walked inside with my family and has soon has we got in there, my mom and dad quickly dragged Emma, Luke and I to go say hi to the Maliks.

D: Patricia! Nice to see that you and Zayn made it. Where's you other children?

P: David, Sandra. Its been so long. The girls would have came but they are too busy applying for colleges and homework.

S: Well its great that you two could come. Of course you know David and our children Emma, Luke and the youngest of the bunch Melanie.

P: Yes so nice to see you again.

As they continued to talked I'll told my mom that I was going to get a drink.

Z: Melanie I'll come with you.

M: Sure.

Has we walked over to one of the waiters we each grabbed a glass of champagne.

Z: You know Melanie you look very gorgeous tonight.

M: Why thank-you Zayn. You look very handsome. Wanna go back to our  parents? 

Z: No.

M: Why not?

Z: Because I rather dance. Would you care to join me?

M: No thanks I'm good.

Z: Now that you mention it, lets go back to out parents.

You both then walked back over, just has you got over there.

Z: Would you like to dance with me Melanie?

M: N......

S: Why she would love to Zayn.

He then took my hand and let me out to the dance floor just has A Thousand Years came on.

M: Sneaky, Sneaky Zayn.

He just chuckled.

Z: Well, I knew that your mom would make you dance.

M: So why did you want to dance with me? You could have danced with Emma. Or maybe even Luke?

Z: Well, your so beautiful, smart, funny and hot.

Just has he finished talking, he slowly leaned in to kiss me, before I knew I was kissing him back. The kiss wasn't really rough, it was sweet.

Z: So you wanna get out of here?

he said with a wink. you just simply blush then nod.

M: Maybe we should tell our parents?

He just nods then you both walk over hand in hand.

M: Dad, I'm not feeling well. Is it okay if Zayn takes me home?

D: Yeah I guess so.

P: Hopefully you feel better soon.

M: Thanks 

Zayn then quickly grabs my hand and takes me to his car, you both drive to five minute empty parking look. Then you quickly hop in to the back seat.

Z: Now where were we?

I just laugh as yo sit on his laugh than start kissing him. It slowly started to get rougher, just then me and Zayn's tongue started to fight for dominance. I let me win.

Z: Hope this dress didn't cost a lot.

He then just ripped it off and slowly moved his hands down your sides.

The next morning

Z: So you ready for round two?

M : mhmm

He than pulled you in for a kiss.

Now I got to go. Update in couple hours or tomorrow.  

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