One Direction Imagines

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7. lizzielou_music - Harry

(Listen to Kiss me - Ed Sheeran (GINGER JESUS) )

Harry`s POV

We laid down it was around 2 a.m. hiding under the covers. At first I was cuddle up in her arms and she was in mine. I wish we could stay like that forever. I could hear her heart beating, not really fast but at a steady pace. Her lips by my ears whispering sweet things like  

L: Forever and always Harry, I love you, stay with me, and never leave. 

I know I want her to be mine forever, I have fallen in love and I never want to get out, she is stuck in my head, heart and never getting out.


I woke up really early, I didn't `t wanna get up, Lizzie looked so beautiful, peaceful and drop dead gorgeous, but I knew I had to. Then I quickly got dressed then went then I went to the nearest jewelry store and looked for what must have been hours until I finally it, not to out there and just enough to notice it. Now to plan how to purpose.


H: I have the perfect way to purpose!

I then quickly call Ed, telling him everything he then quickly agrees to it.


I got all the boys there and some more family and close friends and walk through the door . Ed was silently playing Kiss Me.

Ed: Kiss me like you wanna be loved 

Wanna be loved 
Wanna be loved 

This feels like I've fallen in love 
Fallen in love 
Fallen in love

L: Harry is that you. Harry
I then quickly went down on one knee and took the ring out of my pocket just has she walked into the room and Ed finished singing.

Ed; Settle down with me 

And I'll be your safety 
You'll be my lady 

I was made to keep your body warm 
But I'm cold as, the wind blows 
So hold me in your arms

L: Harry what are you doing, Why is everyone here.

H: Lizzie I have never been able to get you out of my head from the minute I meet you. I love you way to much to let you get away for me. I wanna grow old with you so old that we have white hair and great-grandchildren and for both of us to say to each other your the hottest person I have known. I want to have a big family with you and that little girl Darcy that we both want. Please do me the honers of being able to call you my wife and Mrs. Styles. Will you marry me Lizze (I don`t you last name).

Lizzie looked like she was about to cry and then two words came out.

L: Kiss Me

I then quickly stand up and give her a long passionate kiss.

H: So is that a yes.

She just start to laugh.

L: I love you Harry with all my life. Of course I will marry you.

Sorry haven't updated in a while, I will try to get more done. Check out my other stories please. I have had this song stuck in my head for a while. -Ashiton

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