One Direction Imagines

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17. Ivy & Harry

You are standing at the front of the wooden door, nervous about what is going to lay ahead of you. You are petrified. No other day in the rest of your life has been like this before, its something which will change your life forever....for the better. You look at the wooden door and examine it, all the fine little splinters but they blur. You dont want to cry, its meant to be the happiest day of your life, yet your crying. Its of happy tears of course but you promised yourself that you wont cry. You swallow the lump in the back of your throat that no matter how many times you try to get rid of it, it wont go. You feel your Dad's arm link closer and tighter to yours. It should be reassuring, but its not. It makes you realise that what your about to do will change your life forever. The door slowly opens, creaking as you hear silence inside. You walk in slowly, family and friends all glaring around to see you in your wonderful wedding dress. That dress that everyone is staring at, the one you spent ages on picking, it all seemed to be worth it. And there he was, my boyfriend, soon to be husband staring at me. His brown curly hair, curlier than normal yet still have the same sweetness he will always have despite being 25. He still looked the same as what he did when he was 18. You walk up the aisle, careful not to step in the little holes so they dont get caught in your heels. There he is, your man. His dimples more attractive than normal. He is the man that changed your life forever, he is beautiful. You glance into his eyes, swelling up with tears. He's not normally an emotional guy but today he is. "I love you" said Harry before kissing you on the cheek. "Forever and Forever"

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