One Direction Imagines

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14. Hannah & Harry

A/N: A lot of these are gonna be really short..... sorry

Hannah's POV

I woke in a unknown place, with a massive headache, not remembering what happen last night after the party. I looked around and saw my dress, heels, underwear and bra scattered all over the place. I slowly stretched my arms out has I was a felt another person beside me. Oh shit! What the hell did I do last night? I like at the guy I was next to and he was really hot, familiar and naked. I the realized it was Harry Styles, from One Direction, my best friend that moved away before.  I then slowly get up trying not to make a sound while I grab my clothes.

Harry's POV 

Last night was amazing, I can't believe she is that flexible, I missed her so much. As I woke up I noticed Hannah trying to quickly get dressed. I quickly then hopped out of the bed, not noticing that I was completely nude.

Harry:  Wait Hannah!!!! Please don't leave.

Hannah: I'm sorryy.. this was a mistake.

Harry: Hannah pleasse stay I missed you!!!

Hannah: I'm sorryyy..... but I must be leaving.

Hannah said has she was running down the stairs. I then quickly grabbed her by the wrists and pinned her to the wall.

Harry: Please stay I loved you for as long as I can remembered. It broke my heart when I had to leave you, but it was a opportunity I couldn't pass up. Please, please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! forgive me????? 

She slowly looked at me and said

Hannah: I don't know 

Harry: One date tonight and if you don't wanna see me after I will back away.

I let go of her wrists, as soon as I did she pulled my collar and kissed me I of course kissed back, it felt like a mix of fireworks and butterfly's in my stomach.

Harry: So I take that has a yes?

She just laughed and slapped my arm. 


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