One Direction Imagines

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6. alli1Dluv - Niall

 No One's POV

It was Valentine's day and you and your boyfriend Niall, of three years,(yeah thee Niall Horan) where both stuck working. Allison's shift was done, but Niall did not get off till way latter. 


"Allison you can go, you shift is over!" Allison's boss said.

"Thanks. See ya" Allison said has see walked out the door.

Allison's POV


Has I walked through the door of the flat the me and Niall share. I didn't want to even turn on the lights on I just wanted to lay in bed and go to sleep. But has I looked down at the ground I saw rose petals scattered all over the place, there where trails leading in four different directions (Haha no comment :P) I decided to fall first on trail. Has I walked along it I came to the end which lead into the kitchen, of course, has I looked on the table I saw a note I looked down at it and it said 

'Just like me love, always goes to the kitchen first. Well dinner is not here let, so keep on the trail and come and find me. xx Nialler"

Has I saw the note I just smiled, then continued to stay on the path, I then thought to check the living room. I then saw a blanket laying on the ground with lots of pillows and blankets with a few movies and another note. I looked at it and read it aloud:

'Nice try love your getting warmer ;), Hurry and find me before the food gets here. -xoxoxx Nialler ;) "

I laughed at it. I then look at the back of the note and saw the letter D written on it in capitalized, then quickly check the other note and saw a capitol B written on the back. I decided to to follow the third path of roses has I followed it , I found it leading me to the washroom. Has I looked in it I only saw a bath tub filled with tons of bubbles. I laughed, I couldn't find Niall in there so I knew there had to be a note. I stuck my hand in to the bathtub and to my surprise I felt a magnet with something attached I then quickly pull it up and there in a zip lock bag was the final note. I then quickly read it and it said:

" Wow Allison your smarter than most thought, but you still didn't find me. I'm getting lonely and hungry. Hurry babe xxxxxxxx Nialler"

I quickly check the back and saw the letter E. BED,he is in the bedroom, I then quickly make myself a bubble beard and the put some in my hands. Then I run to the bedroom, as I walk in I hear the door shut slightly I thought it was just the wind. I then feel a pair of arms wrap around with a head nuzzling into my neck with a few kiss planted on my neck, I slowly let out a moan.

N: I was so lonely. 

A; what are you doing?  I thought you worked tonight.

N: I took it off.

Niall say has he continues to kiss my neck. I then turn around.

A: Close your eyes.

Once he closes. I then quickly make him a bubble beard.

A: You know you look really sexy in a beard.

N: I think your looks better.

Niall says opening his eyes.

N: But I think our beards would look better together.

He says leaning in for a kiss. I slowly start to kiss him back.

A: You know I think your right. So is the food here? I'm starved.

N: Yeah lets go check.

You and Niall then spent the rest of the night cuddling in each others and eat of course Nando's Peri-Peri Chicken.


Hoped you liked it? Sorry only one have some serious writers block. I'll post more tomorrow. Took me long time to write it. 


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