One Direction Imagines

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18. Alexa & Zayn

Imagine… Imagine you’re wiping the lense of your camera, bent over a patch of perfectly placed dandelions in long grass outside a towering apartment block in London. It seems like the only natural thing left in the city and you find it strangely calming looking at the three little weeds bobbing in the late afternoon breeze. Tucking a strand of golden, blonde hair behind your ear, you peer through the lens and the familiar, soothing sound of the shutter eases you, until you hear a voice.

“What are you doing?” You stumble slightly in your crouched down position and feel yourself fall, then someone catches you. They’re hands are gripped onto your upper arms, stopping you from face planting into the grass. Groaning with embarrassment you turn around to face the person who first made you jump, and you stop. Those eyes, those beautiful, warm brown, long lashed eyes you know all too well. You remember he asked you a question, but you’re too focused on the perfect quiff of his hair and his signature varsity jacket and cheeky smile.

“Oh, uhm, I was just,” you begin but realise you’re not making any sense so you just hold up your camera, “photo.” You mumble, feeling your cheeks burn.

“Can I see?” Your head shoots up and you see Zayn Malik staring down at you, his eyes full of earnest and interest. Nodding, you begin flicking through the photos that appear on the digital screen of your camera and hold it up for him to see. He raises his hand and places it over yours so he can steady the camera and get a better look, unknowing the effect his touch has on your already screaming nerves. “That’s impressive,” he finally says, but he doesn’t move his hand away.

“Thanks,” you smile up and him and his eyes lock with yours, “I like finding beauty in ugly places,” you mumble and move your eyes downwards. You’re eyes however jerk up when you feel a gentle hand on your cheek and see Zayn watching your lips carefully,

“Me too,” he whispers and leans forward, pressing his lips to yours.

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