One Direction Imagines

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2. AbbyLeigh513 - Liam

Abby's POV

It was a regular Saturday morning, you woke up got out of bed. I decided to call up my friends and see if they wanted to go out.  I quickly got dressed and took a shower then texted a bunch of people

To: Sarah, Alexander, Tom, Nathan and Avery

Hey get ready! pick you up in 15. Tom and Nathan bring you guitar. No questions. -Abby xx.


I then right away got  five text messages 

Sounds like a date -Nathan ;)

Sure thing - Avery :)

okay sound like fun- Alexander x

You got it boss -Sarah

Okay babe -Tom 

I then diecde its been long enough, I grabbed my keys cell phone jacket and guiar, then left.


Al: So where are we going?

Ab: If I told you I would need to kill you.

Al: haha cute

T: At least tell us why you wanna us to bring guitars.

N: Are we going to be singing?

S: Please tell us that

Ab: Fine all that I will tell you is that we are going to be a source on entertainment. Now we are almost there.


Ab: Okay we're here


They all rushed out of the car.

T: Wait? Why are we here?

Ab: Because everyone wants to do something tonight but we are all broke, so we are gonna earn some cash by singing.

N: Outside of Starbucks?

S: Come on it will be fun

N: Fine lets get started.

He said putting his guitar case down and opening it up.

T: What song?

Av: Inner Ninja!

Al: Sure! Ninja? You're a ninja? Get out of here, you're a ninja! 

T: Yes, I am a ninja.

N:I read the rules before I broke 'em,  I broke the chains before they choked me out,  Now I pay close attention, Really learn the code, I learned to read the map before I hit the road.

Ab: Hey yo, I know you never heard this before,But I'd rather lose a fight than miss the war ,And I ain't wishing competition or fishin' for it ,I'm just living in the system, conditions are poor ,I've been lost in the rhythm and misinformed ,Too many late nights hittin' the liquor store ,Too many bad decisions, half assed attempts ,No sweat, no fear, no blood, no tears....

Liam's POV

The guys and I decide to get some Starbucks, just has we are getting out of the car,we heard rapping and what it sounded like was a girl. 

Li: Guys lets go check that out.

H: Check what?

Li: That rapping.

Z: Sure leggo

We walk around the corner and there was a group people look . I decided to get closer to see who is that and there was the most fit girl I ever laid eyes on she had long brown hair and stunning hazel eyes. I could not believe that a girl like that can rap and she is amZAYNly (See what I did there;)) Just has they finished their song I heard one of them say.

Av: Thank you guys so much we are gonna be back in ten minutes after we take a break.

Ab: That was awesome now lets go get some coffee.

Now this was my chance to talk her before she goes inside.

Li: Hey that was amazing job

Ab: Thank you so much, but it wasn't just me singing. You look very familiar. Oh I'm Abby by the way.

Li: I'm Liam. Liam Payne.

Ab: Aren't you in that band. One Direction?

Li: yeah. Please don't scream.

Ab: Why would I do that? That would mean we would both have to run and hide.

I just laughed.

Li: I know this is sudden but I was wondering if you would like to go out with me tonight?

Ab: Why I would love to Liam.

I quickly pulled her into a hug and gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

Li: Here give me your phone.

She then handed it to me and I  quickly sent a text myself so I know who it was.

I look behind me and there was the guys.

H: Well, Well , Well look who has a girlfriend.

Started to blush, man she looked so cute when she blushed.

Ab: Well I will see you tonight Liam. I got to go my friends are probably wondering were I am.


Lo: Look are little Liam is growing up, he's got a crush.

I started to blush, damn that girl drives me crazy, and we just met.

Has of that day, it was the start of one of the most strongest and most loving relationships 


there ever was.

Hope you liked it Abby?!?! Comment below if you want one.








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