meeting you paris

Kristen McDonald, an average 17 year old, Kristen lives in London. she has suffered depression ever since her parents died in a car accident when she was only 4 years old.
She has been living with her foster parents ever since. Her and her foster mother are going to Paris for the week, for school shoping. school is just a month away. and she want really nice clothes for a new year. but she doesn't know that she is going to fall in love with a handsome irish guy, want to find out whats going to happen keep reading.. :)


1. packing for the trip

  Kristens P.O.V


 " Kristen start packing the plane leaves tomorrow morning!" my mom yells while standing at the bottum of the stairs. i start to panic as i run to my closet , i grab my suit case and start packing all my favorite clothes that i have. good thing im going to paris to buy more. 

~~hour later~~

" ughh, finally!" i say in relief. i walk downstairs and find no one home, i was guessing my mother went to work, shes been doing late night shifts for like six months already, because shes trying to get enough money for the trip we're going to tomorrow. good thing its her last night tonight. To be honest i kinda miss my mom, she'd always make supper.. ever since she started planing on going to paris this year. Deep inside i can tell that she is stressed about everything, but i know she is trying to keep me happy, dont get my wrong i appreciate every thing she is doing, i love her with all my heart, ever since my real parents died , she supported me thru everything , the way she loves me ,its like how my mother loved me.. there was a knock on the door that took me out of my thoughts, i quickly got up and answered it. "hey girl, whats up , iv'e missed you!"  my best friend sarah said. She hugged me really tight , i hugged back, i invited her in and we talked for what feels likes ages but its was only for three hour, " im going to miss you.." i just said randomly , iv'e hadn't told that im going to paris yet, i kinda felt bad cause she is my only bestfriend that i trusted, but i think she will be mad at me cause iv'e hadn't told her anything about my trip and we were close , "what do you mean?" sarah said with confusion in her blue bright eyes " im leaving tomorrow.." "where you going?" "paris." i said . it was a long silence until she finally spoke up "why didn't you tell me, your my BESTFRIEND!" she yelled , to be honest i dont see how its a big deal.. "i thought we told eachother every thing? but its okay not like your going to leave me forever right?" she joked, im happy she calmed down " right?" she repeated the last word she had said, " im only going shoping there, anyways.. i promise okay ,, ill never leave you! ahah" i said while laughing " im really going to miss you, your my only friend , ha like literally!" she said whispering it was 12:00 am , i got up stretching my arms "its pretty late i think you should head home " i said , sarah slowly got up and agreed while looking at her phone to check the time " well see ya kristen, im going to miss you" she said, then huged me "im not going forever!, so chill" i said while hugging back , we imbraced our hug, she walk to her car, she waved and drove off. i locked the door,and walked up stairs to go to bed.

~~ next morning~~

my alarm rang at 5:00 in the morning, i jumped out of the bed and ran to the bathroom to take a shower. i finally got out . i got dressed i was wearing sweat pants on the butt it said "bite me", and a yellow neon tang top, i wasnt gonna fancy up just for a long ride in a airplane, i walked out of the bathroom and walked to my bed at the other end of my room. My room was kinda big, the walls were pink and purple, with the bed in the corner of the room, my drawer was near the door, there was a book shelf in the empty spase between the closet door and the bathroom door, it was filled with alot of book, i like to read adventure books ever since my dad and mom past , there was posters all over the walls, my favorite boy band one direction, i was a niall girl, he was just so adorable and romantic , and there was a load of other stuff in my room that made it look like an awesome room. i finally grabbed my phone and checked the time it was 6:37 am , i went thru my luggage and checked if everything i need was there, but there was one thing i forgot.. my teddy bear , iv'e had that teddy bear ever since the day my parents died, it was special to me, so i put it in my back pack along with other stuff that a average teenager need like; make up, perfume, hair products, and many more . i grabbed all my stuff and walked down the stairs in a struggle. but i managed to handle it. once i got down stairs, i put my luggage near the door, so i wont forget it, but i really think i wont forget it , haha . I walked into the kitchen and seen my mom sitting on the table drinking coffee while reading the newspaper in her hand and her breakfast sitting there half eaten, she noticed me walk in and put down everything and god\t up "i made you breakfast.. sit down" i sat down at the table and she served me my breakfast  " i was just going to wake you up" "yeah, i just got up " i said and she continued what she was doing when i walked in. It was silent, like awkward silence. once i was done eating it was 7:30 am i got up and put my dish in the dish washer, my mom looked at her watch that was on her wrist. her eyes widened "oh my , we gotta go kristen. come on" she said while getting up off her seat. we called a cab and went our way to the airport.

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