Grave Digger

Seven years. Thats how long I've been working for the ASPCA the Atlantic Society Paranormal Containment Agency. It started when I died. Now I'm back and I'm gonna set thing right.


5. Where Am I?

"Miss? Miss? Miss, can you hear me?"
"What? Where am I? Who are you?" I asked the boy standing over me.
"You are in New York and I am Mason Yirdley. You fell off the school building."
"Oh well I'm........" I paused realizing that I could only guess my name. "I think my name is Lane... Stewart. Yeah definitely Lane Stewart."
"Okay Lane Stewart, how old are you?"
"Um, I think I'm fourteen."
"Then how do you have a tattoo on your wrist?" I looked at my wrist the to see "BFF 4 EVA" tattooed on it.
"Um, I'm not quiet sure."
"Okay well come with me Lane."
"Okay." we walked down the street to a large building with many windows. We walked in and climbed several flights of stairs to a door he opened and yelled
"Mom! I found a girl on the sidewalk and she doesn't even know her own name!"
"Oh my Mason you and your over active imagina– oh."
"Hello I'm...Lane."
"Here come with me, Mason go clean your room then do your homework."
"But Mom–"
"Yes mom."
"Here you go Lane." she said handing me a glass of water and a cookie.
"Thank you Misses Yirdley."
"You are quite welcome. So you can't remember anything?"
"Not a thing but Mason said I fell off the school roof."
"Oh my. You must be so confused."
"Do you have anywhere to stay?"
"Not that I'm aware of."
"Well than you can stay here."
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