Grave Digger

Seven years. Thats how long I've been working for the ASPCA the Atlantic Society Paranormal Containment Agency. It started when I died. Now I'm back and I'm gonna set thing right.


2. Just Business

As I stood in the clearing waiting I started to get nervous. Seven years doing this and I still get the jitters every time I'm on call. As if on que Jordan stepped into the clearing. He was about my age with sandy blonde hair green eyes that could make a girl melt even if you saw him on a regular basis.
"Jordan you've been up to your usual antics again I see."
"Yeah well he got in the way."
"Jordan I expect more of a werewolf your age."
"Lane you know I can't help it that I have a taste for blood."
"I know and that's why I have to detain you."
"What are you talking about?"
"Jordan I know you can't help it but you've been causing us.problems."
"If you go willingly you'll get more privileges."
"Come on lets go." I said and grabbed his arm. I waved my hand and a.portal to HQ formed and we stepped trough.
"Lane,Lane,Lane!" I heard Maddie scream. "You have to hear thi-" when she saw who I was with she stopped talking immediately.
"Hello Jordan." she said his name with so much hatred it was as if Jordan were the worst thing she could think of to call him.
"Hello Maddison." he said her name the same way she said his.
"If you two are done killing each other in your heads I've got a job to do." I said making Jordan laugh. As I put the silver anklet on his wrist I whispered,
"Sorry Jordan just business." my teeth grazing his ear lobe knowing it would drive him crazy. When I felt him shiver I smiled to myself. Jordan and I went way back. He was my first job containment job. He was about a month older than me and not much taller. I led him to the back room so we could talk.
"So you killed a human."
"You know if you can learn to control yourself you'll spend less time here."
"But you're here why would I wanna leave?"
"Because you want freedom." I said crossing the room to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist. I stretched up on my toes to kiss him as he bent his head down. When we kiss I feel things I should never feel with him. I felt sparks more like fireworks. I loved it when he kissed me but I was not right for him at all.
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