Grave Digger

Seven years. Thats how long I've been working for the ASPCA the Atlantic Society Paranormal Containment Agency. It started when I died. Now I'm back and I'm gonna set thing right.


3. Differences

"Lane, where are are you?" I heard Maddie yell. I pulled away from Jordan quickly and touched up my lip gloss before yelling
"Back here!"
"Are you with 'him'?"
"Put him in a holding cell, quickly please."
"Alright, alright. C'mon Jordan lets go." as.I walked down the corridors with him he whispered
"When can we be alone?"
"I'll be at your cell at midnight. Be awake. Oh what am I saying you're a creature of the night. Just be prepared, okay?"
"Done and done babe." said with a smile.
"Good. Maybe I can convince the warden to let me let you out and we can end up at my place?" I said flirtatiously and to my surprise it worked. He smiled and said
"I'm so up for that I'll be there." he whispered in my ear as I locked his cell. I shivered and he laughed quietly.
"I'll be back later I promise."
"Okay. See you then." I turned the key and walked away.
★time lapse★
I silently crept down the halls to Jordan's cell, one of the advantages of being dead was that you could be as loud or as quiet as you.wanted. When I got there he was standing facing opposite of me.
"Jordan." I whispered.
"Lane. You gonna let me out?"
"Yeah, were gonna have a little fun. C'mon."

a/n sorry for the short chapter i'll write another soon :-)
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