Grave Digger

Seven years. Thats how long I've been working for the ASPCA the Atlantic Society Paranormal Containment Agency. It started when I died. Now I'm back and I'm gonna set thing right.


4. 1 Week Later

I sat with my back to the ocean with my face in the wind as I waited for my mother to come down the dunes to speak with me about something that she had said was very important.
"Darling you came!"
"Is that surprising to you mother?"
"Well since I killed your father I figured you didn't really enjoy my company any longer."
"I don't but not because you killed father. He deserved to die he was trying to kill your sister so you killed him with your magic. I understand."
"Good because I thought it was time you started to learn the dark arts like I did when I was your age."
"Yes but you have to be human to learn the dark arts like you. I am no longer human I'm dead."
"I'm aware of that." she gave me a meaningful look.
"Wait no you can't be serious. You are NOT going to bring me back to life. I won't remember anything."
"I know." she said and with that the ground swallowed me.
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