Luckiest girl

My story is about how a 19 year old girl named Jewelyn (jewel-Lynn) bumps into her favorite member of one direction and her life is changed forever.


1. Chapter 1


"Ok ill see you later" I waved to my friends as they drove off we are back packing through Europe like any 19 year olds do. Today they all had tickets to go see some show and we just arrived in London. We had checked into our hotel and they were off and I had the whole day to myself. I want to go shopping maybe surprise the girls with something. " gone out idk when I'll be back I have my cell if u need me xx :)" I signed the note and then left it on the little table we had in our room. I grabbed my back pack and phone and walked out the door through the lobby and out the door to the street. The one thing going through my head besides shopping was one direction. My back pack was a one direction one along with my phone case and just about everything I owned was... Not my clothes as much though. I was wearing a red and white baseball t, a pair of shorts and white converse the tall ones my outfit reminded me of Liam. Oh how I loved that boy I would just do any thing for him! I haven't used a spoon in 2 years because of him. I snapped out of my day dreaming as I bumped into some one and fell. " oh my gosh I'm terrible sorry are you ok" "yes I'm fine a little startled you knocked me out of a day dream" I laughed but I hadn't glanced up yet " let me help you up" a hand was held out and the mans voice sounded familiar but I didn't know we're it was from. I grabbed the hand and looked up. " oh my god your Liam Payne!" I was trying my best to control my fangirl and it was working but my. Back pack gave it away "and your the most beautiful directioner I've ever seen!" Liam said staring at me. His hand still in mine. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach " what's your name" " Jewelyn, Jewelyn Pacheco " "we'll Jewelyn Pacheco I'm terrible sorry about making you fall is their any way I can make it up to you " " n-no it's ok if any one should be sorry it's me" I stuttered my nerves finally catching up to me. Liam chuckled " what are you up to today " " nothing my friends went to a show and I decided to go shopping" my heart pounded with every word I said. The smile on his face grew wider " would you mind if I accompany you" "not at all!" I blurted out in less than a second. Liam just chuckled " do you know your way around, how long have you been in London?" " we just got here today a couple hours ago, so not really i was just gonna wonder and see where i ended up" I chuckled at myself for how stupid u must sound. " we'll that sounds like a good plan, I did that when I first moved here from Wolverhampton" "I know" I blurted my fangirl mouth was gonna ruin to day for me my cheeks turned red. Liam started laughing " love don't be embarrassed its ok I know your a directioner you show it and I don't mind you knowing stuff as long as you don't kill me with it and ruin my stories" we both started laughing " ok so which way do you want to go" he asked as if we had a set location " um let's go that way" I said pointing in the direction of the London eye. Liam put his arm around my wast and we started walking " you don't mind do you?" He asked with a puppy look on his face and this point my heart was racing a thousand miles an hour" not at all" I smiled "so where are you from if you just back packing through Europe but I'm guessing its somewhere in America judging by your accent" " correct I am from America I live in Massachusetts ". "Nice why are you and your friends back packing through Europe anyway?" " we've talked about it and we finally got enough money to and it seemed like a nice thing to do before collage" " oh ok haha makes sense" I felt his hand slip off my wast "I'll be right back just sit here" he said pointing to a bench then running off . I sat there for a few minutes and then he came back with his hands behind his back " pick and arm" I pointed to his right arm and he pulled out a rainbow snow cone " perfect! Thank you!" I said and as he handed it to me , he had one for himself as we'll " perfect is right for a day like this" he said as we walked across some grass " do you have any clue where were going?" "Kinda just not to sure how to get there" I smiled and bit me snow cone " where are we going " " he chuckled as we continue walking. "When was the last time you were on a swing?" Liam asked before biting his snow cone "um I don't remember it's been a while" as soon as I said that he grabbed my hand and started running pulling me with him " where are we going ?" "We will be there in a minute " at this point we both had dropped our snow cones and just running past people like idiots I couldn't help. But laugh " we're here" I looked and saw the most beautiful park I'd ever seen with a big red slide and white swings and it just seemed perfect "come on" he said guiding me to the swings. I put my bag down and sat down "aren't you gonna swing too?" " nope" he said and then I felt his hands push on my back and I couldn't help but laugh. "What's so funny" "nothing " he started to chuckle "come on love just tell me... Even if its a crazy directioner thing" "ok ok hahaha I was just thinking how most fans right now would be having a heart attack and completely fan girdling and I some how am controlling my fan girl and I don't have a clue" we both started laughing and then my swing came to a stop. I felt Liam's arms wrap around me. "You one of the best fans I've ever meet maybe that's why you can control your fan girl" he chuckled as his chin rested on my shoulder. "Come on love lets go back on our walk" his chin lifted off my shoulder and he held out his hand to help me up. He had my bag on his back I couldn't help but laugh as I grabbed his hand. " what's so funny now?" " you're wearing my back pack and its a one direction bag" " I know and I can work it!" With that sentence he let go of my hand and started to strut up and down the side walk acting like a model . I was laughing so hard I began to cry "I told you" he chuckled at this point I was laughing so hard no sound was coming out and I looked like an idiot " love are you ok" I just knodded and clapped my hands . We stood there for another minute as I tried to stop laughing. I finally stopped after a few minutes. " well you just love to laugh and a lot " "um yeah " I chuckled "come one let's go to wherever you were trying to before" he said and took my hand. He still had my bag on and wouldn't give it back but I didn't care Liam Payne was wearing my bag and holding my hand "your a bit quite now" "I'm just thinking" "bout what" "nothing just a bunch of things" "ok" he said and smiled at me. We reached the London eye a few minutes after " we're here" I said dragging him over " I've lived in London for a couple of years and never been in the London eye" " well then I guess it's a first for both of us" I smiled "can I have my bag I need to get my wallet" " no it's ok I got it" "no really it's" Liam cut me off "no I'm going to pay for it don't worry about it" he said with a stern but puppyish look on his face "ok" I said as he pulled his wallet out of his pocket and his hand left mine as he payed and we stepped into one of the rooms on the eye "let me see your hand" I said pulling on his arm "why " "just let me see it" he put his hand up and spread out his fingers and I put my hand up to his "what are you doing?" "I'm seeing how much bigger your hand is than mine" his hand was almost double the size of mine. He laughed and our fingers intertwined. We walked over to one of the big windows. "Wow " "I know " he said as he slowly moved behind me and wrapped his arms around me and rested his chin on my shoulder again. I stood there for a minute and just took it in. This had to be the best day ever. My thoughts were interrupted by my phone going off. My Liam Payne ring tone went off and I blushed. " it sounds like I'm stuck in your pocket" I giggled and pulled my phone out of my pocket "who's tori styles " "my best friend from preschool her and my other friends Haley and Kailie went to go see a show" I read the text "hey girly we won't be in till later till like 5or 6xx" I responded "ok don't worry I'm out idk when I'll be back gtg luv u xx" I heard Liam chuckle and I turned around " what's so funny" he pulled me closer to him "I would expect you to be freaking out and fan girling and telling her you were with me" I would but I thought of 2 things 1 was that you were reading my texts because you never moved and that she would think I'm lying and oovoo call me or just think I'm talking about my stand up" I giggled "oh so you have a stand up of me" "if course I'm the biggest Liam girl you will meet I'd. Never travel without it" he started to laugh "so your free all night " he smerked "yep nothing to do all day but hang out with you" he smiled and gazed into my eyes. He is so perfect is hazel eyes that seemed to sparkle his little smile with his perfect round lips. He let go of me and grabbed my hand and I snapped out of my thoughts "where are we going?" "The rides over love" "could we go shopping now?" "Of corse what ever you like" his hand in mine as we walked down the street we went into a store and I bought a purple baseball t and some skinny jeans. My phone went off, I put it on vibrate instead of the ringer "hey we just got back we all are in for the night :)xx" tori texted me my eyes shot to the time 6:30! "Hey let's go grab some dinner" I said to Liam as I cashed out from buying some lip gloss " I know the perfect place" he said with a wink "ok" I smiled and he took my hand and we walked out of the store "can I have my back pack" he took it off and gave it to me. I pulled out my hoodie and put my bags from shopping in it . "Hold on a second " I said as I placed my bag on the ground and put my hoodie on "nice hoodie" Liam chuckled as I put my bag on. I completely forgotten was my I<3 1d hoodie. I giggled and blushed "come on we're almost there" Liam put his hand out and I grabbed it. I felt his hand let go and him put his hands over my eyes "what are you doing" I giggled and put my hands on his wrists "don't worry we are almost there but it's a surprise " he chuckled we walked a little further and I stumbled a couple times. It was bound to happen because I'm such a cults. His hands left my eyes and we were at a house. I looked around and it looked like I was on a street or a complex. My attention turned when's I heard the jingling of keys "come Jewelyn right this way" Liam smiled as he open the door . I walked in and Liam shut the door and threw his keys on the little black table by the door. "Liam" "yes " he said as he came up behind me "are we at your flat?" "Yes and I'm surprised you called it a flat most Americans would call it an apartment" he chuckled " well I always here you call it a flat on any interview you mention it in and it's fun to say" I smiled "well then would you like a tour?" "Ofcourse" I smiled "we'll as you can see this is the living room and then over here is the kitchen down the hall is the bathroom and all the way down the hall is my room" he smiled "no dinning room?" I giggled "no it's over there.... I forgot" he smiled his flat was very clean ecspecially for a guy "come on follow me" he guided me to the kitchen "what do you want to eat?" "Um I don't know " i said looking around and saw his woody doll sitting on the fridge I tried to grab it. I felt hands on my waist and I was being lifted up. I grabbed the doll and was put down and turned around "well hello Liam" I said goofing "hi" he smiled I looked at his woody doll and at the boot on one boot it said Andy like every doll and on the other it said Liam. I giggled "what's so funny" Liam said as he wrapped his arms around me while I lend against the counter . I showed him the bottom of woodys boot and he chuckled " I would of never guessed you would do this" I said sarcastically Liam pulled me closer"would you like to watch a movie" "let me guess you want to watch toy story" a smile grew across his face "of course" he said i went and sat on the couch and Liam came into the room with popcorn and 2 cans of Pepsi. He put in the movie and sat down "ready" he smiled "of course" "come here" he said with a chuckle and I moved closer to him and he wrapped his arms around me as we cuddled. His deep laughter and chuckles during the movie made me smile and giggle. The movie was over and I looked up at Liam and he was looking down at me "hi" he said in a hushed tone that made my heart flutter "hi" I said back he smiled at me and grabbed me tighter. I looked at the clock it was 11! I got up and grabbed my phone from my bag 5 texts from tori "where are you it's late! Xx" they all said all sent from 9-10:30 I quickly texted her "sorry I got a little hung up be there soon! Xx" I heard foot steps come up behind me. "What's a matter love?" "It's late and I didn't tell any one where I was going to be and tori was flipping out" "give me your phone " "why" "just let me see it" I gave Liam my phone he hit some buttons and put the phone to his ear. I heard tori freaking out "tori ...... Calm down Jewelyn is fine ..... Liam Payne .... I'm not lying.... Fine her she is." Liam handed the phone to me "where the fuck are you!" "Calm down I'm ok" "why didn't you call " "I'm at Liam's paynes flat" I don't believe you" I hung up and called her on face time "Liam could you come here for minute" "yes" he smiled and walked over. Tori answered and started freaking out and then just stopped "I told you " I said "um ok bye jewels see you soon bye" tori said quickly and then hung up. Me and Liam started to laugh "your friend is strange" "i know" I laughed "but it is late" Liam said "I know" Liam stuck his hands in his pockets and looked at his feet nervously and than back at me "um would you like to stay the night " he said looking more like a puppy than ever. "I would love to" I smiled and Liam nevousness quickly changed into a big smile . I put my bag on the ground next to my converse. Liam grabbed my hand "come on" he said guiding me down the hall way. We stopped at the door at the end of the hall. "This is my room" Liam said as he opened the door. In the middle of the room against the wall was his bed along the walls there was a batman poster and selves with awards that he won with one direction. There was a night stand and a dresser . His shoes were lined up against the wall and there were pictures of him and his family on his night stand. "Um here you can wear these as pjs" Liam said handing me a pair of plaid pj pants and one of his white shirts "you are the only guy I know that has pj pants" "well I don't use them very much only if some one sleeps over or if I have to answer the door and I'm just in my boxers" he said with a chuckle. I saw him go over to his dresser and grabbed a pair of batman pants. "I'm gonna go change in the bathroom you can just lock the door but ill knock first any way" he said before leaving the room and shutting the door. I quickly changed but the pants were to big on me so I found a pair of sweat pants that had a tie that I could make fit me. I folded my cloth and put them on the dresser. I heard a knock "Jewelyn are you done" "yes" I quickly ran over to the door and unlocked it. Liam walked in with no shirt only batman pants on. His abs looked so much better in real life! My heart was pounding. "Hey those aren't the pants I gave you" he said jokingly "i know the ones you gave me were to big so I found these and I could make them tighter" I said with a smile as Liam moved closer "so do you want me to go sleep on the couch and you can sleep on the bed or would you mind if I slept in the bed with you" he asked with his puppy face and his arms wrapped around me. I could feel my heart racing I've always dreamed of falling asleep with Liam's arms around me "you can sleep in the bed with me" I smiled at him and he smiled too. "Come on " Liam said took my hand and led me to the bed. "You get the left I get the right" I said with a smile " how'd you know I wanted the left" he smerked "hello directioner here" we both laughed as we both laid down. The bed was so soft and comfortable so were the pillows. I jumped when I felt Liam arms wrap around me "did I scare you love?" He pulled me closer "no I was just surprised that's all" I turned and looked at his face. I stroked his hair and looked into his eyes as he chuckled "what's so funny?" " nobody ever has done that and it's cute" he chuckled and pulled me closer . I felt my eye lids grow heavier and I feel asleep in Liam's arm with his soft hazel eyes looking at me.
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