I Wish

Being the popular girl in school takes a lot of effort. Of course.
Karlee is finally a senior at high school and cannot wait to rule the school, but will the new addition to school life boost her popularity higher or simply leave her drowning in her own tears.


4. Zayn Malik

"Hi Miss Noble, you intercom-ed for me ?" I ask innocently as my tutor teacher stood up to greet me.

"Yes, yes dear. We have a new student joining our tutor group this year and I thought because you are involved in so many aspects of the school that you could show him round and make him feel welcome." She asked hopefully.

I groaned inside and thought back to the last student that joined our tutor class, his name was David Fisk. He was completely disgusting in every way possible. Louis caught him on camera last year picking his nose and eating it. Totally vom worthy ! On the positive side, we got over 2 million views on Facebook and YouTube each making us, and David, overnight internet sensations. Much to his dismay.

I must have showed a disgusted expression on my face as Miss Noble carried on, "Might I add, he's quite good looking too", she winked and led me through the never ending maze of office corridors and stopped when we reached the front.

I looked up and saw one of the most gorgeous boys I have ever laid eyes on. He had the softest eyes, they were a chocolate brown and I momentarily lost myself.

I was snapped back into reality as I heard Miss Noble clear her throat and introduce me to this mysterious boy.

"Karlee Gray, this is our new student Zayn Malik. Zayn, this is our school's social butterfly Karlee."

There was something about him that I couldn't explain. He held his hand out and I stared at it dumbly for a couple seconds. After wiping the invisible drool from my chin, I mentally slapped myself and shook his hand.


-Zayn's P.O.V-

I am so nervous my hands are shaking. I'm sitting in this office while the girl on office duty is staring at me. I look up and she quickly turns away and blushes. I chuckle inside. The lady who introduced herself to me before is back. Her wild hair was tamed into a ponytail, she seemed nice so I flashed her a smile. Then the most breathtaking girl walks in behind her. The crazy hair lady steps aside and introduces us.


"Karlee Gray, this is our new student Zayn Malik. Zayn, this is our school's social butterfly Karlee."

I caught myself staring into her beautiful eyes, they were a dark greeny brown. I put my hand out for her to shake it and she just stood there staring at it. Shit, what if she didn't like shaking hands, maybe she was a hand waver. Before i began to over think the situation she took my hand in hers and shook it twice. Her hands were so soft and very warm.


-Karlee's P.O.V-

Oh my god, his hands were so warm. I shook his hands twice and thought it best to make light conversation to lessen the awkwardness that was building.

"So Zayn, what classes are you in this year?"

He fiddles in his bag, pulls out his timetable and smiles as he hands it to me.

English with Mrs Pollard. Maths with Ms Devantier. Music with Mrs Gore. Science with Mr Pitt. Drama with Miss Moore. P.E. with Mrs Thomason.

I turn and look at him and say a little too excitedly "Hey this is awesome, you're in all my classes !" and then blush because I sounded way too eager.


-Zayn's P.O.V-

As she exclaims that she's in all my classes my stomach does flips and i smile at her. As soon as i do, she looks down and blushes.


Does she like me ?


No-one's P.O.V

As Karlee and Zayn walked towards their tutor class, the rain stopped falling and the sun peeked through the clouds. Today was going to be a good day !


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