I Wish

Being the popular girl in school takes a lot of effort. Of course.
Karlee is finally a senior at high school and cannot wait to rule the school, but will the new addition to school life boost her popularity higher or simply leave her drowning in her own tears.


13. Wake Up !

-Liam's P.O.V-

I stand there feet planted to the ground.

There were two familiar cars. A purple Holden and a black Bentley, engulfed in flames. My vision started going blurry as I realised I was crying. I wipe my tears and see a figure running my way. Drew. Shit.

"Liam, you have to help mum and dad... stuck... fire... crash..." He manages to stutter through the tears.

My instincts kicked in as I grabbed his hand and I ran over to the purple car. Sure enough Karlee's parents were screaming for a savior. I told Drew to call for help as I ran up to Sharie's work car. I knew she had a fire extinguisher in here somewhere, (Karlee and I thought about using it one New Years, but luckily we thought against the idea.) Jackpot. I see the extinguisher in the boot and try to launch the door open. Locked. Standing back, I pick up a rock from the garden and throw it as hard as possible at the window, the glass shatters and much to my happiness I see Sharie has three fire extinguishers in her car. As I grab them out, I yell at Drew to come and get one and together we sprint over to the cars and battle the flames. The flames slowly went down on the passengers side and without thinking I started bashing the door with the fire extinguisher. With a sigh of relief, the door pops and I wrench it open. Sharie looked terrible, eyes spinning in their sockets and her body retching and convulsing. I pull her out and drag her to a grass patch on the footpath, crying. This woman has been like my own mother. So kind and caring. She can't die. I won't let her. 

Drew screams at me and I snap out of my daydream. Quintin, Karlee's dad is still stuck and the flames had started to take control again ! As I stand up, I collapse. The last thing I saw was the firetruck screaming around the corner and Drew's tear stained face. My baby's, little brother. Frightened. No.



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