I Wish

Being the popular girl in school takes a lot of effort. Of course.
Karlee is finally a senior at high school and cannot wait to rule the school, but will the new addition to school life boost her popularity higher or simply leave her drowning in her own tears.


15. Sledgehammer

-Bianca's P.O.V-

Karlee seemed like a nice enough person. I see her around school all the time, but she doesn't really notice me. Must be hard when you're really popular and everyone wants to be your friend, you wouldn't really know who your true friends are. I mean, none of them even brought her flowers, no-one stopped in to see her and not even one phone call. Her phone just sat lifeless on her bedside table. Battery fully charged. Waiting.

I saw the look she had on her face when she entered the office with Dr. Matson and myself. It was the look a child had when they were at their most vulnerable. I sat next to her and rubbed her back as Dr. Matson explained everything.

-Karlee's P.O.V-

You know that feeling you get when your brand new toy gets ruined or your life-long pet dog Bella gets run over at the amazing age of 18 years old. I just experienced that feeling. Like a sledgehammer to the heart.

Mum. Dad. Drew. And my Liam. All in hospital as well. Suffering worse injuries than myself. Yet I was so quick to judge them and think bad about them because they weren't there for me. I was a horrible daughter, sister and girlfriend. I instantly broke down and cried one hundred tears for each of my loves.

Mum, Drew and Liam all suffered from severe smoke inhalation, third degree burns to parts of their body and loss of memory.

My Dad. My main man and my King. I was told he had suffered full body third degree burns and wasn't expected to wake up for a very long time. His burns had effected his whole body, paired with his extremely severe case of smoke inhalation his body was a breeding ground for complications.

I was left in the room for a couple of minutes to gather myself. My whole world had come crumbling down but I wasn't going to let it show anymore. I had to be strong. For my parents, my brothers and my boyfriends sake. 

Nurse Bianca entered the room again and took a seat next to me. She spoke slowly and softly "I'm going to take you through to your family now, but first I want to give you this..." as she handed me a piece of paper. I opened it and it had her number. She continued "If at any time you need any help or just need someone there, give me a call and I will be there okay?" I nodded and with that we stood up and walked to meet my family. 

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