I Wish

Being the popular girl in school takes a lot of effort. Of course.
Karlee is finally a senior at high school and cannot wait to rule the school, but will the new addition to school life boost her popularity higher or simply leave her drowning in her own tears.


16. Hitting home

-Karlee's P.O.V-

We walked down the never ending hallways that all hospitals seemed to have and stopped at an oddly familiar door. I pushed through and realised that it was the room I had previously been sentenced to. Nurse Bianca pulled back to first curtain and I gasped in horror as I saw my younger brother lying there lifeless. He had tubes coming out of his mouth and needles prodding his body left, right and center. I walked up to him and held his hand as my tears rolled off my cheeks and onto his forehead. I brushed his hair back off his face with my hand and gently kissed his forehead. He looked so fragile and vulnerable. 

As i was comforting my unconscious brother, nurse Bianca had walked around and opened up three other curtains in the room and to my horror I saw my entire family and my true love. They all looked helpless and sick. I felt the room start to spin as I took a seat next to Drew and started to control my breathing. Drew, Dad, Liam Mum. Drew, Dad, Liam, Mum. Drew, Dad, Liam, Mum. The thoughts raced through my head a million miles an hour. 

I spent the rest of the day walking around each of their beds, telling them how much i loved them, adored them and would do anything for them. Planting kisses and watering them with my tears. After 6 long hours and after everything had hit home, I finally collapsed on the bed with Liam and fell fast asleep.


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