I Wish

Being the popular girl in school takes a lot of effort. Of course.
Karlee is finally a senior at high school and cannot wait to rule the school, but will the new addition to school life boost her popularity higher or simply leave her drowning in her own tears.


14. Beep, Beep, Beep.

-No-One's P.O.V-

There they all lay. All five of them in one ward. No movement, just the slow rising and falling of their chests. The constant beeping of the machines would have been enough to drive a sane person, mad. 

-Karlee's P.O.V-

'Why is everything black? Why can't I move? Am i alone?' I thought to myself. I fought so hard against the blackness as I tried to recollect why I was in here. Then his face popped into my head. "Liam" I said aloud and suddenly I felt a bolt of lightning rush through my body as I sat up.

Blurry visioned I tried to make out where I was. This wasn't my room, or anywhere in my house at that. I swallowed and my mouth felt as dry as sandpaper. I look left and find a polystyrene cup filled with water. As I reach out to it I notice I had cords and plasters and needles coming out of my body. The full reality of what was happening hit me. I was in a hospital. But where was my family? Where was Liam? I thought it a bit rude that they weren't here while I was sitting in hospital not knowing what was going on.

As I quietly sat to myself thinking, the curtain was pushed open and I was face to face with a young nurse.

"Oh hello there Karlee, how are you feeling? We have been waiting for some time for you to wake up!" She said.

"Where am I ? What happened? Why isn't my family here?" I demanded of her.

"Okay, I need you to just relax Karlee. You had passed out and hit your head quite hard on the pavement causing a little bit of concussion. I am just going to perform a few checks and tests on you and I will let you see your family okay?!" She said soothingly.

I agreed and she started doing her checks while we started talking about a lot of things. Her name was Bianca and she was the same age as me. She seemed nice enough and strangely she looked extremely familiar to me although I couldn't lay my finger on it.

After a 30 minute check-up, I was given the all clear and was taken into a small office with Nurse Bianca and a doctor. 'Why?' I thought. I suddenly started to worry and feel a little sick.



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