Music is My Everything

Steph and Kristilina love writing songs together and goofing around but what happens when they get a recording contract and have to go to London but have to leave their friends and family behind. Along the way they meet two strangers who fall in love with them but Steph and Kristilina don't know about it yet. What will happen find out.....


2. ~HURT~

     Kristilina's P.O.V.

      "Kristilina, Kristilina,Kristilina,Krsitilina,Kristilina," Is all I could hear right now"KrisKris,KrisKris" Stephanie shouted while jumping on top of my bed."Five more minutes" I mumbled."But we have to meet up with Jaylin today" She yelled at the top of her lungs."Fine" I responded in my morning voice, ugh I hate my morning voice.I got dressed into some shorts, white shirt that said I <3 Mustaches, black suspenders, and some combat boots. Then I grabbed my white shoulder bag.I waited at the door for Steph. She came running down in five minutes wearing an plaid blue shirt and her black shorts, paint splattered handbag, white tank top underneath, and some white nikeys."Ok so what time are we suppose to meet up with her" I asked her. "Um, thirty minutes so we can catch so we can get a break on the way there" She responded checking her phone."YAY Food"I cheered while getting into the truck. I waited as she got into the driver's seat. We stopped by IHOP then headed to  PAYNE GAME Recrods (did you see what I did there it's actually PAIN but whatevas). Steph parked the car then we went inside. "Hello my Loves"Jaylin greeted us. "Heyy" Steph and I harmonized while hugging Jaylin. "C'mon let's go into my office shall we" Jaylin said escorting us towards her office. Jaylin sat down at the big chair behind her desk while Steph and I sat on a couch that can fit seven people. With all the room Steph and I put our legs on the couch we are so unproffesional but who cares right. "So I was thinking about if you guys can do an album with a very famous boy band" Jaylin explained to us. "Ok Who's gonna be writing our songs" I asked her." Well I was thinking you two can work your magic" She asked us with a very questioning look. "."I guess" Stephanie replied while I just nodded my head in agreement. "Well the boy band I had in mind wanted to meet you guys today if that's alright with you" She asked us once again."sure " Steph and I said at the same time, We all laughed. Jaylin pressed a button then these boys walked in they looked familiar very familiar but from where. I gave Stephanie a questioning look. She gave me the same look back. Then made she stuck her tongue out.

Stephanie's P.O.V.

I saw five familiar looking guys walk into the room.I looked at Kristilina she gave me a questioning look i gave one back. I got bored so I stuck my tongue out which made her laughed. The five guys sat down on our legs. " Excuse you" I said trying to sit up. "Yes" A guy with blonde streaks in his hair responded he had an accent that sounded funny to met. "Get off our legs or else" I told them trying not to look into the one with blonde streaks."or else what" The guy with the blonde streak said. "you don't want to know"I said. He looked scared which made me and Kris laugh and he stood up giving KrisKris and I enough time to sit up."THX" KrisKris told them. "No problem" One of the guys said with a thick Irish accent I can tell they liked each other by the look in their eyes but Kristilina looked like she's trying to deny her feelings. "Sorry we're late we stopped by Nando's b'cuz SOMEBODY couldn't wait til after"A guy wearing stripes said while glancing at the one wearing a red polo shirt. Kristilina fake coughed to get everyone's attention."Well I''m Kristilina and that is Stephanie" She said while pointing to me."Oh welll I'm Harry, that's Niall,Zayn,and -"the one with curly brown hair said when the one wearing stripes interrupted him saying "And I'm Jennifer". Ok these guys are WEIRD but funny. "OK" Kristilina said uncertain. Niall I believe that's his name kept stealing glances over at Kristilina.So obvious he likes her. "We're ONE DIRECTION" They said in unison. KrisKris and I just nodded an "OK". Kristilina looked at her watch and mouthed "we gotta go" to me. I just nodded. "Sorry but um we uh gotta get going" KrisKris explained to everyone. "Oh that's ok" Liam said while getting up. "Well Peace out peeps" I said trying not to laugh. "Wait" Zayn said."Yea" I replied. "Can we maybe go out later " He asked me with his hands in his pockets. "Sure I Guess" I said. I saw joy in his eyes."Um Kristilina can we go out sometime" Niall asked KrisKris. "I'm sorry but I can't" She responded. I saw hurt in his eyes.With that we left the building. "Why didn't you say yes whats wrong with you" I told KrisKris while shutting the door behind us." Well cause he's famous and all he'll be touring around the world and I'll never get to see him but I do like him I just can't be with him right now" She said." Yeah so youll never know unless you try come on its not like he's gonna cheat on you " I said trying to convince her.

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