Music is My Everything

Steph and Kristilina love writing songs together and goofing around but what happens when they get a recording contract and have to go to London but have to leave their friends and family behind. Along the way they meet two strangers who fall in love with them but Steph and Kristilina don't know about it yet. What will happen find out.....


3. ~Date With DJMalik~

Stephanie's P.O.V.

so i had a date with zayn today. i wore a shirt that had the eiffel tower and skinny jeans and red hi-tops.I brushed my black wavy hair and put on a heart shape necklace that said ' best friends forever'. Each of my best friends have it. I got really bored then i remembered i didnt really know where we were going but i hope its not a fancy place cause that would mean i would have to wear a dress but i dont wear dresses or anything cause im not a girly girl. im a tomboy i dont wear makeup i dont wear dresses skirts or wear pink alot. i hate the color pink and i hate makeup i mean why do we need it it doesnt make up pretty. its like a crayon raped your face. i love video games art music soccer volleyball hiking anything outdoors pretty much. i dont really care what i look like its not like i wake up to impress anybody. And I kinda turned it into what I like and dislike but whatevas as i waited for zayn to pick me up i decided to text kris kris

*hey kris kris what u doing im waiting for zayn to pick me up*

*im going to karate hope u have a fun date and how many times have I told you not to call me kris kris it's just KRIS!!!*

me and kris kris I mean kris karate did karate since we were little and i hated it I'm a green belt she's getting her's tommorow at belt testing. i wanted to do boxing better but i liked that in karate you get to learn how to flip someone over and block a punch kick and break their arm and other stuff like that.

*thanks wish me luck see you tomorrow and Sorry?*

*whatevas biaz my love I wish you bad luck jk XD good luck*

i got bored so i thought i would watch some T.V. spongebob was on yay!!! i know im old for it but i like it its funny and stupid which makes it funnier. my phone beeped saying i got a text from zayn

*hey love im in front of your house*

i went outside to his sports car i guess he wanted to impress me. i walked to the car and jumped inside and we headed off."so where are we going" i asked. "we're going to watch a movie then dinner" zayn said. We drove for a few more minutes until we got to the movies . He pulled out a beanie and sunglasses. i laughed and said "why do you need those its not like your fans are gonna know ur there its going to be dark anyways" "i guess so" he said. when we got inside we were deciding what to watch. "what do you want to watch" zayn said. "i dont really care what do u want to watch" i said. "lets watch Mama ive been wanting to watch it" "okay" i said. i knew he thought i would be scared so he would be able to hold me in his arms and be the big hero ha yeah right like thats gonna happen i love scary movies plus i dont get scared easily. we bought our tickets and popcorn.the movie just started when we sat down."if you get scared i'll be right here" he said and smiled cheekily. "sure" i said sarciastiaclly "over my dead body" i mumbled then as we got to a really scary part i slowly yelled boo in his ear so only he could hear. "AAAAHHHHH!!!! jeez you scared the shit out of me!!!!" he said.By then i was laughing like crazy and people were staring at me funny but i didnt care i just pictured his face when he screamed it was so funny espically since he sounded like a girl.The little girl is now right about to kill him, I just started laughing again. "Why is it so funny he's gonna die" Zayn said giving me a weird look. "1 she's a little girl 2 she's dead and 3 he has bad acting" I stated the facts. "Stephanie you sure are something" "Yeah you get used to it" He just laughed. "Does that mean you want to see me again" He questioned. I just laughed , he gave  me a questioning look "You like me" I said. "You wish" Zayn replied. "In your dreams" I said nudging him. We enjoyed the rest of the movie while eating some candy, popcorn, drinking soda , and some fits of laughter well mostly my laughter. 


"I'm glad your not one of those girls" Zayn said as we both took a bite from our burgers. We're at Burger King how orignal right he wanted to go to this resturaunt called Starry Night, like what the hell so when we got there I'm like nah bro and we came here. "What do you mean " I questioned taking a sip from my soda. "Your not afraid to eat messy in front me well guys in general you get down and dirty girls I've been on a date with usually get salads and get mad when we go to fast food places" He answered. "You said down and dirty" I laughed. "I didn't mean it that way and did you hear anything after that" "Not at all" "Well your a good listener" "I know right I get that a lot" We both just laughed. After that we headed home. He opened the door for me  and walked me to the front steps. "I had a great time" I told Zayn. "Yeah me too" He said shyly. He leaned in to kiss me so I leaned in to 'kiss him' to. Right when we about to 'kiss' I pulled back and said not on the first date" I'm such a tease. He blushed. I searched for my keys and opened the door and went inside. Before I closed the door I kissed him on the cheek then said Bye and closed it. I got a text from Kris when I turned on the lights and headed to my bedroom. It was now 12:55

*Just got home so how was the date go?*

*Great we watched Mama and it went how horror movies with me usually go and I teased him by pretending like I was gonna kiss him I feel bad now :( but I kissed his cheek and why did you get home so late?*

*Hahaha and no reason....*

*Tell me*

*Secret :**

*Since when do we keep secrets from each other?*

*Since now*

*Tell Meh*

*Promise ya won't tell*

*Promise :* *

*Ya know Mathew from karate right*

*You got with Mathew Pallen the sifus son I've always known you were cute together*

*Oh heck no*


*I went to his house with Lexy,Bailey, Rj, Christian ya know the rest of the group and some of his friends for a party*

*Then what *

*I met his friend Ethan and we started to chat and hanged out  together at the party then he had to go so I left *

*I thought you liked Niall?!?!?!*

*I said we hanged out I didn't say we made out*

*Well good b'cuz I sorta told Zayn that you'll go on a date with Niall*


*Kidding well I gtg now work 2morow*

*Okz nighty night BFF ~Forever & Always~*

*~Forever & Always~

I slowly then drifted off to sleep.

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