Music is My Everything

Steph and Kristilina love writing songs together and goofing around but what happens when they get a recording contract and have to go to London but have to leave their friends and family behind. Along the way they meet two strangers who fall in love with them but Steph and Kristilina don't know about it yet. What will happen find out.....



Steph P.O.V

The sun shined bright in the sky. Brighter than any other day and it made me feel warm inside. As I got out of bed my phone buzzed. It was a text from Kristilina.

*hey love want to go to the music store*

*yeah I'll be there in 5 minutes see ya there*

 I walked up to my closet to get a shirt that has the british flag then i put on some skinny jeans and some nikeys. I went to my truck and texted Kristilina

*i'm on my way there*

 *hurry up steph I'm waiting*

when i got to the music store i saw Kristilina outside freezing. I started laughing then i unlocked the door so we could go inside and write more songs. We grabbed our guitar and headed to the back room. My guitar was aqua blue with a ying yang symbol on it, a hand with its fingers crossed, music notes, and it says Dare to Dream. Kritilina's guitar was camouflage green and it says what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, she loves Kelly Clarkson she even has a tattoo on her wrists one say What dosen't kill you the other says makes you stronger in black ink. "what song should we sing" i ask Kristilina. "i think we should sing Oath" Kristilina said excitedly. We started singing a song we made up...(Actually by Cher Llyod but in the story it's our song)

Oath:My best friend best friend til the very end cause best friends don't have to pretend you need a hand and i'm right there right beside you You in the dark and i'll be the bright light to guide you member the times times times sneakin out the house all the times times times you've had your doubts and don't forget all the trouble we got into we got something you can't undo laughing so damn hard crashed your dads new car all the scars we share i promise i swear wherever you go just always remember that you got a home for now and forever  and if you get low just call me whenever this is my oath to you wherever you go just always remember that your never alone we're birds of a feather and we'll never change no matter the weather this is my oath to you Kristilina: i know i drive you crazy hmm sometimes i know i know i call you lazy and that's most times  but your my tuxedo and i'm your bow tie we in the the car sing sing singin our song walk in the building tear it down like we're king kong and in my eyes you could do do no wrong you got a best friend come and sing along Both: laughing so damn hard crashed you dads new car all the scars we share i promise i swear wherever you go just always remember that you got a home for now and forever and when you get low just call me whenever this is my oath to you

After the song we started playing random instruments."im bored" kristilina said."maybe we should get some Nando's" i said as kritilina ran to the car waiting to go. When we got to Nando's Kristilina was so excited she loves Nando's. Sometimes she worries me one time we were just laying around the house when all of a sudden she got up and ran out the house and ten minutes later she came back with Nando's, I her why and she said because she was hungry she's always hungry. We got out of my truck and went inside. She got us a table and we waited for a waiter or waitress whoever works here."So how's life" She questined, " Really we live right next to each and spend every freakin second of our life together" I replied, "Just lightning up the mood" She responded.  She sure is something. Five minutes later a waitress came with some food. "Excuse me we didn't order this" Kristilina polietly said. "Their from the guys over there" The waitress said, her name tag said Maryjane. I looked where she was pointing their were five guys surronded by screaming girls. I saw Kristilina walking over there what the hell was she doing. Is she crazy no wait I know shes crazy. What kind of person doesn't want free food. I followed her to the table. I wonder what shes doing. 

 Kristilina's P.O.V. 

I bet Steph is wondering what I'm doing but YOLO right. I held the two plates in both my hands walking towards the guy's table. "I'm sorry but we don't take donations" I said while putting the plates on their table. "Awww, snap" the one wearing stripes and red denim pants said. Boys I thought while walking away I could feel their eyes on me. Steph was still there what the hell was she doing. Ugh I turned around and walked back to their table."Steph what are you doing" I questioned her while tugging onto her shirt."Wait what they were trying to be nice" she whispered me."Do not engage" I told her while pulling her away. "Why don't we just eat" I told Steph. .


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