Just another Guy

Valeria was best friends with Liam Payne for 8 years. Soon he left and got a big hit being in one of the worlds biggest boy bands "One Direction". With all the recognition he never seen Valeria again. They meet up on Valentines Day, The day they would spend at their favorite park when they were little. They will reunited. But can Valeria trust Liam? Or would he be Just another Guy?


1. I've Really Missed You...

 Valeria's P.O.V.

I took one last gulp of my Orange Juice and put the cup in the sink. I jumped onto my bed and thought for a while... "What should I do today?" Oh yeah, Then i remembered it was Valentines Day. Every Valentines Day i remembered I had someone to share it with but i just couldn't put my finger on it. I guess i would remain alone since i couldn't remember. Since I had nothing to do i decided to make a card for my best friends Stephanie and Chelyse. As I was looking for the perfect card in my drawer i pulled out a small booklet. I examined it carefully, Realizing that it was an album. Something about it gave me a click but i couldn't put my finger on it. I hated not remembering things. I got filled with anger as i dashed the album across my bed. I realized that a picture dropped out of it. I looked at it carefully. It was me when i was 11 years old and a boy. I had no idea who he was but he looked seriously familiar. I just put the album back where i got it and continued with my Valentines Day card,

Liams P.O.V.

I loved Valentines Day!! I opened my window and sniffed the air. It was such a beautiful day. I took a quick shower and as I was getting dressed my phone rang. I quickly picked it up seeing that is was Harry. "Yes Harry", I asked while putting on my shirt and buttoning it up. "Oh hey Liam, Whats going on"? "Oh, Nothing just about to leave, What is it that you wanted lad"? I asked while putting my wallet in my pocket. "Oh nothin just wanted to see whats up. Well ill see you tonight". "Sounds like a plan". I hung up and left. I just wanted to go for a walk. I was so frustrated. I had a strange dream, I fell in love with a complete stranger. Well at least i dont think she is a stranger. She is so familiar. She has light brown hair and brown eyes, Shes gorgeous. I really wanna figure out who she is. I just can't think straight. I decided to go to the park where i always went to when i was young. It was my favorite place to be when i needed somewhere to go.
Valeria's P.O.V. 

"Valeria its too hot in here why dont you go outside for a walk or something"? My mom asked as she dug her head into my doorway. "But ma i'm so busy"!! I whined. "Doing what"? She asked with a your so pathetic look. "Urghh Fine" I said as i got up and pushed my phone into my pocket. "Where you going" She asked before i reached the front door. "For a walk or something" I said with a smirk as I left. I decided the only place to go to was the secret park i always went to when I was little. I actually found it myself. Well with my best friend, Not Chelyse and Stephanie... Before I met them. I believe it was the boy in the picture. Well, we were very young and we were roaming around and I never ever forgot where It was. I reached the secret park, While no one was looking I slipped in to see a tall and handsome boy. I had a shocked look on my face. How did HE find the park?! And why did he look so familiar?!

Liam's P.O.V.

I turned around to see the same girl i saw in my dream!! It was her. My perfect girl.. I knew she was the one. Suddenly i had a flashback. "Liam I love lets be best friends forever"!! she said as she hugged me. "I love too Valeria!!" I hugged back and kissed her cheek. And that was the end of the flash black. V-Valeria?! She looked at me with amazement in her eyes, She turned away.

Valeria's P.O.V.

I remembered now... It was Liam My ex-Best Friend. At first i was just gonna jump into his arms and tell him how much i missed him. But we just had been reunited and forgot about me, I was completely erased from his mind. I still had strong feelings for him. But i couldn't forgive him now. I wanted to pour out everything and how i felt for him. He stepped forward and I couldn't control myself, I ran into his arms and started crying. "Valeria why are you crying love"? He asked as he hugged me back. I pushed off and looked him in the eye. "You forgot about me...."I said as a tear rolled down my cheek and hit the floor. "No.. Valeria you don't understand babe I- I cut him off. Oh yes I do understand!! You left me here without saying goodbye, and to think that i really loved you... I started running as fast as I could until I bumped into 2 girls. "Valeria?! Is that you"?! I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up to see two shocked faces. Chelyse and Stephanie. I just blurted out anything. "He forgot and i ran from there and- I just kept panting and panting until I looked up at Chelyse and Stephanie who had amazed looks on their faces. I looked behind me and there was Liam. Oh my god your Liam Payne! We love your music!! Chelyse said while grinning along with Stephanie. "Thanks but can Valeria and I have a second? He said as he took me behind a tree. What do you want Liam? I asked him with sad puppy dog eyes. I told you Valeria I didnt forget about you. For the past 2 years I've been looking for you, I see you everywhere i go including my dreams. Now that I finally found you I wont let you go.. I know you probably think im just another guy but im not.. Im your best friend and I think im in love with you... I smiled and my whole face lit up. I dont know how long i've been waiting to hear those words. I grabbed his shirt collar and kissed him. I could feel his heart beat as I pulled away and giggled. He knelt down on one knee Valeria SotoMayor... Will you be my Valentine and my girlfriend? He asked as he handed me a big box. My heart was beating as fast as ever. I opened the box and saw two necklaces. One had my name and one had Liam's name They said" Liam and Valeria Everlasting love. He put on mine and put on his. "I've been waiting to give these to you" he said as he held my hand. Im glad you found I replied as he pushed my hair behind my ear and smashed his lips against mine. And with that we walked off in the beautiful sunset. I had finally found my Valentine and the guy that i will love forever. He was not just another guy.

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