The boy next door (One directon non-famous story) :-)

When 16 year old Harriet Andrews moves to a new school in london she meets five special boys, one of them catching on her heart.


11. Waiting For Naomi

Harriet's POV:

It had been a few days since Naomi had agreed to come down to London, and only a few hours remained until she was due to arrive. I spent most of my morning staring aimlessly at old episodes of Doctor Who, too excited to pay attention.

The hours eventually went by as what felt like decades, but here I was, waiting for my best friend at the train station. It kind of reminded me of Hogwarts, except there was no platform and 9 and 3/4 in sight. Everything seemed dull until I saw Naomi's happy face come running towards me. I flung my arms around her in delight. "Harriet! I missed you!" She squealed, squeezing tighter.

"Me too, its arse here" I admitted.

"Well" She said. "Not anymore, because I'm here" She smiled. Naomi was a small girl, with similar clothing style to me. She had black hair with a side swept fringe and of course the traditional thick and winged eyeliner and the matching black clothes to go with it.  "Nice shirt" I smiled as I tugged at her new Asking Alexandria shirt. "Thanks, got it from that little shop you told me about at the Metro Centre" She smiled.

"You mean StreetCred?" I smiled.

"Yeah, that's the one" She said and gave me a thumbs up. "It was pricey but Ben Bruce is really worth it" She laughed.

"He is, I'll have his babies" I agreed, laughing.

"So" She said. "Can we head back to your house cos I've got a craving to listen to some screamo, SlipKnot songs have been in my head the whole trip here and my ipod battery ran out" She pouted. "I can't imagine the pain" I laughed and linked my arm through hers.




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