The boy next door (One directon non-famous story) :-)

When 16 year old Harriet Andrews moves to a new school in london she meets five special boys, one of them catching on her heart.


3. The weekend!


Niall’s POV:


I woke up to find Harriet’s back against my chest and my arms around her, her small hands holding them there. I lay like this for a while until finally she yawned and rolled over to face me. “Good morning” She yawned. “Morning beautiful” I smiled at her. “That was cheesy” She laughed. “Well it’s true! You are beautiful” I said truthfully. I saw her cheeks go an adorable shade of pink. She was blushing! “Are you blushing?” I teased. “No!” she immediately covered her cheeks with her hands. I chuckled. “What time is it?” She asked after her cheeks had gone back to her normal pale and flawless completion. “Its 9am” I said whilst checking my watch. “Oh then I’ve got plenty of time” she said sounding relieved. “What cha doing like?” I asked curiously. “I’m going out with some friends from school. I’m starving so I’m gonna make some coffee. Come along Pond!” She stated while grabbing my hand and pulling me to the kitchen. So she was a Doctor Who fan? Since she was quoting the eleventh Doctor. After about a minute she plonked a steaming cup of coffee down in front of me. Black with plenty of sugar; just how I liked it. “So what time you going to Niamh’s house?” I asked; making small talk. “She said to be there by one” She answered after taking a gulp of coffee. “So we have plenty of time to hang out” I beamed. “Wouldn’t have it any other way” She smiled while leaning over the table to give me a quick kiss. “Ew you have morning breath” She stated with a disgusted look. “How’d you like it now!?” I laughed while breathing on her face, and laughed as she glared at me. “Okay I really don’t care” She suddenly said and walked around the table to sit on my lap before giving me another, longer kiss. I tangled my hands in her hair as she hugged me closer. “You know we’ve only known each other a couple of days” She said against my lips. “Well I guess its love at first sight” I simply said. I felt her smile against my lips. Her smile made me smile. 


Harriet’s POV:


At about 11am we decided not to be lazy and to go outside and do something for a change, so going to Star Bucks seemed like an appropriate idea to consume some of our time. “So tell me about you” Niall said as we sat down at an empty table once we had bought our drinks and muffins. “Well my full name is Harriet Louise Andrews and I was born in the city of New Castle in the North-East of England. My mother passed away when I was fourteen and I have a dad called John Andrews and an older sister called Rachel Emma Andrews who is currently at University. I think that The Dark Knight Trilogy is some of the best films humanity has to offer and when I leave school I want to be a Physicist or a Doctor” I told him. “I was wondering what your accent was. You didn’t tell me your mum had passed away… I’m sorry” He said looking at his coffee. “Why do people always say ‘I’m sorry’ it’s not like it’s your fault or anything” I said. “Sign of respect I guess” He shrugged. “Well enough with the heavy, what do you want to be when you leave?” I asked. “You can’t tell anyone if I tell you!” I pretended to zip my lips and lock them and then throw away the key. “Okay, well I kinda wanna be a singer.” He said embarrassed. “Good for you Niall! I would never have the guts to do something like that it’s awesome that you have such big dreams” I smiled and touched his hand. “So where do you wanna go now?” I asked looking down at my empty cup. “Where ever you want” He smiled. “I know just the place!” I said excitedly and then grabbing his hand and running back to the car.


Niall’s POV:


“Where are we going exactly?” I asked while searching out the window for something that might give a clue or at least something familiar to go off. “It’s this cute little store that sell band T-shirts and stuff like that” She smiled. “Look we’re here now”. I opened the door and walked around the car to take her hand in mine, which fit perfectly. The store wasn’t as small as I expected and smelled strongly of cigarettes. “Hey Joe” She waved at a chubby middle aged guy behind the counter. “Hey Harriet” He waved back. “And who’s this?” He pointed at me. “This is Niall” She answered.  “Nice to meet you, if you need any help in finding a certain band then don’t be hasty just come and ask me” “Thanks I will”. Harriet then pulled me over to what must have been the back of the shop. “Hey Joe did you get anything new in for me?” She called. “Yeah I did actually, I saved you an Iron Maiden 2013 European Tour shirt” He called back. “I’ll go get it from the back” He said getting up and walking through a door.  “So how did you find this place?” I asked her. “Joe’s a friend of my dads, he used to take me out to see New Castle play when I was a kid and he taught me how to play guitar” She smiled, her eyes looking distance, she was remembering happy memories. “I didn't know you play guitar” I smiled. “I love it almost as much as I love you” She blushed. I leaned in until our lips were almost touching and then at that moment Joe came back in with T-shirt in hand. “Oh, sorry to disturb. I can go rummage through T-shirts again, not like old Joe has anything going on” He teased. “Is this it?” Harriet asked pointing to the shirt his was holding. “Yeah, isn't it awesome?” He beamed. “Yeah I love it, how much?” She asked. “Well since you’re my best customer half off” He smiled. I saw her reaching into her bag to get her wallet but I put my hand on her arm. And when she looked up I said “I’ll buy it for you” I smiled and she smiled. “So are you guys up to the nick naming stage yet or am I too soon?” Joe teased while Niall handed him the money. “Joe I think you should find yourself a lady and find out” Harriet giggled. “The ladies aren't exactly banging on Joe's door” He sighed. “That’s actually really creepy talking about yourself in third person” Harriet teased. “Right back at ya” Joe laughed and clicked his tongue. "Well I'll see you later Joe, thanks for the shirt" Harriet thanked. "Your welcome kido, you be careful now" And with that we said goodbye to Joe and hit the highway.

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