The boy next door (One directon non-famous story) :-)

When 16 year old Harriet Andrews moves to a new school in london she meets five special boys, one of them catching on her heart.


9. Lets all sing around the campfire and play forgive and forget

Harriet's POV:


Harriet was lying ungracefully on her couch watching old episodes of Doctor Who when the doorbell sounded. She looked down at herself, she was not at all ready for any kind of company when she was dressed like this. With her baggy Metallica shirt and shorts, she had completely forgotten that Niall was coming over. But there was nothing she could do now, so she just ran her fingers through her tangled hair and ran to answer the door.

She swung the door open ready to give Niall the death glare again when her intense face immediately softened when she saw him. "Hi" He simply said. Harriet nodded and motioned for him to proceed into the house and she led the way back to the living room where she resumed her previous position in the depths of couch pillows. She pretended to be focused on Doctor Who before her curiosity got the best of her and she turned off the telly and turned to face him. "You never did tell me her name" She scowled. "She was called Nina" He sighed. "But we broke up over a year ago because she cheated on me with one of my best friends at the time. I swear I haven't been seeing her since then, Harriet. I haven't even spoken to her in over a year" He pleaded me with sad eyes. I couldn't help but believe him. "Then I believe you" I said. Niall sighed in relief and leaned in as if for a kiss but I pulled back before he could accomplish anything. "Sorry" He blushed. "That was a little forward" He admitted. I nodded in an agreeing motion. So for now we seemed to be in the friends zone, whatever that meant. But the good news was that she didn't regret letting Niall come over, but she did regret being in the friends zone. That seemed to be it for this episodes of forgive and forget.

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