The boy next door (One directon non-famous story) :-)

When 16 year old Harriet Andrews moves to a new school in london she meets five special boys, one of them catching on her heart.


4. Kids don't actually sleep at sleepovers!


Harriet’s POV:


“You don’t have to drive me you know, I’m perfectly capable of driving to a friends house without your guidance” She groaned. “It’s fine Harriet. This means I get to spend more time with you, and I’m gonna take any chance I get” He said innocently. “You win” I sighed with defeat. He just chuckled. We turned the radio on and sang for the remaining time of the drive to Niamh’s house. Well, he sang I just sat there smiling like a fool at how talented he was. “You know what Niall. You’re actually not that tone deaf” I teased. “I think you’re probably the only person who’s actually heard me sing. Unless you count singing happy birthday” He confessed. “Well it’s a start I guess. Keep it up and soon you’ll be the next Metallica” I said. “Of course, because heavy metal is my thing” He said sarcastically. “You’re right. How bout death metal?” I giggled. “I’ll take it into consideration” He laughed.


We finally pulled up outside of Niamh’s house. “Well I guess I’ll see you la- what are you doing!?” I demanded when he opened his door. “I’m walking you up to the door” He shrugged. I rolled my eyes at him but eagerly took his hand in mine. Niamh answered the door after the first ring. “Hey Harriet- woah, Hi Niall” She said surprised. She then looked down at our interlocked fingers.  “Are you two” she started to say but Niall cut her off by saying “Yes”. “Oh cool, it’s nice that Harriet’s found someone” She smiled at both of us. “Well I’ll see you later I guess” I turned to Niall. And with that he pulled me in for a quick kiss. “Defiantly” He whispered. I waved him off as he drove away and then Niamh pulled me inside and shut the door. “You didn’t tell me you were dating Niall Hot Stuff Horan” She demanded. “It only happened yesterday, wow” I laughed. “You have to tell me every last detail I want to know everything” She demanded putting her hands on my shoulders and forcing me to look directly at her. “Know all about what?” Jenny asked, while she walked around the corner. “Harriet here and Niall Hot Stuff Horan are a thing now” She told Jenny. “Niall Hot Stuff Horan? Really?” She asked in disbelief. “Yeah” Niamh agreed. “But he hasn’t liked anyone since…” “Since what?” I cut Jenny off. Jenny and Niamh both shared a concerned look. “Am I missing something here?” I demanded. “It’s really none of our business” Jenny started. “But it sure hell is mine!” I scowled. “Didn’t he tell you Harriet?” Niamh frowned. “He didn’t tell me anything about something like this, what’s the big deal? You’re scaring me” I sobbed, my throat going thick with unshed tears. “I think you should sit down honey” Jenny soothed taking my hand and steering me towards the sitting room. “Niamh go make her some tea” Jenny said. “Of course” She smiled and then went off to the kitchen. After she came back with three cups of PJ tips they both sat on the couch opposite me, both looking at me with deep concern which I had no idea what the cause was. “So what is it? What’s so bad about Niall that you’re both sat here looking at me like there’s something horrible I don’t know” I demanded again. “W     ell the thing is about Niall. God Harriet I don’t know how to put this” Jenny said, clearly struggling for words. “You can tell me” I encouraged. “Well the thing is about Niall he…” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. How could he not have told me about this? How could he have kept this from me when we were supposed to trust each other? I had told him everything, even that my mother had died and I had never gotten over her death. So I started to cry. I cried until I had no tears left to cry. And then I felt extremely angry and wanted to punch a certain Irishman.  

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