The boy next door (One directon non-famous story) :-)

When 16 year old Harriet Andrews moves to a new school in london she meets five special boys, one of them catching on her heart.


8. I dont think they did graves close enough to hell for the likes of you!


Harriet’s POV:


Harriet felt surprised more than angry, although she was experiencing viciously hot rage with what just happened. Her mind was only partly occupied by her physics lecture, but it was nothing she didn’t already know. String theory can’t be proved, yeah yeah. Harriet wondered if she would have to alternatively eat her packed lunch in the toilets to get away from Niall, that is if he tried anything. She spent the remaining part of the lesson chatting about My Chemical Romance’s sudden break up with her partner Charlie. Charlie was a tall, skinny boy, with dark coppery hair and a cute round face. “You know if it was any other bubble gum pop band the suicide rate would go up seventy five percent” Charlie joked.

“Defiantly, its time like this when I fear what humanity has come to” I agreed. Charlie laughed. “Well at east we know Green Day won’t break up, as Billie Joe said and I quote “The only way someone leaves this band is in a coffin” Charlie quoted.

“Yeah I heard that in one of their interviews, but that doesn’t change the end of MCR. This is like scary kids scaring kids break up all over again. At least we still have Black Veil Brides” Charlie was about to respond but the brain melting sound of the bell destroyed any other sound for at least five miles. “So um, do you wanna get some food ‘nd shizz?” Charlie asked bluntly, his tone seeming irritated from the bell.

“Why not” Harriet smiled.


They sat at the very back of the lunch hall; Harriet had explained her Niall situation to Charlie who agreed to find seats that weren’t in plain sight. Harriet trusted Charlie, she didn’t know what it was but she trusted him a lot. They found themselves deep in conversation about who would win in a fight, Yoda or Batman when a tall boy with brown curly hair and green eyes, who Harriet recognised from when he had showed her around on her first day, to be Harry. “Harriet, may I speak to you please?” He then looked directly at Charlie with annoyance. “Alone” Charlie looked at me waiting for my approval and when I gave him it got up and pretended to be interested in the girls trampolining team sign up poster, which gained him a few weird looks from passing students. “Niall tells me everything” Harry simply said.

“Oh for god’ sake, the lad can’ even come say it to my face, how pathetic” Harriet sighed and inspected her nail beds. “No it’s not, Harriet I can promise that Niall never cheated on you, he and his ex have been separated for over a year now. He deserves to have someone as great as you after how she treated him, at least talk to him and acknowledge his existence” Harry pleaded. I frowned and turned my death glare over to where Niall was seated. But my glare softened when I saw him gazing intensely at his half eaten sandwich. “Fine” I said through my teeth. Harry beamed and assured her that she wouldn’t regret it and invited her and Charlie to sit with them.



Niall looked up as Harriet sat down, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth that is until he saw Charlie perched delicately on the edge of the bench next to her. Harriet and Charlie resumed their conversation about Yoda and Batman as if it hadn’t been interrupted and decided that they would believe it when they saw it. “So anyway my folk is going on a business trip this weekend, so gonna have a party and whatnot” Harriet announced. “The theme is ‘Bring drink or get out” She and Charlie laughed.

“I’ll be there, anyway gotta get to English, you know how Mr Daley is, you miss one second and he lecture you for five minutes on how you’re going to fail everything you ever do and live on the dole forever and to enjoy unemployment. See yah Har” He smiled and playfully messed up her hair. “And remember, the force is with you” He bowed and then walk out the hall. That left just her and Niall on the table. She ate her spaghetti in silence before he broke it with a cough. She slowly looked up at him and raised her eyebrows. “I’m sorry for trying to kiss you back there. That was not necessary and I apologise for intruding” He looked down at his hands.

“That’s okay” She answered through clenched teeth.

“So I was wondering if you wanted to”

“No” She answered automatically

“Or we could do something else?”

“No” She repeated.

“Look I know this hard, but we have to get over the past and live in the future” Niall sighed. “Fine, my place tonight at seven, be there or be gone” Harriet said in defeat.

“You won’ regret this!” Niall beamed. Or would she?

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