The boy next door (One directon non-famous story) :-)

When 16 year old Harriet Andrews moves to a new school in london she meets five special boys, one of them catching on her heart.


5. How could he do this?


Harriet’s POV:


“Well the thing is with Niall he has a girlfriend” Jenny said with said eyes. “H-how could he do this” I sobbed. “Shhh it’s alright” Jenny soothed, pulling me in for a hug and stroking my hair. “What am I going to do?” I sobbed into her silk blouse. “Harriet no girl deserves this, do what I would do. Hell do what any girl would do. Give him hell” Niamh said. “Your right” I sniffled. “I’m gonna call him right now! And I’m gonna demand to know why he did this” I said with more heart. “Good for you Harriet” They both said while patting me on the back. I then took my phone out of my pocket and dialled his number, he answered after two rings. “Hey love, what’s up?” He asked innocently which just increased my anger and annoyed me further. “Niall I want you to meet me at the football field around the corner from Niamh’s house in five minutes” I told him in a monotone voice and then hung up before he could answer. I had to do this for me, I deserved better than this. “Do you want us to come with you?” Jenny asked concerned. “No thanks, I have to this for me” I sighed.

“Good luck” They both smiled wearily. “Thanks”


I waited for him to arrive. I impatiently looked at my watch. He was five minutes late. I heard foot steps coming behind me and I turned around and it was him. It didn’t help that he looked adorable with his hair wet since it was pouring with rain. He came towards me and leaned in as if to kiss me but instead I punched him. He put his hand over his now bloody nose. I felt instantly guilty. “Did I... Did I do something wrong?” He whimpered. “Niall how could you do this to me?! I know about her. Don’t you ever speak to me again” I screamed and then ran all the way home leaving thoughts of Niall far far behind.

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